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JCPenney, Cross Country Mortgage, Coca-Cola … and other brands targeting the U.S. consumer right now. Check out our prior Sales Leads columns.

  • JCPenney

JCPenney announced its plans to debut JCPenney Beauty in its stores nationwide. The national rollout builds on the flagship partnership with thirteen lune, a first of its kind, e-commerce destination designed to inspire the discovery of BIPOC-founded beauty brands that resonate with people of all colors. Championing the beauty of inclusion, thirteen lune’s presence will be spotlighted in stores across the country and comprises roughly 20 percent of the JCPenney Beauty assortment. JCPenney Beauty celebrates its diverse customers’ unique selves by making inclusive beauty products widely accessible via assortment, availability, and price point. Paired with its more than 600 fully rebranded JCPenney Salons and vast range of private and national apparel, JCPenney offers the ultimate one-stop shopping destination for beauty and fashion lovers. Beginning in October 2022, JCPenney Beauty will expand from its ten brick and mortar pilot locations to 300 stores by early 2023, and 600 stores by spring 2023. JCPenney Beauty’s expansion, and continued exclusive partnership with thirteen lune, is the next step in the retailer’s commitment to making hyper-inclusive beauty easily accessible online and in-stores nationwide. The full product assortment is now available at jcp.com

  • Cross Country Mortgage

CrossCountry Mortgage (CCM) is making significant investments to provide focused, authentic support to Hispanic homebuyers. This includes dedicated tools that generate borrower confidence and help overcome language barriers, from a new Spanish mortgage application to a focused Hispanic website.CCM is a partner of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP), a trade association committed to advancing the economic mobility of Hispanics in America, including homeownership. The organization is also part of the 2022 L’ATTITUDE Conference, which has fostered more advancement for Latino people than any other event in the world.To learn more about CCM’s robust portfolio and to connect with a local Spanish-speaking loan officer, visit ccm.com/hispanic.

  • Minute Maid (Coca-Cola)

Aguas Frescas In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, Minute Maid Aguas Frescas and Coca-Cola Racing’s Daniel Suarez are shaking things up with a unique themed racecar paint scheme for the 2022 Autotrader EchoPark Automotive 500. For the first time ever, Suarez’s number 99 car will be adorned with Minute Maid Aguas Frescas, a “refreshing AF” sensorial experience that will make your tongue tango. Suarez’s car features vibrant colors and a sunglassed Pantera, as well as imagerythat nods to the three-Minute Maid Aguas Frescas flavors: Strawberry, Mango and Hibiscus. Much like Daniel has shaken up the NASCAR standings this season, Minute Maid Aguas Frescas has made a bold entrance that is “refreshing AF.” Check out our interview with Jorge Luzio, Group Director, Minute Maid Juice Portfolio, North America on Minute Maid’s Marketing bet on the high growing US $2 billion permissible refreshment (Aguas Frescas) category.




Portada LiveAt this exclusive event on September 29, 2022, Brand Decision Makers and Marketing Service Suppliers will share and accelerate knowledge on key topics including multicultural marketing, e-commerce marketing and leveraging marketing technologies. To find out about networking solutions at Portada Live involving a myriad of brand decision makers, please contact Sales Coordinator Michelle Lopez at michelle@portada-online.com.

  • Jim Beam

Beam Suntory, a world leader in premium spirits, has named Leo Burnett, an advertising agency within Publicis Groupe, its global creative agency of record for Jim Beam. The agency will develop a new global positioning and creative platform for the iconic bourbon. 



New report reveals that Hispanic households in the U.S. are bigger streamers, they have an average seven connected TV apps vs. the general market’s six.

Hispanic Americans are 17 percent more likely to have connected TV streaming apps on their devices than the general market, according to the App Science® U.S. Multicultural Trends Report.

A first of its kind, the report helps advertisers better understand Hispanic audiences by providing insight into their streaming and app interests on both mobile and connected TV (CTV) devices.

Helen Lum, executive vice president of App Science.

“We aim to help advertisers better understand how to best connect with multicultural audiences and drive more effective advertising,” said Helen Lum, executive vice president of App Science.

Hispanic households in the U.S. were found to be bigger streamers, with an average of seven streaming apps on their televisions, whereas the general market averaged six apps. The top channels watched on CTV are ESPN, TNT, Fox News, CNN, TBS, and HGTV.

In addition, the report shows top streaming apps, app categories and tv genres and indexed them against the general market. By drawing a comparison to the general market, the report helps advertisers identify additional opportunities where they may uniquely connect with Hispanic Americans.

For example, this group’s top CTV viewing genres were Drama (529), Sports (521), and Crime (499). Their respective index scores also indicated that this group was about four times more likely to watch this type of content than the general market.

Download the report: The U.S. Multicultural Trends Report

On their CTV devices, Hispanic Americans were twice as likely to have the sports streaming app DAZN (217) downloaded than the general market. On their mobile devices, Hispanic Americans’ top streaming apps showed a preference for Spanish-language content. Their top four streaming apps on mobile were Canela TV (300), Univision Now (300), Telemundo (300), and ViX (275).

The report also showcases this groups’ top mobile apps in travel, music, and finance as well as the top mobile app categories.

What apps people choose to download to their phones says a lot about their preferences and interests.

“Our mobile devices are our most personal devices,” says Lum. “What apps people choose to download to their phones says a lot about their preferences and interests.”

For their top mobile categories, Hispanic Americans showed a preference for mobile apps in the Books & Reference, Action & Adventure, and Family: Kids Games categories. They were 33, 30, and 26 percent more likely, respectively, than the general market to download mobile apps in these categories. Their top music apps indicated a preference for music discovery and Spanish-language audio or podcasts. Hispanic Americans were two times more likely to have the LaMusica app on their mobile phones. Their top travel apps – Trivago, Expedia, and Hopper – indicated an affinity for budget-friendly airline deals.

The release of this report comes at a critical time as the population in the U.S. grows increasingly diverse. Hispanic Americans accounted for more than half of all population growth, growing 23 percent over the last decade, according to the U.S. Census.  Hispanic people in the U.S. have a purchasing power of $1.9 trillion, according to a report by the University of Georgia.

Brands and advertisers who fail to account for this growing population segment will face additional challenges in their overall goals. For advertisers specifically looking to engage with Hispanic Americans, rich audience insights can help them plan campaigns that resonate with and represent their target audiences.

App Science, whose proprietary Household Graph of 55 million homes combines data signals from 280 million active mobile and 110 million CTV devices, closes the quality gap between multicultural and general market data. Traditional survey panels have historically underrepresented and undercounted multicultural segments of the population. By analyzing data from both CTV devices and mobile devices, App Science draws a more complete picture of multicultural audiences, their preferences, and interests.

To download the report, visit the App Science website.

News media in Spanish to serve the rapidly growing and economically robust Latino community with reliable information is essential to maintaining a strong democracy and building a fully inclusive society. In an era of widespread public distrust of institutions, El Tiempo Latino is committed to being a trustworthy institution that provides useful and timely information to Spanish speakers in the United States. 

Government, in particular, has suffered a decline in trust. Today, fewer than 20% of Americans trust the government to “do the right thing always or most of the time,” compared to more than 70% during the era of Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy. In more modern times, trust rose from 19% to 44% during the Clinton administration, and then peaked at 60% with President George W. Bush as the government responded to the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attack, according to Pew Research.

Latinos, however, have trust in their own futures in this country. Three-quarters are satisfied with their lives, and two thirds-think it is a great time to be a Latino in the United States.

This is a hard-working and resilient community. Latinos’ impact is also growing impressively. A range of metrics make clear that their presence is being felt across economics, demographics and policies.

News Media in Spanish: Policies

Recent elections have highlighted a strong desire to connect with the Latino population as a political force. The Latino vote has the ability to influence the outcome of local, state and national elections. In the 2020 general election 16.5 million Latinos voted,  compared to 12.7 million four years earlier. Far more Latinos – 32 million — are eligible to vote, representing more than 13% of the country’s overall electorates. No one party can take them for granted. Several studies show that one third of the Hispanic population is uncertain about their political affiliation or identifies as independent.

As encouraging as the numbers may be, the Latino community still faces enormous challenges. Latinos earn 73 cents for every dollar earned by the non-Hispanic white American population. The percentage of Latino children in poverty in the U.S. is 1.5 times higher than the population as a whole. And, of particular relevance to the mission of El Tiempo Latino, our community is disproportionately subjected to false information and manipulation via social media and other means.

News Media in Spanish

This context explains our own company’s deep sense of responsibility. We aim to provide our audience with the information, particularly through reliable news media in Spanish, they need to make good decisions and to help them feel included and empowered in this country. This year at El Tiempo Latino we are concentrating on two specific efforts.

News Media in Spanish: Combating Disinformation

To combat disinformation in Spanish in the run-up to the midterm elections in November 2022 and the general election in 2024, we rely on our own tested strategies for producing and distributing the most engaging political content. Our ambition is to be a clear and attractive channel in the midst of overwhelming noise.

  • We believe that it is easier and more effective to identify and prioritize the distribution of trustable sources of content in Spanish than to filter an insurmountable amount of misinformation from thousands of ever-changing sources.
  • We find geographic hotspots and topics where there is a lot of disinformation and publish news stories based on accurate information. This is not an exercise in fact-checking. We counter disinformation by distributing straightforward, reliable stories on the very issues that have been a source of disinformation. With the Spanish-language audience, we have found,that  it is more effective to prove truthfulness than to disprove falsehoods.
  • We have established partnerships with prominent institutions such as Arizona State University and Harvard Medical School to provide both content and resources to help us increase our impact on disinformation hotspots in Spanish on specific topics.

