What: A summary of the most relevant consumer insight research in the U.S., U.S. Hispanic, and Latin American markets.
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  • According to Zenith‘s Media Consumption Forecasts, people around the world will spend an average of 800 hours using the mobile internet this year. By 2021 the total will rise to 930 hours, or the equivalent to 39 full days. Across the 57 countries that were surveyed, people will spend a collective 3.8 trillion hours using the mobile internet this year, rising to 4.5 trillion hours in 2021.


  • FinTech adoption among consumers has nearly doubled over the past 18 months, according to the latest EY Global FinTech Adoption Index. Globally, 64% of digitally-active consumers across 27 markets use FinTech. US consumer adoption has grown 29.5% in the last four years, and 96% of global consumers are aware of at least one money transfer and payment FinTech service.


  • Mobile marketing company Motive expected 77% of Americans to celebrate Fathers Day, spending about US $16 million on gifts. It’s likely that most fathers got clothing (43%), giftcards (42%), and books & CD’s (22%).


  • Research by Accenture found more than half of consumers said they would pay more for sustainable products designed to be reused or recycled. The survey of 6,000 consumers in 11 countries across North America, Europe, and Asia found that while consumers remain primarily focused on quality and price, 83% believe it’s important or extremely important for companies to design products that are meant to be reused or recycled. Nearly three-quarters (72%) of respondents said they’re currently buying more environmentally friendly products than they were five years ago, and 81% said they expect to buy more over the next five years.


  • Sumo Heavy’s survey of more than 1,000 U.S. consumers found that only one out of five consumers have shopped using a voice assistant like Amazon Alexa or Apple’s Siri. Less than half (46%) of U.S. consumers said they never use voice assistants, while another third said they rely on them regularly.  Fewer than half (42%) of frequent voice assistant users have shopped with voice commands.


  • According to a survey by Deloitte, about 53% of people born between 1983 and 1996 now subscribe to gaming services, versus 51% who pay for television. That is compared with Deloitte’s survey last year, in which paid subscriptions among millennials were 44% for video games and 52% for television.


  • UBS Evidence Lab‘s survey of 2,029 adult consumers who visited a fast-casual restaurant at least once a month found that McDonald’s is the best positioned among its peers. According to the survey, the most commonly cited reasons to visit McDonalds more often are good value and promotions. Only 18% of respondents said that nothing would make them go more. Burger King and Wendy’s were ranked in second and third place, respectively.


What: inQmatic’s CEO Marcelo Rodriguez tells Portada how his fintech startup is using sophisticated data- and consumer-knowledge content strategies to disrupt the lending market to under-capitalized Hispanic businesses.
Why it matters: inQmatic’s successful knowledge-driven digital marketing content strategy has won it a place at the table connecting under-capitalized Hispanic businesses with lenders. Rodriguez will share the details of how inQmatic is capturing this specific cultural market segment at #PortadaNYData on April 3.

Technology is on the tip of the tongue of every brand marketer struggling to decide which tools to use in the rapidly evolving world of digital marketing. Video, AI, VR, social media, Google search…the list of options grows endless. But at the end of the day, you have to understand your customer’s needs first before deploying digital technology so as to deliver exactly the right content to your specific market segment, according to fintech startup inQmatic CEO Marcelo Rodriquez.

Portada recently caught up with Rodriquez to ask him to provide a preview of his participation at #PortadaNYData on April 3 when he will discuss of how inQmatic has successfully captured the attention and trust of Hispanic businesses often overlooked by financial institutions in the US and under-capitalized as a result.

Our business ecosystem, which encompasses a lending platform, education program and networking opportunities, allows responsible lenders, educational institutions and business services companies to access the Spanish-speaking market in an efficient manner.”

inQmatic’s Marcelo Rodriguez, CEO, will be a featured speaker at #PortadaNYData on April 3 where he will provide insights into how inQmatic takes deep knowledge of the Hispanic small business market to guide digital marketing and communications to capture the market for lenders.

Portada: What does inQmatic do to identify this under-banked, Spanish-speaking target market?

MR: When it comes to the Hispanic market, we have 15 years’ worth of research. This deep knowledge of the Spanish-speaking small business market allows us to structure not only the content for them but also loans focused on their needs. It’s an under-served market with an opportunity gap of $1.67 trillion dollars per year.

Portada: How did inQmatic come to its deep understanding of the needs of this market?

MR: We developed a complete study on the financial behavior and business educational needs of the Hispanic market, which allows us to structure specialized content for our potential clients. In a digital marketing world, the first thing to plan a successful market campaign is to understand the customer and to learn what exactly it is that they need. So, we start from the understanding their business needs then we deploy a full-blown education campaign to get their trust. That is the most difficult part, to get people to trust you in an environment where they have been taken advantage of.

Our business ecosystem, which encompasses a lending platform, education program and networking opportunities, allows responsible lenders, educational institutions and business services companies to access the Spanish-speaking market in an efficient manner.

Portada: What makes inQmatic’s way of identifying customers different from say the lenders that also want to identify those targets?

MR: The constant communication and becoming their business influencer is our main goal. We want to become the go-to advisor for all their business needs. So, we need partners that understand the consumers. We have Ecuadorian, Dominicans, Colombian, Mexican accountants, lawyers, bankers, associations that understand not only the US laws and regulations but the cultural aspects so we can have an honest conversation with our customers and help them better.

Portada: What technologies and tools does inQmatic use to successfully reach this market segment?

