What: WPP and Waze have announced a collaboration that will make it easier for retail brands to run campaigns on Waze.
Why it matters: This partnership will allow WPP’s clients to directly reach and target drivers via the in-car platform, driving store footfall and product sales.

WPP and Waze just announced they are partnering to make it simpler for retail brands to run campaigns on Waze, the social navigation app owned by Google, which has over 100 million monthly active drivers globally.

This collaboration will direct drivers to retail locations via in-route messaging and will launch in Canada, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, and the United States this year.

“We are excited about the opportunity to collaborate closely with WPP and its global client base, sharing best practice and creating optimal solutions to drive in-store foot traffic for WPP’s many consumer product clients,” said Samuel Keret, Global Director of Waze Ads.

“WPP already brings the most creative, technology-led ideas to our clients to generate growth. Through our innovative partnership with Google, we’re now able to give clients exclusive access to Waze software that puts them in the driving seat to influence the shopping habits of the future,” added Stephan Pretorius, Chief Technology Officer at WPP.


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What: Waze opened its first office in Latin America a few weeks ago, with a team of eight led by Luis Ita, country manager for Mexico.
Why it matters: Waze will sell advertising space within its app, allowing brands to generate a connection with drivers.

In an effort to expand its presence in Latin America, Waze recently opened its first offices in Mexico. Luis Ita, Waze country manager for Mexico, and his team of eight will be in charge of implementing the company’s strategies in the region.

Through its analysis of collected data, the Waze mobile app offers drivers from different countries alternative routes to reach their destination, with the promise that they will be the least trafficked.

Samuel Keret
Samuel Keret, head of sales, Waze. (Photo: LinkedIn)

Samuel Keret, Waze’s head of sales, said that their traffic platform has worked since its inception to facilitate movement of people in urban areas and help them avoid traffic, from the moment people leave their homes in the morning until their return at night.

According to information on the app, users have 636 minutes of time at their disposal per month, in which the app seeks to facilitate their driving experiences by providing users with relevant and contextual information to help them find a functional service that fits their needs.

One of Waze’s objectives for Latin America is to develop a location marketing application, in order to offer a brand experience that is meaningful to users.

Ben Crowell
Benjamin Crowell, U.S. head of product marketing, Waze (Photo: LinkedIn)

According to Benjamin Crowell, Waze’s head of product marketing for the U.S., this app seeks to develop what he calls “the right experience.” This refers to how the application benefits other user activities outside of the digital world.

In line with its expansion plan, Waze introduced a new feature in its app for the Mexican market that integrates real-time advertising. To prevent possible car accidents when launching an ad, the app measures speed indexes in order to add additional information that can be read by the user when he/she is able to without putting the driver at risk.

Among the new features, the user will now be able to find a parking lot before starting a trip or, when approaching the destination, the app will help you locate the nearest parking spot.

Since the app knows the exact location of the user, Waze can offer its advertisers branding pins. This helps brands to flag their locations within the area where potential consumers are moving.

Globally, 1.3 million people are killed in traffic accidents, and Waze’s goal is to help prevent such incidents, added Keret, who confirmed that the company’s focus will remain in the automotive area for now.

wazeGoogle has acquired Waze. Terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

Waze is a social traffic and navigation app that is based on a large community of tens of millions of drivers around the world sharing real-time road info and more to everyone else’s benefit. Waze has near 50 million users and in 2012 drivers shared 90 million reports as they drove 6 billion miles (9.66 billion kilometres).

IMS is actually in charge of selling Waze´s application in Latin America. 

Israeli media had reported that a deal between both parties was underway over the weekend with a price-tag of $1.3 billion mentioned at the time, and those reports were followed up by AllThingsD, Bloomberg and Reuters, who all said sources indicated that its closing was imminent.

The Waze app is to remain remain independent “for now,” says Google, and the company’s product development team will remain in Tel Aviv, Israel, rather than moving to Google HQ in California. In a post on Waze’s blog, CEO Noam Bardin says “nothing practical” will change at Waze, and the company’s employees, management, and founders “are all committed to our vision for many years to come.”

Facebook is very interested in acquiring mobile app Waze.  According to several Israeli media reports, executives of both companies have held meetings. It is estimated that the value of the deal will be between 800 million and one billion dollars.

Apple has previously expressed interest in Waze. Six months ago it  tried to buy Waze for 4oo million plus incentives for 100 million more, although the deal fell through.

According to industry sources interviewed by Business Insider, Waze “is an awesome, quickly-essential-to-users mobile app, and mobile “real estate” is what Facebook desperately needs.”  Waze is a crowdsourced map. Users turn on Waze and as they drive around, roads are drawn. They can tell traffic by how fast people are moving around on the roads via GPS.  Waze will improve Facebook’s local search, which is an increasingly important — and monetizable — application on mobile.


wazeTraffic and navigation app Waze will be working with digital marketing company Internet Media Services (IMS) in Latin America.

IMS will handle marketing of the app’s platform in the region. Waze’s advertising formats are based on location and include maps with pins and banners for brands.

“Waze is one of the most important and innovative mobile apps on the market, integrating the most innovative technology with community feedback from users in real time, thus making life easier for car drivers,” says Ignacio Vidaguren, COO of IMS.

IMS currently works with clients such as Twitter and Netflix. Gastón Taratuta, in an exclusive interview with Portada, talks in detail about the Twitter account in Latin America.

Translated by Candice Carmel

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