To amplify the Latino voice, we are redoubling our efforts during Hispanic Heritage Month, serving as a platform for leaders and experts to discuss issues that are of vital importance to our community.

  • Our coverage during this period will focus on the importance of the Latino community to the future of the United States.
  • We will be conducting a series of conversations with nationally recognized figures on the lack of Latino representation in positions of political, cultural, and corporate leadership and influence. These conversations will be conducted by our columnist Enrique Acevedo and will accompany his reports in El Tiempo Latino.

The entire United States will benefit from integrating the Latino community more completely into our society and, toward that end, facilitating access to valuable information in Spanish. The goal is to reduce political polarization, narrow the economic gap, motivate entrepreneurship, provide more work opportunities, celebrate a vibrant culture, protect public health and allow everyone to live their lives to the fullest.

Understanding and connecting with Latinos deserve to be a priority for government institutions and companies that seek the attention and dollars of the nation’s largest minority. At El Tiempo Latino, we are proud of our own efforts and seek to encourage continued progress.

Latinos: An Economic Superpower

If Latinos in the U.S. were a country, they would rank as the 7th largest economy in the world. Their GDP as a community is higher than that of France. Between 2010 and 2019, the Latino economy grew twice as fast (measured in real GDP) as the rest of the U.S. economy. As a community, our economy has grown faster than Canada, Germany and Great Britain, lagging only behind China and India.

Demographics: Growing at three times of the average U.S. population growth

In the past decade, the Latino population has grown 23%, more than three times the increase in the nation’s population as a whole. Contrary to what many people might suspect, this growth has not been driven by immigration. It is due instead to the 9.3 million babies born between 2010 and 2019 to families in our community. This growth makes us the largest minority in the country, with 18.7% of the total population.

Executive Committee of El Planeta Media

  • Javier Marin, Publisher and CEO
  • Marcos Marin, Deputy Publisher and COO
  • Rafael Ulloa, EVP of Content
  • Zulema Tijero, EVP of Advertising

Advisory Board:

  • Ana Julia Jatar-Hausmann Chief Advisor
  • Marty Baron
  • Rodrigo Martinez

AT&T, PATRÓN Tequila, Naw, Expedia, … and other brands targeting the U.S. consumer right now. Check out our prior Sales Leads columns.

  • AT&T

AT&T has released its latest ad campaign featuring Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez, which ensures that everyone gets the best deals on the newest generation of iPhones. Both the final ad and the BTS went live on AT&T’s social channels last Friday, September 16th. The national advertising campaign will run nationally on broadcast, digital, and audio platforms starting last Friday and through the fall. The campaign affirms that AT&T OFFERS the best deals on every device, whether a customer is brand new to AT&T or has been with the carrier for years.  The TV spot was created by Dieste. 

  • PATRÓN Tequila  

PATRÓN Tequila, one of the world’s number one super-premium tequila*, is collaborating with the acclaimed and like-minded visionary—Mexico City-based sculptor, Sebastian—to unveil the 2022 limited-edition PATRÓN Mexican Heritage Tin in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. Released annually, the limited-edition PATRÓN Mexican Heritage Tin is brought to life by a new artist each year that visually shares the stories, traditions, and culture of Mexico through stunning one-of-a-kind designs.For this year’s limited-edition PATRÓN Mexican Heritage Tin, Sebastian tells the story of one of the oldest traditions in Mexico that continues to be honored at PATRÓN Tequila—the harvesting and cutting of agave piñas. The boldly crafted and vibrant tin design is an overhead view of the agave heart—one of the three, 100% naturally perfect ingredients that is masterfully combined to create PATRÓN Tequila. The design is inspired by the detailed cutting process of the agave piña that’s steeped in natural geometric design, and a key component of the handcrafted production process by our familia of jimadors.The limited-edition PATRÓN Mexican Heritage Tin includes a bottle of PATRÓN Silver, and is available at local retailers nationwide in the US as well as select international markets for an SRP of US$59.99 while supplies last. Additionally, the tin can be purchased online.

  • NAW

The National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW) announced the launch of a new public affairs campaign in support of the American Innovation and Choice Online Act, or U.S. Senate Bill 2992. The campaign pushes back on Amazon’s anticompetitive behaviors on their marketplace platform and its poor treatment of third-party sellers. You can view an explainer video below:

Amazon has a troubling history of taking data from third-party sellers on its platform to create similar products that show up prominently in the marketplace while the original small business product disappears or falls deeper into the search results. This is blatantly unfair and leaves small businesses at a disadvantage when competing against Amazon. Many third-party sellers also view Amazon as a bully who is constantly strong-arming them and threatening to kick them off the platform. For the majority of sellers, there is no real alternative marketplace for them to sell on if they are kicked off of Amazon’s platform.Amazon continues to grow its monopolistic power by acquiring grocery stores, healthcare facilities and so much more. When is it going to be enough? How much longer until we live in the United States of Amazon? Let’s pass S.2992.


Portada LiveAt this exclusive event on September 29, 2022, Brand Decision Makers and Marketing Service Suppliers will share and accelerate knowledge on key topics including multicultural marketing, e-commerce marketing and leveraging marketing technologies. To find out about networking solutions at Portada Live involving a myriad of brand decision makers, please contact Sales Coordinator Michelle Lopez at michelle@portada-online.com.


  • Appleseed’s

The age and size inclusive apparel retailer Appleseed’s debuts its first national television campaign for the first time in the brand’s over 75-year history. With a renewed focus on driving brand awareness, Appleseed’s is celebrating their classic, timeless clothing anchored in enduring American style with their commercial debut, first ever celebrity collection, and the announcement of a new loyalty program. For over 75 years, Appleseed’s has provided exclusive style, great fit, and amazing value to millions of customers. The brand’s campaign – ‘Inspired By You.’ – salutes the brand’s heritage by featuring distinct New England-inspired fashion, designed for everyday and every occasion. In addition, this fall Appleseed’s is introducing a curated selection of Martha Stewart Outerwear, the first celebrity collection offered by Appleseed’s.Finally, Appleseed’s is excited to launch Appleseed’s Rewards Club, the brand’s new multi-tender loyalty program. Appleseed’s Fall Campaign debuted on September 6th across national, local, and digital channels. The ad was developed and produced in coordination with internal creative and Appleseed’s agency of record, Marketing Architects.

  • Rémy Martin

Rémy Martin has teamed up with Chef and TV personality Alejandra Ramos, Interior Designer and Lifestyle expert Evette Ríos, and Mixologist Alex Valencia to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month and honor the Latino tradition of Sobremesa, a post-dining tradition that embraces the appreciation of people and time. Together, Alejandra and Alex will create an array of innovative and savory Latin American-inspired cuisine and cocktails that pay homage to Sobremesa. Evette Ríos will share her style, decor, and entertaining home tips for celebrating the ritual of Sobremesa with family and friends. To capture the essence of Sobremesa, Rémy Martin will bring the partnership to life with curated craft cocktails created by Mixologist Alex Valencia. Alex Valencia’s Rémy Martin-inspired cocktails highlight the opulent and complex flavor profiles of Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal and Rémy Martin Tercet. The Rémy Coquito, made with Rémy Martin 1738 Accord Royal, is sweetened with the richness of condensed milk, indulgent cream of coconut, and evaporated milk; topped with the warm, floral notes of vanilla extract, and garnished with grated cinnamon and nutmeg. The Tercet Tropical, made with Rémy Martin Tercet is infused with vibrant and fruitful notes of pineapple, apricot vanilla jam, and lime juice; garnished with dehydrated pineapple, and lights up a new path for cognac drinkers with its unique blend of exotic and elegant aromas.To bring the flavor of Sobremesa to cocktail aficionados across the nation, Rémy Martin will join forces with Cocktail Courier to create seasonal and fresh Latin-inspired cocktails representative of the classics.The Rémy Martin Sangria kit, which evokes a sense of unity and convivial exchange around the table, will be available from September 15th – October 15th at a suggested retail price of $89.99 for the first 50 kits, and $119.99 thereafter. The Rémy Coquito, a festive favorite of Puerto Rican origins, is typically made at home from a recipe passed down through generations. The Rémy Coquito kit will be available from October 15th – November 15th at a suggested retail price of $84.99. Both kits will be available on Rémy Martin’s website and cocktailcourier.com.

  • Expedia®

Expedia® unveiled its new ad, “Maracuyá,” featuring the voice of acclaimed Mexican actress and producer Salma Hayek Pinault. The :30 spot highlights moments in the lives of Latino travelers with the “maracuyá,” or passion fruit, serving as the connecting element between different places and experiences, while Hayek Pinault’s voice-over reminds travelers of the unique benefits of traveling with Expedia. Acknowledging that the passion fruit goes by many different names across Latin American communities, “Maracuyá” showcases a montage of travel moments with the passion fruit at their center. The ad is an extension of the Expedia “Glimpses” campaign which launched in May, and will be available in both Spanish and English, a next step in Expedia’s strategy to connect with Latino travelers in the U.S. The Spanish version of the ad began airing earlier this week in the U.S. on Spanish-language TV networks and cable channels, and the English version will follow.”Maracuyá,” produced by Anomaly, is the first of various initiatives Expedia will be rolling out in the upcoming weeks as part of the company’s largest-ever marketing campaign focused on reaching the U.S. Latino traveler.