MR: Our main process is very simple: We use Google trends and Google keyword tools to find out general business loans terms. Then, we cross-reference these terms with Facebook Audience and Google PPC to decide what type of content will have the best return. Our business model is very simple: the cost to acquire a customer is ten-times lower than in the general market. We can then invest those savings on conversion.

Portada: Can you share some of the more technical aspects of your marketing, like the specific tools you use?

MR: Our tech stack is made up of: Google Suite for Productivity, WordPress as a CMS, Copper for CRM, MailChimp for email marketing, SpyFu for competitive research, Smartsheets for Project Management, Google Ads for SEM, Facebook, Instagram Ads Platform, Google Analytics for analytics, Google Optimize for Optimization, and Google Data Studio for BI.

What: PortadaMX will take place next Wednesday October 17 at Casa Lamm in Mexico City. The thought-provoking agenda includes essential marketing topics such as influencers, app-marketing and Fintech presented by major brand marketers from companies including Best Buy, PepsiCo, Rappi and GBM.
Why it matters: At PortadaMX you’ll have the chance to network with high-level executives, participate in interactive workshops, and enjoy the beautiful and historic Casa Lamm in Mexico City.

The seventh edition of Portada Mexico is less than two weeks away, and we are thrilled to say that the contents of this year event will be more surprising than ever. The newest addition to the already enticing agenda is an exclusive breakfast presented by Band of Insiders, an agency that counts influencer marketing as one of its specialties.  Get tickets for PortadaMX and join us for a provocative panel titled: “How powerful is influencer marketing? Success, mistakes, and points of confusion behind a strategy”. Why can’t you miss it? Influencers have gained strength during the past couple of years to the extent that it has permeated marketing strategies everywhere, but sometimes marketers are not fully aware of the power of this part of the industry, or they are discouraged by the risks.

Vivian Baron

In the panel, you’ll hear from brand marketers about the mistakes to avoid and the strategies to follow when putting together an influencer marketing campaign, and moreover, the role of big data and the importance of a quality audience beyond followers. Vivian Baron, president and founder of Band of Insiders, will moderate the discussion between Pepsico’s Director of Innovation & Marketing Yamile Elias and Best Buy Mexico’s Subdirector of E-commerce José Camargo.


Other Content You Can’t Miss at PortadaMX

After the insightful breakfast, you’ll get the unique opportunity that only Portada can offer with its new Portada Meet-Up service. As part of your ticket, you will receive four one-on-one meetings with major brand executives to be present at the event. These are leaders of the marketing and advertising industry in Latin America, and most of them will be having their closed-door Portada Council System meetings throughout the day.

Later, Carlos Leal, Marketing Director at Rappi, will lead an interactive workshop on App-Marketing, one of the key trends to look at starting now. Then, we will introduce Javier Martínez Morodo, Director of Grupo Bursátil Mexicano, who will conduct another interactive workshop on the topic of innovation and Fintech.

Finally, members of the Agency Star Committee Latam including Vilma Vale-Brennan (Deputy General Manager of Vale Network) and Fernanda Campos (General Manager of PHD Mexico)will take the stage to discuss how to measure and report consumer engagement in the best possible way for brand marketers.

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What: Javier Martínez Morodo, general manager at Grupo Bursátil Mexicano’s GBM Digital and member of the Portada Brand Star Committee, will lead a Fintech and Innovation Workshop at Portada Mexico on October 17.
Why it matters: At only 33 years old, Martínez has several years of experience in business aimed at technology and innovation. He will share his expertise with Portada Mexico’s attendees and will also be available for one-on-one meetings through our new Portada MEET-UP offering.

For the opportunity to network with Javier Martínez Morodo and all the other Portada Mexico attendees, register here!

Every day, we hear buzzwords like “bitcoin”, “crowdfunding”, and P2P. The world of finances can seem out of reach for the average citizen, but executives like Javier Martínez Morodo, General Manager of Grupo Bursátil Mexicano, believe that everyone can and should understand the benefits of these new concepts, as well as learn to have a positive financial culture.

Javier has applied his business vision for technology and innovation at GBM since 2009, where he created and led GBM Digital. Since then, he has focused on developing products and strategies to help solve the scarce supply of financial services in Mexico, all with the support of new trends in design and technology.

In 2011, he launched GBMhomebroker, an award-winning online trading platform that soon had more transaction volume than 15 independent brokers in Mexico. In 2014, he launched Piggo, a user-friendly platform designed to help average consumers reach a savings objective. Piggo has won several awards, such as Best Innovation Product by the Mexican Internet Association (AMIPCI).

Since becoming general manager in 2017, Javier is tackling the challenge of transforming the wealth management business unit at GBM by designing a hybrid project where a Robo-Advisor, tech platforms, and financial advisors work together to counsel investors and potentialize US $5 billion in assets under management.

Javier is considered a reference for the FinTech sector. He has been invited to numerous national and international forums and is currently acting as a Founding Mentor at Collective Academy, an innovative education project aiming to empower Mexican entrepreneurs. He is certain that it is our responsibility to develop vehicles of social transformation through technology that foster socioeconomic development and the wellbeing of Mexicans and people across the world.

Javier Martínez Morodo will be one of our star speakers at Portada Mexico on October 17, where he will lead a workshop on innovation and FinTech titled FinTech Innovation: Key Learnings for Brand Managers. To join the conversation, register for Portada Mexico now, you’re still on time for early bird tickets!


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