  • Travel Nevada

Noble Studios, the Nevada based creative digital performance marketing agency, has been awarded the brand and creative contract for Travel Nevada, the state’s destination marketing organization (DMO). Noble Studios, the digital agency of record for Travel Nevada since 2018, responsible for the TravelNevada.com website and managing digital performance strategies, will expand its scope to handle brand strategy and create and launch new marketing campaigns in 2023.The agency received a two-year contract with an option for automatic renewal toward a potential four-year term.


  • Lotto.com

Lotto.com, the first digital platform for ordering lottery tickets on any device, with no app download or deposit required, has appointed Havas as its first creative agency of record following a competitive pitch process. Havas will be responsible for elevating Lotto.com’s awareness across the country and launching the platform’s first-ever brand campaign.The agency will roll out a fully-integrated creative campaign across TV, social media, digital, and out-of-home throughout the month of September.

Lotto.com: ‘Welcome to WINever’ from Havas on Vimeo.


  • NFL

NFL launched the “Por La Cultura” (for the culture) campaign, which highlights Latino players, coaches and staff, celebrates Latino excellence and tells authentic stories of the community. The initiative introduces new partnerships and activations designed to celebrate “la cultura Latina.” With a large and passionate Latino fanbase, as well as a number of Latino players, personnel and Legends, the NFL and its clubs are committed to celebrating the diverse cultures within the community.  The campaign kicks off with a new spot titled “The Celebration,” featuring award-winning actor and recording artist Anthony Ramos (of Hamilton, In the Heights and the newest member of the Marvel Cinematic Universe). Featured alongside NFL teams and players, Ramos takes viewers on a journey that celebrates the vibrancy, commonalities and differences within the Latino fanbase. Donning a NY Jets jersey to rep his home of NYC, Ramos opens the video saying, “It’s about family, mi familia.” From the way the community shows up “por la cultura” (for the culture) to the way fans are authentically themselves, “The Celebration” is a true tribute to the Latino community and their football fandom.

Highlights of the campaign include:

  • First-ever “Por La Cultura Mixtape,” which comprises a series of exclusive tracks, including “Rómpela” featuring Yandel, El Alfa and Will.I.Am. This is the first track on the mixtape and backdrop of “The Celebration.”
  • Launch of the “Por La Cultura” Music Series, which will bring unique local music concerts and experiences to fans in key markets. Celebrity musical talent participating include Piso 21, Dimelo Flow, DJ Camilo, DJ Livia, Sofia Reyes, and Gera MX, among others.
  • New content series on El Snap NFL on Instagram will feature a collaboration with celebrity cleat designer,Marcus Rivero, who will design a series of shoes and cleats for players and coaching staff from a number of teams.
  • Partnership with the Hispanic Heritage Foundation (HHF), the exclusive sponsor of the Youth Sports & Fitness Awards category this season, which will recognize Latino youth who’ve contributed to the sports and fitness arenas.  Winners will be announced later this season and will receive grants in support of their college education and/or to enhance their community service efforts.
  • Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement (HACE) collaboration, as HACE delivers impactful and culturally sensitive learning content to small and large corporate groups, empowering Latino employees to become better leaders at work, at home and in their communities.



Burger King, Genomma Lab + Amazon, Wolverine Worldwide… and other brands targeting the U.S. consumer right now. Check out our prior Sales Leads columns.

  • Burger King

Burger King

In a historic agreement with its Franchisees, announced last Friday Sept. 9,  Burger King will invest US $120 million in its U.S. advertising fund over the next two years to grow traffic, accelerate sales growth and amplify fundamental advancements for the Guest experience. The Burger King advertising investment represents an annual increase of approximately 30% to the brand’s media purchasing firepower, inclusive of advertising efficiencies we expect to achieve through our ongoing partnership with our new media agency.  Overall, there will be a company investment of US $400 million over two years, which will increase advertising firepower; drive higher quality restaurant enhancements and remodels; and support ongoing technology and digital investments. Burger King® Company (“Burger King,” “BK,” “Company,” “Brand”) shared the details of its “Reclaim the Flame” plan to accelerate sales growth and drive Franchisee profitability. The plan was built in collaboration with Franchisee leaders from across the country and was shared with all U.S. Franchisees at its annual convention this week by Tom Curtis, President of Burger King North America.
The plan includes Burger King investing $400M over the next two years, comprised of $150M in advertising and digital investments to “Fuel the Flame” and $250M for a “Royal Reset” involving restaurant technology, kitchen equipment, building enhancements and high-quality remodels and relocations. This investment will work to enhance ongoing Franchisee investments to modernize the Burger King restaurant portfolio, and when combined with our brand re-positioning plan, menu enhancements and focus on operational excellence, will help drive our overarching goal of improving the Guest experience and attracting more traffic back to the brand over time.
Burger King Franchisees representing more than 93% of all U.S. restaurants have endorsed the plan and have agreed to co-invest in increased advertising firepower over the coming years. These corporate investments are in addition to Burger King recently expanding its field team to provide increased support to Franchisees as they continue improving restaurant-level profitability and execution.
In April of this year, Restaurant Brands International (RBI) announced that Omnicom Media Group’s PHD will serve as media agency of record for Burger King U.S., Popeyes U.S. (check out our recent interview with Jean Paul Ciaramella, Head of Media North America) and Canada, and Tim Hortons U.S., per a press release. Chicago shop OKRP will serve as creative agency of record for Burger King U.S.


  • Genomma Lab + Amazon

With Hispanic Heritage coming up on September 15th, sharing a success story and upcoming plans for established LatAm company, Genomma Lab and their collaboration with Amazon Hispanic storefront in reaching the influential and tech-savvy U.S. Hispanic market.Genomma Lab is one of the leading pharmaceutical and personal care companies in Mexico, and part of the Mexican Stock Exchange (Bolsa Mexicana de Valores). Within its international expansion plans, the U.S. Hispanic market at 62 million+ is comparable as the third-largest Latin American country, just after Mexico.Genomma Lab inherently understands how language and culture are embedded into U.S. Hispanic identities, and thanks to a strong, collaborative partnership with Amazon Hispanic team to bring products that resonate with the market, Genomma Lab created a benchmark in sales. An ambitious sales goal of US$10M was met in just the first year, with sales steadily tracking up 74% through Q2 2022.Part of the success was the flexibility to create original content in Spanish, supporting U.S. Hispanics appreciation for businesses that speak to them in Spanish. According to the Kantar 2021 U.S. Monitor report, 87% of U.S. Hispanics feel businesses that make a sincere effort deserve their loyalty. While Amazon Hispanic Heritage storefront plans for 2022 are in final development, we invite you to view Genomma Lab’s case study.

  • Wolverine Worldwide

Havas Media Group (HMG) announced that Wolverine Worldwide, one of the world’s leading marketers and licensors of branded casual, active lifestyle, work, athletic footwear and apparel, has named HMG as its global media agency partner following a four-month competitive review. Wolverine Worldwide’s impressive portfolio of highly recognized brands includes Merrell, Saucony, Sperry, Wolverine, Keds, and more. The global scope of Wolverine Worldwide’s engagement with HMG includes all regions and brands internationally (and with Sweaty Betty in select business areas), with a high focus on the US, EMEA, and Canada. As the media buying agency of record (AOR), HMG will oversee the media strategy, planning, and coordination, as well as content and analytics, developed from and anchored in HMG’s acclaimed data and decision sciences practices, including budget optimisation, media mix, forecasts, and more. The first work from the partnership will debut in early September.

  • Unity Software Inc 

Unity Software Inc, a video game software development company based in San Francisco, has named Media. Monks as its first media AOR. Monks gained the enterprise after an aggressive pitch that started in February. The brand and the agency have already begun working together. Media.Monks is taking on the brand’s media strategy, planning, buying, and measurement. It also oversees Unity’s SEO and Unity’s Google Marketing Partner tech and services.


Portada LiveAt this exclusive event on September 29, 2022, Brand Decision Makers and Marketing Service Suppliers will share and accelerate knowledge on key topics including multicultural marketing, e-commerce marketing and leveraging marketing technologies. To find out about networking solutions at Portada Live involving a myriad of brand decision makers, please contact Sales Coordinator Michelle Lopez at michelle@portada-online.com.

  • SC Johnson

SC Johnson has kept its global media agency of record assignment with Omnicom and Omnicom Media Group following a review that also involved WPP and GroupM, according to people familiar with the matter. The global media review ran alongside creative review, where SC Johnson consolidated with WPP.


  • Panda Express®

Panda Express®, the largest family-owned and operated Asian dining concept in the U.S., announced the return of its breakthrough innovation, Beyond™ The Original Orange Chicken™. Now available nationwide for a limited time while supplies last, this delicious entrée is co-developed with Beyond Meat® to capture the irresistibly crunchy texture and flavor of The Original Orange Chicken®, while giving guests the flavor they know and love as a plant-based option. Panda is the first national Asian restaurant concept to serve Beyond Meat across the U.S. This expanded partnership perfectly brings together Panda’s expertise in American Chinese recipes and Beyond Meat’s best-in-class plant-based protein capabilities to create a fresh new take on a classic favorite. Beyond The Original Orange Chicken was first introduced as a limited launch across Southern California and New York City in 2021, selling out across several locations in less than two weeks. Due to its high demand, Panda chefs wok-fired more than 1,300 pounds of Beyond The Original Orange Chicken in just the first day alone. After the successful initial launch, Panda brought this new fan-favorite entree to 70 locations in ten markets. Wok-tossed in Panda’s signature sweet, spicy and tangy orange sauce, this modern take on Panda’s iconic Orange Chicken delivers the crunchy texture and addictive flavor that fans know and love. Celebrating the national launch of this new plant-based entree, guests who purchase a Beyond The Original Orange Chicken bowl online using the code ‘BEYOND’ starting on September 26 will receive another free bowl featuring their American Chinese entrée of choice.* Additionally, right in time for back-to-school, Panda and Beyond are hosting a traveling Panda Express Recharge Station pop-up to treat students to a well-deserved study break across 10 college campuses in three markets. Students are invited to recharge with free samples of Beyond The Original Orange Chicken, exclusive prizes, as well as fun and relaxing activities. See where the tour is headed by following Panda Express on Instagram (@officialpandaexpress) for the Panda Express Recharge Station college tour schedule.


Emblem Health, Neiman Marcus, Gatorade, Jennie-O, Coca Cola… and other brands targeting the U.S. consumer right now. Check out our prior Sales Leads columns.

  • Emblem Health

Emblem HealthEmblem Health’s We Mean Health campaign features Jason Naylor, Sophia Yeshi, Perla Sanchez, KitKat Pecson, and partners Craig & Karl and other local artists. Their work is used to demonstrate EmblemHealth’s dedication to supporting the heart of its communities, by going beyond coverage to help NY get and stay healthy. VMLY&R brought this year’s campaign evolution to life across print, digital, audio and OOH that will be seen across NYC through the open enrolment season this Fall. “We Mean Health is more than a line, it’s the ethos that guides everything EmblemHealth does. They truly care about the health of the communities they cover,” says Wayne Best, CCO of VMLY&R NY. “And now more than ever, it’s important to get the message out there that you need to take care of yourself.”

  • Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus announced the launch of its Fall 2022 campaign. The Live Your Luxury campaign went live on August 29, with digitally led content appearing online and in stores, supported simultaneously through email and social media. Titled Live Your Luxury, this brand new, company-wide endeavor encompasses all that it means to be proud of oneself–and purely at the moment. Inspired by Neiman Marcus’ customers’ desire for genuine expression it exemplifies that luxury is meant to be lived in–and loved–throughout the rhythms and the instances of the everyday. The campaign incorporates a 360° approach, inspiring discovery across advertising, in-store visuals, The Fall Book, events, digital content and videos. As a springboard for Neiman Marcus’ overall brand evolution; Live Your Luxury will serve as a strategic and creative platform for the brand. The campaign encourages Neiman Marcus customers to inhabit and move through life in a way that’s true to the individual, with assurance, boldness, eclecticism, radiance and purpose. Live Your Luxury answers a call for newness and singularity, giving customers permission (and power) to embody the term as they see fit. Style, nowadays, is about so much more than just the clothes and accessories one puts together; to live the way one wants—and to maintain optimism in doing so—is the truest luxury there is. “This campaign signals a reimagined perspective of luxury, which, ultimately, means something different and often very personal to the individual,” says Daz McColl, Chief Marketing Officer, Neiman Marcus. “It is not just about styles or trends–and the unspoken expectations that come with them. It’s about how you wear a piece or a look, when you wear it, why you wear it, and what it means to you. It is about imbuing luxury as a mindset and a prism within our daily paces–and embracing it all.”

  • Coca-Cola

Coca-ColaAs anticipation builds for the November kickoff of the FIFA World Cup 2022™ in Qatar, Coca-Cola is celebrating the passionate journey of football fans through the “Believing is Magic” global campaign. Coca Cola kicked off the integrated, digital-driven campaign, which will unfold over the coming months, by unveiling a suite of digital films capturing the full extent of fans’ devotion for their beloved teams. The spots show the outlandish promises many fans would make if their team could win the FIFA World Cup™—from getting a tattoo, to shaving their head, to running to work every day—while inviting viewers to share their own promises for possible inclusion in Coca-Cola packaging, digital content or outdoor creative.

The “Believing is Magic” campaign also will include:

  • The FIFA World Cup™ Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola, which is bringing the solid-gold Original FIFA World Cup™ Trophy to 51 countries and territories.
  • A unique digital hub where fans around the world can compete and predict winners of FIFA World Cup™ matches, connect to social platforms and share emotions, excitement and memories.
  • An exclusive partnership with Panini, the official licensed sticker album of the FIFA World Cup 2022™, on 14 exclusive player stickers fans can collect and trade physically and digitally. On the stickers found under Coca-Cola labels, each footballer shares his unique “Believing is Magic” moment—from pre-match rituals to traditions, to inspirational stories—while inspiring and incentivizing football fans to share their own stories. Coca-Cola is working with retail partners to create in-person opportunities for fans to come together, trade stickers and create digital albums.ence after lockdown is very special. In many countries, Trophy Tour events are the first Coke-branded experience since 2019, so expectation and excitement is high.
  • Gatorade

Gatorade is introducing a new energy drink. According to CNBC, Gatorade’s new Fast Twitch energy drink won’t be available to the public until February 2023. But it will be seen in a very high-profile setting this fall courtesy of the National Football League (NFL), which will make Fast Twitch available to its players on the sidelines through an exclusive partnership with Gatorade’s owner, PepsiCo. The public release in February, not coincidentally, aligns with the NFL’s biggest event, the Super Bowl. “Our expectation is this is a big bet launch,” notes Michael Del Pozzo, President and GM Gatorade Performance Portfolio, in Beverage Digest. “We would scale out similar to how you would see us scale one of our big launches on Gatorade or across our PepsiCo business. We anticipate scaling pretty quickly.”  Gatorade accounts for approximately a 70% share of the sports drink market, per Beverage Digest.

  • California Milk Processor Board

The California Milk Processor Board (CMPB) – creators of the got milk? campaign – is at the forefront of the cultural shift with a new marketing effort celebrating unfiltered realness on and off social media. California Milk Processor Board’s “get real” campaign aims to create stronger emotional bonds with Californians throughout the diverse state, with 40% of the media budget reaching Hispanic communities. The English- and Spanish-language music videos air statewide across CTV/ online video, digital audio and podcast streaming, social media, search, and digital out-of-home (OOH). The campaign also includes integrated media partnerships with custom content. The new “get real” integrated campaign, created by advertising agency GALLEGOS United, focuses on milk’s authenticity. The debut music video features actor and singer Diego Boneta (HBO Max’s “Father of the Bride”, Netflix’s “Luis Miguel: The Series”) who takes a lighthearted journey into what a more real world could look like when people are unapologetically themselves. The CMPB even pokes fun at itself, admitting it took 37 takes for Diego to perfect the iconic milk splash at the end of the video. The new campaign is launching just as real milk consumption in California is beginning to trend ahead of the rest of the United States for the first time, looking to continue the positive momentum that GALLEGOS United’s efforts have spark over the past few years. Yet just five years ago, as consumers were increasingly opting for alternative beverages, the state’s milk consumption was 3% lower than the rest of the country. That same year, 2017, the commodity board consolidated its advertising efforts and named GALLEGOS United its agency of record. Fueled in part by culturally attuned integrated campaigns, milk consumption in California has steadily increased. The marketing efforts are led by GALLEGOS United, along with public relations firm ROX United and digital agency CANVAS United. All three are part of the UNITED COLLECTIVE, an independently owned communications group.

Portada LiveAt this exclusive event on September 29, 2022, Brand Decision Makers and Marketing Service Suppliers will share and accelerate knowledge on key topics including multicultural marketing, e-commerce marketing and leveraging marketing technologies. To find out about networking solutions at Portada Live involving a myriad of brand decision makers, please contact Sales Coordinator Michelle Lopez at michelle@portada-online.com.

  • Lionsgate

Lionsgate Motion Picture Group has named Horizon Media its media agency of record for its theatrical and home entertainment business, Deadline reports. Horizon Media  will develop and execute innovative, creative media strategies, planning, buying, data, and analytics across all media channels. Horizon will be working on Lionsgate highly anticipated upcoming slate which includes John Wick: Chapter 4Are You There God? It’s Me, MargaretThe Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, and the next installment of Dirty Dancing.

  • Albizu University

Albizu University, an accredited educational institution with three locations in Puerto Rico and South Florida, revealed the inauguration of a large new annex on its South Florida campus. “With this new annex, we think about the broader impact Albizu will have on the community. We know the growth of Latinos in this area, we understand the growing need for services, and we look forward to continuing to provide these services,” Albizu’s newly appointed President, Dr. Nelson Soto tells Portada.  Albizu University’s marketing efforts are centered around online marketing, media relations, advertising, and social media on the major platforms. Their communications office is staffed by a team skilled in communicating to Hispanic and Latino markets through traditional, digital, and social media marketing. Beyond Puerto Rico and South Florida, the university attracts students from Central and South America and from the Caribbean.

  • Jennie-O


The Jennie-O® brand for turkey products, is launching its “Queen of Protein” campaign to showcase the protein that reigns supreme — turkey. Throughout the campaign, JENNIE-O® turkey rules the “Queendom of Protein” where turkey is the elite protein. The campaign personifies the fun that can accompany mealtimes — from celebrating daily life to special occasions — and encourages home cooks to win with turkey at every event from grilling to appetizers to meal prepping and more! JENNIE-O® turkey is more than just food, it’s the protein-rich fuel that elevates any situation. “This campaign represents our brand today in a fun and meaningful way,” said Nicole Behne, vice president of marketing at Jennie-O Turkey Store. “As a trusted provider of quality turkey and a source of expertise for many years, we help consumers elevate their meals, but we also enjoy the moment, celebrating everyday meals and special occasions alike.”

Featuring touches of the brand’s distinctive awning logo – now appearing as an unfurling regal flag – the campaign brings some very modern sensibilities to a royal court, exemplified in one spot based around a guillotine used to perfectly slice turkey pizza. All spots put the tasty dishes you can make with JENNIE-O Turkey front and centre, having fun with recipes like ‘badminton meatballs’ and ‘croquet taquitos.’  Additionally, the campaign launch comes with updated packaging and new recipes, like curried turkey tacos and southwestern sliders. For “Queen of Protein” recipes, go to JennieO.com/Live-Well/.

  • Avocados from Mexico

(PRNewsfoto/Avocados From Mexico)

The soccer World Cup kicks off this November and Avocados From Mexico™ (AFM) and Takis®, the brand owned by Barcel USA the U.S. snack division of Grupo Bimbo,  are launching a new shopper marketing campaign, “Guackeepers Keep it Good,” helping fans bring the goodness of guac to their soccer viewing parties.The new “Guackeepers Keep it Good” promotional program includes in-store displays, consumer savings, digital engagement, and innovative recipe inspirations for fans, bringing the good times and good guac to life. Avocados from Mexico and Takis, the Mexican brand of rolled corn tortilla chips, are partnering to recruit two iconic soccer legends: Landon Donovan, one of the greatest American male players from the United States team, and Rafael Márquez, former Captain of the Mexico National team, described as the best defender in the team’s history, having played in five World Games soccer tournaments. The two will be the official “Guackeepers” by always bringing delicious guac made with Avocados From Mexico and Takis snacks to the party. And since nearly half of the world’s population (3.5 billion) watched the 2018 World Games matches, this is the perfect moment for AFM to make soccer celebrations #AlwaysGood. According to a study by research firm Numerator, there is a 1.8x basket increase when avocados and Takis snacks are purchased together. And, 2022 will be the first time the World Games will take place in the fall – which is a priority season for AFM, as the brand has majority share of the avocado category October – December, with a 9.1% growth in volume sales from 2018 – 20213 during this time frame. “What better way to celebrate soccer’s biggest event than with the good flavors of AFM and Takis snacks?” said Stephanie Bazan, Vice President of Shopper and Trade Marketing for Avocados From Mexico. “Our Guackeepers Keep it Good in-store merchandising strategy is designed to excite the soccer-obsessed and spark good times, elevating sales during this priority time period for our brand.”


Lack of education, resources and technology are key challenges in improving accessible marketing, according to Capterra

ARLINGTON, Va.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–One in four American adults live with a physical or mental disability, yet they are often excluded from digital marketing messages due to accessibility barriers. Capterra’s 2022 Accessible Marketing Survey finds that while 83% of businesses are doing more to provide accessibility in digital marketing than in the past, demographics such as age, gender and race are more often prioritized in marketing efforts.

Across different types of accessibility, marketers tend to focus on providing visual and hearing features before cognitive features. This may be because they wrongly believe visual and hearing impairments to be the most common disabilities in the U.S., when in fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report cognitive disabilities to be more prevalent (10.8% of Americans). While 53% of marketers do account for cognitive disabilities in digital content, improvements can be made to bolster features for consumers who face cognitive challenges such as difficulty concentrating, remembering or making decisions.

The survey also reveals that marketers recognize the need to be better educated on accessibility. In fact, 45% of marketers say that education would motivate their company to be more proactive in improving accessibility. Training can also help marketers better understand specific disability compliance laws.

Beyond the need for more education, cost and technology barriers hinder improvements to accessible marketing. Cost is the most prohibitive challenge: 69% of marketers strongly or somewhat believe that it’s expensive to create accessible digital marketing. One in four marketers say that the lack of technology to implement features is a top barrier to creating accessible content.

Accessibility implementation is a challenge regardless of platform. Nearly half (49%) of marketers rate social media as the most difficult platform to provide accessibility features for— possibly due to its ever-evolving nature that is challenging to keep up with. Despite its longevity compared to newer social media channels, 43% of marketers still cite email as the most difficult platform for accessibility, and 39% report the same for websites.

“While accessibility in marketing is gaining more traction, businesses need the right resources, including training, budget and technology, to make improvements,” says Meghan Bazaman, senior marketing analyst at Capterra. “By taking a more proactive approach, marketers can reach more customers while generating a positive brand perception.”

Beyond just doing the right thing, businesses that have incorporated accessible marketing report improved customer relationships. Of the marketers who currently provide accessibility features, 53% and 44% say that it improves customer service and customer loyalty/retention, respectively.

Delivering accessible marketing is beneficial, but it’s an ongoing process in an evolving online environment. Accessibility software and free online resources can help marketers implement accessibility features. View the full report for more actionable insights to help businesses improve marketing accessibility.

About Capterra

Capterra is the leading software reviews and selection platform that connects businesses to the right technology. Compare software, read and leave reviews, and access objective insights that empower business growth. For more information, visit Capterra.com.


Cindy Lien


TelevisaUnivision and Combate Global, the premier Hispanic Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) sports franchise, announced the premiere of a new MMA competition reality series for TelevisaUnivision’s recently launched streaming platform, ViX+ for the U.S. and Mexico.

On Wednesday, August 24, viewers can watch the first of the six episodes on VIX+, which provides a deep look at the vastly different cultures that exist within the confines of each of four of the world’s most unique MMA training camps in Mexico, the U.S. and Spain, and that serve as breeding grounds for world champions in this gruelingly competitive sport.

“We are proud to have Combate Global as part of the TelevisaUnivision sports portfolio, and especially with this series, to not only show the competition inside the ring but also bring viewers the journey fighters take on, mentally and physically, ahead of each of their fights” said TelevisaUnivision SVP, Sports Entertainment, Federico Larino.

MMA Competition
Campbell McLaren, Combate Global CEO.

“Combate Global is once again making history with an unprecedented format for a combat sports competition reality series – we are excited to work with TelevesiaUnivison to bring the most real MMA viewing experience to our fans” said Combate Global CEO Campbell McLaren.

With this series, McLaren, also the co-founder and creator of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), steps into the limelight as “Señor Campbell,” and inserts his natural and sometimes heavy-handed, but always vocal, demeanor into the show.

At the helm of each gym is a distinguished master trainer with a unique approach to the sport and a distinct system for preparing fighters for battle inside La Jaula, bringing an element of distinct competition to the show, as each episode will culminate with Combate Global MMA bouts that pit fighters from the different camps against one another.

MMA Competition

The gyms competing in the series are Bonebreakers in Mexico City, Mexico; Goat Shed Academy in Miami, Fla.; Saekson’s Academy in Los Angeles, Calif.; and Uppercut Training Center in Barcelona, Spain. Points will be awarded to the gyms based on their fighters’ performances in each bout and the gym that earns the greatest number of points over the course of the series will be awarded a $50,000 bonus prize.

More on each of the Combate Global gyms:

Bonebreakers – Mexico City, Mexico

The most renowned gym in Mexico, Bonebreakers is situated in the heart of Mexico City and is home to an army of over 70 competitive fighters, including reigning Combate Global World Bantamweight (135 pounds) Champion David “The Black Spartan” Martinez.

Head trainer Raul Salas opened the doors to the flagship Bonebreakers location in 2006 and has since expanded the camp’s footprint to include satellite Bonebreakers gyms throughout Mexico and Central America. Salas holds a black belt under the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF), as well as ranks in both Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Kung-Fu and is intent on defending the honor of both Bonebreakers and Mexico in the Combate Global competition series.

Saekson’s Academy – Los Angeles, California

Saekson’s Academy, named after legendary fighting champion Saekson Janjira, is situated in Los Angeles County and is a family owned and operated organization. The gym specializes in Muay Thai, the ferociously aggressive style of kickboxing that originated in Thailand, and that has become a key component to success in modern day MMA with its use of punches, kicks and knee and elbow strikes.

Head trainer Julio Trana boasts over 20 years of Muay Thai experience since transitioning from the sport of boxing in which he was an amateur competitor in his native country of Nicaragua.  Trana, who has trained with a slew of legendary combat sports figures, is determined to further his family’s legacy in the sport, as well as cement Los Angeles’ place on the MMA map.

MMA Competition

Goat Shed Academy – Miami, Florida

Goat Shed Academy is one of the hottest new MMA facilities in North America, but also one of the most controversial.  Open only two years, the camp is situated in Miami, Fla., a U.S. hotbed for the sport, and has become the training ground of choice for more than two dozen MMA competitors from various parts of the U.S., Venezuela and Cuba.

Goat Shed is run by outspoken, retired, former two-time world kickboxing champion and Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt Asim Zaidi, who named his organization after the popular abbreviation, G.O.A.T., to let the world know that he is out to breed the “Greatest Of All Time” in the sport of MMA.

Uppercut Training Center – Barcelona, Spain

A relatively young entity, Uppercut Training Center opened its doors during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, on a mission to assist a single fighter in need of a proper training camp.

Uppercut co-founders Oriol Gaset and Ramon Maneiro, whose friendship dates back 20 years, persevered through the tough times posed by the pandemic, though, and have since developed a small, but fearsome squad of fighters. Gaset is a former MMA fighter whose career consisted of nearly 30 professional bouts, while Maneiro, a lifelong student of martial arts, has developed a reputation as one of the best trainers in the world for integrating boxing and kickboxing into MMA.

Herbalife, Stella & Chewy, Cincoro Tequila, Jaguar……. and other brands targeting the U.S. consumer right now. Check out our prior Sales Leads columns.


  • Herbalife


Herbalife Nutrition and the LA Galaxy have agreed to a multi-year renewal of their partnership, which began in 2005 as the club’s official nutrition partner. Herbalife Nutrition will continue as the official presenting and jersey sponsor of the club – a designation that began in 2007 and is the longest-running in Major League Soccer (MLS) history. Beginning with the 2023 MLS season, Herbalife Nutrition will continue as the LA Galaxy’s exclusive nutrition partner, the club’s exclusive health and wellness partner, and the official nutrition lifestyle partner. Additionally, Proactive Fueled by Herbalife Nutrition, an elite state-of-the-art performance facility, located in Westlake Village, CA, will be available to the team for preseason training and sports performance testing at the facility. As part of the sponsorship, the Los Angeles Galaxy Foundation and the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation are also committing $1.25 million to support charitable efforts to benefit vulnerable and underserved children around the world. “We are excited to extend our 17-year partnership with the LA Galaxy and expand it to include new areas of collaboration that will benefit our independent distributors, LA Galaxy players, fans and communities worldwide” said Frank Lamberti, regional president of the Americas for Herbalife Nutrition.


  • Stella & Chewy

Stella & Chewy’s, the category leader in the raw pet food space, announced that it is launching the brand’s first-ever national ad campaign, “All You Need Is Raw.” The new creative embodies the raw, unfiltered love pet parents have for their pets and how food, especially raw and natural food, plays a key role in how pet parents show their love. The campaign also marks the launch of a new tagline for the brand, “All You Need is Raw,” which embodies Stella & Chewy’s belief that raw is all pets are, and raw is all they need. The omni-channel campaign, led by Chicago-based creative agency Highdive Advertising, and directed by Ian Kibbey and Corey Creasey of Terri Timely, consists of multiple :15 and :30 second spots and will include cable TV, connective TV/Video, audio, social media, experiential, custom content, mobile rich media and influencer relations. The paid media strategy, developed and implemented by the award-winning Exverus Media, employs advanced data and analytics to measure brand awareness, sales performance and online conversions of each media element. The holistic media strategy and approach was designed to rapidly grow household penetration and bring new consumers into Stella & Chewy’s family of growing products of raw dog and cat food and treats. “Our consumer insight is that pet parents want shared experiences with their pets. So the media placements had to support ‘co-viewing’ opportunities: think Animal Planet and Bravo, pet music playlists on Spotify and pet Reddit communities,” said Tasha Day, VP of Media at Exverus Media. “The raw pet food space continues to rapidly expand as more pet parents strive to feed their pets as they would themselves – with real and less processed foods,” said David Campbell, CMO of Stella & Chewy’s. “With this new campaign, we aim to raise awareness of the Stella & Chewy’s brand and portfolio, which offers a range of dog and cat food products to meet varying pet parent needs.”

  • Cincoro Tequila

Cincoro founders: Wes Edens, Michael Jordan, Jeanie Buss, Emilia Fazzalari, and Wyc Grousbeck

Cincoro Tequila introduced a national advertising campaign, featuring the brand’s five co-founders and its stunning bottle. Launched in 2019 by NBA owners Jeanie Buss of the Lakers, Wes Edens of the Bucks, Emilia Fazzalari and Wyc Grousbeck of the Celtics, and Michael Jordan of the Hornets, the ultra-smooth, naturally rich tequila continues to innovate to redefine luxury tequila. Computer-generated imagery (CGI) was utilized to digitally create both the flowing liquid of the tequila, as well as the formation of Cincoro’s uniquely designed bottle. In three years, Cincoro has sold 1.5 million bottles nationally and has won 23 awards in accredited spirits competitions. The advertising campaign showcases the authentic story behind the luxury brand and underscores the “Life Well Played” brand platform, positioning Cincoro as the ultimate trophy for earned victories. The campaign features celebratory vignettes of the founders and the voiceover of Cincoro CEO Ms. Fazzalari stating, “When you create a tequila with friends this driven, average isn’t even possible.”
In addition to 30-, 15- and six-second versions of the commercial for digital and social media, the campaign includes luxury print, spectacular out of home (OOH) advertising and e-commerce. The media plan includes streaming digital sites such as YouTube, partnerships with DraftKings and ReserveBar, social media on Facebook and Instagram, print across M. Shanken Communications, Modern Luxury Media and Food & Wine, and OOH executions in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York.

  • Pinnacle Financial Services

Pinnacle Financial Services, one of the largest, full-service health, life, annuities, and long-term care national marketing organizations  announced that it has acquired Health One Corporation (“Health One”). A Miami-based insurance marketing organization, Health One specializes in the distribution of Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement and Affordable Care Act (ACA) health insurance products for beneficiaries in the under-65 U.S. Hispanic market. Per the agreement, terms of the deal were not disclosed. Founded in 2016 by Susan Carrasco, Health One has carved out a significant place in the Medicare and ACA health insurance arena as one of the few true multicultural and multilingual insurance marketing organizations in the United States. Health One supports over 400 licensed agents in more than 30 states, who offer their services in Portuguese, Creole and French in addition to English and Spanish. With the increased capital, resources and support from Pinnacle, Health One will be well positioned to accelerate its growth, expand its agent base and serve more clients nationwide. “The fast-growing U.S. Hispanic market has been a strategic priority for our distribution efforts for many years, and today’s announcement with Pinnacle is another example of our combined commitment to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse pre-retiree and retiree population,” said AmeriLife Chief Distribution Officer Mike Vietri.

Portada LiveAt this exclusive event on September 29, 2022, Brand Decision Makers and Marketing Service Suppliers will share and accelerate knowledge on key topics including multicultural marketing, e-commerce marketing and leveraging marketing technologies. To find out about networking solutions at Portada Live involving a myriad of brand decision makers, please contact Sales Coordinator Michelle Lopez at michelle@portada-online.com.

  • Ford

Ford invites Mustang owners and fans to participate in the countdown to The Stampede, the all-new Mustang global debut event on Sept. 14 as part of the Detroit Auto Show activities. With the backdrop of the Motor City, and thousands of invited Mustang faithful, Ford employees and global media in attendance, The Stampede kicks off the next chapter of the Mustang story. “Mustang is the world’s best-selling sports car because there’s one for everyone – from an EcoBoost convertible to 5-liter V8 GT fastback coupe,” said Jim Farley, president and chief executive officer, Ford Motor Company. “Now it’s time to for a new stampede of owners, fans and employees to welcome the next chapter in Mustang’s legacy – the seventh-generation, which will be our best yet.” At the very starting point of where Woodward Avenue, America’s first paved road begins, Ford invites Mustang fans around the world to descend on Hart Plaza for the debut of the all-new, seventh-generation Mustang taking place on Sept. 14 at 8 p.m. EDT. “When we conceived the idea of an indoor-outdoor Detroit Auto Show, The Stampede was the kind of event we hoped and believed was possible,” said Rod Alberts, executive director, Detroit Auto Show. “We are proud to support Ford with what will be an absolutely iconic milestone, celebrating the heritage and future of the Mustang, as well as the global mobility industry, right here in Detroit.” For Mustang fans who will not be in Detroit, The Stampede will be broadcast live on social channels, including Ford YouTube and the Ford Mustang Facebook page.

  • Legoland Resorts

Lexington, Kentucky-based Cornett has been tasked with creating work that captures the Legoland experience for both kids and adults, according to Christy Hiler, president and owner at Cornett, according to Adage and Gratisownia. Pete Carter, the founder of Creative Haystacks, was the consultant on the pitch, which covers both Legoland’s theme parks and hotels. Legoland has 10 parks around the world. The resorts are mainly designed for children from 2 to 12 years of age and offer over 50 rides, shows and attractions at each resort. Legoland’s parent, Merlin Entertainment, which also owns aquariums, the London Eye and Madame Tussaud’s wax museum, says it is the second-largest attraction operator in the world after Disney.

  • Jaguar

Jaguar is looking to make a leap into a more upscale market, trying to compete with Rolls-Royce and Bentley rather than Mercedes-Benz and BMW, and the latest step in their transition is a new advertising campaign. The company aims to be an all-electric ultra-luxury brand by 2025, with all of its models priced at least six figures. To achieve this, this new ad campaign attempts to position itself as the automotive equivalent of some of the most exclusive luxury fashion brands. “We are actually part of this world, but we don’t really communicate the brand in this way. We are deeply rooted in the automotive tradition,” Stuart Schorr, vice president of communications for Jaguar Land Rover North America, told Automotive News Europe. “And as we’re trying to get up and moving into the future, sometimes you just need a big break.” The automaker’s Twitter account, focus on models in stylish clothing, while the cars are deliberately left dark and colorless so as not to be in the spotlight. We’re not sure if making the cars a back-story is the best strategy to sell them, but we won’t argue with what is likely a very tactical marketing ploy on Jaguar’s part. Ads will be placed in relevant fashion magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, and Esquire to attract this clientele, as well as Road & Track to attract automotive enthusiasts. “We have put this conscious effort into our advertising, our social media and our photography to be much more refined, more elegant and more contemporary,” said Schorr.



Updated August 17, 2022. Senior marketers from Anheuser-Busch, Comcast, Digitas and T-Mobile are the latest additions to an exceptional roster of speakers and participants at the Portada Live Marketing Conference in New York on September 29, 2022. The conference program is designed to maximize peer-to-peer learning and 1:1 interaction in a comfortable setting. It will include knowledge-sharing sessions and presentations by major brand leaders as well as VIP lunch and dinner functions. A complementary virtual format will enhance content and networking opportunities (1:1 meetings) with brand marketers attending the event virtually.

Driven by brand marketers belonging to the Portada network who represent the most dynamic sectors of the U.S. and Latin American economies, the Portada Live marketing conference in New York will include presentations and knowledge-sharing sessions by major brand leaders who will discuss topics including the below:

    • Best Practices in In-Culture Marketing with Daneyni Sanguinetti, Director, Culture & Inclusive Marketing at Pernod Ricardi, Nicole Preston, General Manager, Latino Center of Excellence, Dish Networks, and Seraj Bharwani, Chief Strategy Officer, AcuityAds
    • Understanding the Streaming Explosion: Optimization Paths for Brands and Advertisers with Jonathan Scarpetta, Media Director, Pepsico Mexico Foods, and Carlos Vargas, CMO, Samsung Colombia
    • The sixty-four-thousand-dollar question: Engaging the Evolving Hispanic Consumer with Diego Osuna, Sr. Manager Integrated Marketing Strategy, T-Mobile and Guillermo Pérez, Chief Creative Officer and Brand Strategist, Digo
    • Anheuser-Busch’s Vision for Multicultural America with Mariana Lever, Sr. Director, Commercial Strategy and Planning, Anheuser-Busch and Alexander Monroy, Sr. Brand Director, Estrella Jalisco at Anheuser-Busch

      Marketing Conference in New York: Brand Decision Maker-led Concurrent Workshops

Marketing Conference in MiamiPortada Live in New York will also include a VIP lunch and other networking functions. In addition,  there will be concurrent brand decision-maker-led workshop tracks. Participants will be able to choose one of the five sessions below:
-DtoC or not to DtoC in 2023. That is the question. Led by Christina Caruso Nevoso Senior Brand Manager: Commercial and Innovation Lead, Bayer, and Kunal Kumar, Director Brand Marketing, Red Ventures).

How to best drive an audience strategy in multicultural America. Led by Alejandro Solorio, Audience Strategy & Planning Director, Comcast

Fine-tuning your influencer marketing to different cultures and geographies. Led by José Nicolás Vélez, Global Marketing Director, Smirnoff at Diageo.

 How Brands Best Can Capitalize on the Power of Video and Social Leader: Led by Danisha Lomax, SVP, Head of Media & National Paid Social Lead, Digitas North America

-Purpose-driven marketing: Supporting diversity serving media partners. Led by Arnetta Whiteside, SVP, Inclusive Media Research, Strategy & Knowledge Management, Publicis Media.

Workshop leaders will be providing subject matter expertise to provide solution approaches to each of the workshop topics.

In order to ensure the safety of attendees, all participants will have to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a recent negative COVID-test.

Complementary Virtual Format Enhances Content and Networking Opportunities 

In addition, a complementary virtual event format will enable globally based participants to attend the event virtually, including the participation in 1:1 meetings with brand marketers attending the event virtually. The event’s virtual format will also include the following sessions:

  • Best Practices in In-Culture Marketing with Daneyni Sanguinetti, Director, Culture & Inclusive Marketing at Pernod Ricardi, Nicole Preston, General Manager, Latino Center of Excellence, Dish Networks, and Seraj Bharwani, Chief Strategy Officer, AcuityAds
  • Understanding the Streaming Explosion: Optimization Paths for Brands and Advertisers, Jonathan Scarpetta, Media Director, Pepsico Mexico Foods, and Carlos Vargas, CMO, Samsung Colombia
  • The sixty-four-thousand-dollar question: Engaging the Evolving Hispanic Consumer with Diego Osuna, Sr. Manager Integrated Marketing Strategy, T-Mobile and Guillermo Pérez, Chief Creative Officer and Brand Strategist, Digo
  • Anheuser-Busch’s Vision for Multicultural America with Mariana Lever, Sr. Director, Commercial Strategy and Planning, Anheuser-Busch and Alexander Monroy, Sr. Brand Director, Estrella Jalisco at Anheuser-Busch

Already confirmed Partners of Portada Live include:


Canela Media



El Tiempo Latino




For more information on participation at Portada Live, September 29, 2022
Qualifying client-side brand marketers, please reach out to Brand Relationship Manager Celeste Martorana at celeste@portada-online.com.

Marketing service suppliers, including media companies and agencies, who want to find out about thought leadership and business development opportunities, please contact Marcos Baer at marcos@portada-online.com.

Hyundai Motor America, EchoPark Automotive, Under Armour … and other brands targeting the U.S. consumer right now. Check out our prior Sales Leads columns.

  • Hyundai Motor America

Hyundai Motor America has selected independent, Hispanic-owned and operated Lopez Negrete Communications as its U.S. Hispanic marketing agency of record. Hyundai has entered a multi-year agreement with Lopez Negrete following a competitive request for proposal (RFP) process. Lopez Negrete applies cultural intelligence to inspire work that matters and engages today’s Latino consumer. The nation’s largest independent, Hispanic-owned and operated, full-service agency is known for breakthrough creative marketing campaigns that deliver maximum return. Lopez Negrete is a founding agency member of the ANA’s Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIMM). Lopez Negrete will collaborate with Hyundai to develop U.S. Hispanic marketing strategies, create new vehicle campaigns, provide experiential and social media strategy, and consult on media buying decisions. In addition to branding and product campaigns, Lopez Negrete will support future models and Hyundai Hope On Wheels activities.

  • EchoPark Automotive

EchoPark Automotive, a subsidiary of Sonic Automotive, one of the largest automotive dealership groups in the United States, announced that it has selected VaynerMedia as its fully integrated agency of record. In a first-of-its-kind partnership, the agency will be responsible for providing full creative, strategic, analytical, social and media services as the brand expands its advertising and marketing capabilities.VaynerMedia’s appointment was awarded following a competitive review. EchoPark will immediately bring VaynerMedia on board and together the companies will plan for new brand campaign efforts later this year.

  • Under Armour 

Under Armour, the American sports equipment company that manufactures footwear, sports and casual apparel, has appointed Zambezi as its creative agency globally to lead creative development for 2023 brand campaigns, Adage reported. The independent agency won the business following a pitch process that ended in May. Interpublic Group of Cos.’ MullenLowe is believed to have also participated, according to multiple people close to the situation. MullenLowe was unavailable for comment. The brand has been handling some work through its in-house agency, including its 2020 campaign “The Only Way is Through.” During that time it also collaborated with agencies on a project basis, and prior to that, the company worked with Droga5.


Portada LiveAt this exclusive event on September 29, 2022, Brand Decision Makers and Marketing Service Suppliers will share and accelerate knowledge on key topics including multicultural marketing, e-commerce marketing and leveraging marketing technologies. To find out about networking solutions at Portada Live involving a myriad of brand decision makers, please contact Sales Coordinator Michelle Lopez at michelle@portada-online.com.

  • JefeBet

JefeBet, a gambling and multimedia brand for bilingual and Spanish-speaking Americans, will release a new proprietary, free-to-play Loteria game this autumn.The game, built in partnership with Plan A Technologies, is scheduled to debut during National Hispanic Heritage Month. It is designed as a hybrid of Loteria and Keno, and will be available to play on iOS and Android platforms.Fifth Street Gaming (FSG), JefeBet’s parent company, is a full-service hospitality and casino management company, which has catered to the Latino market for over 15 years. Its casino properties the Silver Nugget and the Lucky Club are the only two US properties to operate Loteria on-site.Loteria is often referred to as Mexican bingo, and is a game of chance whereby illustrated cards replace numbered balls.


Playmaker acquires JuanFutbol, Franklin Madison buys direct response agency SeQuel, Promotions at Latin2Latin Marketing … companies are bought and sold, people change positions, get promoted or move to other companies. Portada is here to tell you about it.


Playmaker Acquires JuanFutbol

Playmaker acquires JuanFutbolPlaymaker, the company that two years ago bought digital media group FutbolSites, has acquired 100% of the digital assets of underdog dba JuanFutbol (“JuanFutbol”),  for an aggregate consideration of up to US$2.8 million.  JuanFutbol delivers authentic digital soccer content to more than 6 million social media followers across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube. Collectively, JuanFutbol’s social media content generates a monthly reach in excess of 50 million. The acquisition of JuanFutbol also includes baseball-focused asset, JuanBeisbol, and women’s-focused sports property, FridaPop.  JuanFutbol supplements Playmaker’s growing portfolio of premier soccer-focused digital assets; bolsters branded content and sponsored campaign capabilities; strengthens social media and short-form video prowess and increases exposure to the Mexican and US Hispanic sports markets.

JuanFutbol will continue operating as an independent brand with their own tone and identity.

Federico Grinberg, EVP at Playmaker, tells Portada that JuanFutbol “will continue operating as an independent brand with their own tone and identity. We will empower their editorial team providing them with internal services related with SEO, technology and other tools. JuanFutbol has a unique approach in terms of story telling, it is a true Mexican voice.” In terms of the difference between Futbol Sites and JuanFutbol audiences, Grinberg notes that  “JuanFutbol is a social first brand. They have an amazing community with millions of fans across all the digital platforms. JuanFutbol is concentrated in a younger group of users, and thanks to their unique approach they are able to reach some groups of users that are not the typical news consumer. Bolavip, part of Futbol Sites, is very strong in SEO in Mexico, and reaches user groups with a higher age range. Also, as part of the deal we acquired JuanBeisbol and FridaPop, two amazing products that let us enhance and interact with baseball fans and with women sports content. They are completely complementary audiences.”

Asked if Juan Futbol’s editorial will be adapted for a soccer betting audience, Grinberg asserts, “we are not going to adapt the editorial content for soccer betting, we believe we can integrate sports betting information organically and without loosing engagement and fun.”

Franklin Madison Acquires SeQuel
Franklin Madison, a portfolio company of Mill Point Capital,  announced the acquisition of Minnesota-based direct marketing agency, SeQuel Response. “SeQuel Response is a fantastic company with a strong reputation for delivering results for its customers through data-driven direct response campaigns,” said Robert Dudacek, President and CEO of Franklin Madison. “We look forward to increased opportunities for the combined business as we continue to expand our services to more companies.” As a Franklin Madison company, SeQuel Response will be amplified with greater resources and the flexibility to pursue initiatives that are beneficial for the agency and its clients.

“After many years of growth, SeQuel Response is excited to partner with a reputable industry leader like Franklin Madison that shares our company values,” said Jay Carroll, Co-Founder and CEO of SeQuel Response. “We take pride in our commitment to our clients and to staying on top of a rapidly-changing industry. Franklin Madison shares this philosophy, and today’s combination will not only further our commitment to clients, but also strengthen our ability to innovate in the future.”

Promotions at Latin2Latin Marketing + Communications

Latin2LatinLatin2Latin Marketing + Communications (L2L) has announced the promotions and appointments of several of its executives in key positions, under the administration of Arminda Figueroa, CEO and Founder of L2L.

The first appointment corresponds to Renzo Ferro, who joined the company 4 years ago and has served as VP of Account Management and Operations and has also been an important part of the agency growth in the few past years. He has been appointed as General Manager. Mr. Ferro has over 25 years of marketing experience in both client and agency sides and holds a MBA at Luigi Bocconi university in Milan, Italy. He has spearheaded multi-channel, omnichannel, and shopper marketing campaigns for retailers and CPG brands in the U.S. along with corporate marketing, communications, and branding in the banking and energy industries in LATAM. He has led multicultural strategies and programs for brands such as Knorr, ConAgra, Barilla, Bush Brothers, Starbucks, and HairClub.

Malule González, has been appointed to Chief Creative Officer and Executive Producer. L2L has been under a steady award-winning streak under her creative direction as one of their collaborators for the past 5 years. González has an extensive career of over 35 years in the media and broadcast sector, including the digital transformation of media platforms. She held different leadership and production positions at Univision Network, Univision Puerto Rico, Telemundo Network, America CV Network, Cisneros Group, and USA Global Media.

Juanin Reid has worked with L2L under the title of Director of Account Services for close to a decade. Reid has been promoted to VP of Account Services. Mrs. Reid began her advertising career in Mexico City working for the leading ad agency as a writer-producer. After moving to New York City she established a successful career for herself in market research facilitating consumer focus groups. In her role as Director of Account Services at Latin2Latin Reid has led projects with unparallel acumen for PBS Kids and Lennox Hill Hospital as well as manage client services for important clients like HairClub, the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, Emblem Health and Northwell Hospital.

Country Crock, Keurig Dr. Pepper, Macy’s… and other brands targeting the U.S. consumer right now. Check out our prior Sales Leads columns.

  • Country Crock

Country Crock® announced the launch of their Plant Cream, a new plant-based alternative to dairy-heavy whipping cream that can be used in endless cooking and baking recipes. The newest innovation offers a no-sacrifice substitute with an easy 1:1 swap with dairy, elevating meals to be more rich and flavorful. “Country Crock Plant Cream is a must-have, secret weapon ingredient to have in the kitchen. Its versatility and delicious taste make it perfect for vegetarians, dairy intolerant or plant-curious consumers,” said Natalie Cooper, Brand Lead, Country Crock. “We believe that once consumers make the switch, they will find surprising ways to enjoy it, including reheating leftovers, making ultra-creamy pastas, or baking a delicious dessert.” To celebrate the new Plant Cream, Country Crock recently launched the “We Defied Dairy” campaign. This campaign demonstrates how Country Crock Plant Cream along with Country Crock Plant Butter is made with delicious plant-powered ingredients, giving customers all the taste of heavy whipping cream and butter but without the heaviness of dairy. The campaign includes spots on Connected TV, Linear TV, and digital platforms. Country Crock Plant Cream is available nationally at Kroger and soon to be Publix as well as regionally in retailers including Price Chopper, Piggly Wiggly Alabama, Albertsons, Safeway and United Supermarkets

  • Americano Media

Americano MediaAmericano Media launched the first-ever Spanish-language conservative media platform.  “With the objective of increasing awareness among the U.S. Hispanic population, Americano Media will be releasing an advertising campaign in the next few weeks. “We will be aggressively advertising in key metropolitan areas with a high Hispanic density. The campaign will include digital and also traditional media. Advertising creative will be in Spanish,”   Jorge L. Arrizurieta, President of Americano Media, tells Portada.

  • Keurig Dr. Pepper

Brushing off concerns about the potential for a recession, Keurig Dr Pepper is on the prowl for more acquisitions and partnerships. In the quarter ended June 30, sales of the company’s coffee pods grew by 10%, and carbonated soft drinks by 11%. In addressing financial analysts last week, CEO Bob Gamgort noted that in the 2008-2009 recessionary period, carbonated soft drinks and coffee were among the most resilient CPG categories. “These categories are true staples, with regular consumption behaviors and few direct substitutes. And they have the benefit from the trade down effect from out-of-home consumption to in-home consumption that frequently occurs during recession,” said Gamgort. One of Keurig Dr Pepper’s latest coffee partnerships is the reinstatement of a distribution deal with Louisiana-based Community Coffee after a five-year hiatus. Additionally, ,Keurig Dr Pepper (KDP) recently announced that it is acquiring the global rights to the nonalcoholic, ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktail brand Atypique from Station Agro-Biotech, a Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec-based company that specializes in the manufacturing and marketing of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages.

Portada LiveAt this exclusive event on September 29, 2022, Brand Decision Makers and Marketing Service Suppliers will share and accelerate knowledge on key topics including multicultural marketing, e-commerce marketing and leveraging marketing technologies. To find out about networking solutions at Portada Live involving a myriad of brand decision makers, please contact Sales Coordinator Michelle Lopez at michelle@portada-online.com.

  • Republica Havas Health

Republica Havas HealthHavas Health & You and Republica Havas announced the creation of a new agency, Republica Havas Health, to help foster health equity for multicultural patients and consumers. Republica Havas’s new division will be led by Co-founder, Chairman and CEO Jorge A. Plasencia, and will leverage the scale of HH&Y to reach brands and consumers across the United States, with quick global expansion plans. Republica Havas Health will focus on four key priorities – diversity in clinical research, culturally relevant health & wellness marketing, multicultural competence in healthcare, and concrete action to address health inequities. Republica Havas has had banner growth since they were established in 2006, with a proven track record of supporting powerhouse brands across categories – such as Walmart, Toyota and Google – by driving cultural relevancy. Their health and wellness experience spans over a decade and includes clients such as Pfizer, Boehringer Ingelheim, Merck, and Amgen – and they bring their specialized knowledge in this new partnership with Havas Health & You in cross-cultural health and wellness marketing.

  • Macy’s

MacysMacy’s back-to-school campaign celebrates how students’ styles are constantly evolving from year-to-year and, in some cases, even week-to-week. This year’s commercials feature fast-paced fun fashion transitions showcasing Macy’s brands, value and inspiration while highlighting the joy and confidence of the perfect look and owning your style. he campaign includes TV, digital and print. “The fresh start of a new school year brings a clean slate for everyone to make new friends, create new experiences and show their own take on back-to-school dress codes,” said Matthew Sebra, Senior Fashion Director, Macy’s. “At Macy’s, we know that style is unique to each student. We’re looking forward to helping students of all ages own their style with the latest school essentials and Fall trends.”

Discover Financial Services, T-Mobile, Jarritos… and other brands targeting the U.S. consumer right now. Check our prior Sales Leads columns.

  • Discover Financial Services 

Discover Financial Services, a digital banking and payment services company with one of the most recognized brands in U.S. financial services, has selected Mindshare, the media services company that is part of WPP, as their US media agency of record, in leading audience and media strategy, planning, investment, measurement, and data and analytics. Mindshare will partner closely with Discover to drive a full-funnel marketing and media approach across the full customer journey from awareness through account opening through retention. Mindshare is particularly suited to this work, having successfully completed its integration with global performance agency Neo earlier this year, providing clients with a broader range of transformative media services. Mercer Island Group led an extensive competitive review of the account.

  • T-Mobile

Vix - T-Mobile Partnership T-Mobile announced that its customers will get a free subscription to ViX+. The premium SVOD tier of Televisa Univision’s ViX, for a full year. The telco giant is currently teaching its employees about the new offering, which will be introduced in mid-August. “We are deep into PR and are also preparing our call centers and retail stores,”  Annie Garcia, VP, T-Mobile Branded Sales & Distribution for South and East Region, tells Portada. T-Mobile will also be launching a fully integrated marketing campaign to promote the new offering starting in mid-August.

  • Jarritos 

Jarritos Mexican Soda, the authentic and flavorful Mexican soda brand, announced the launch of the JarriTODOS Artist Grant Contest to champion diverse artists and creatives with the chance to win a US$10,000 grant to help them pursue their artistic passions.Jarritos invites ALL aspiring artists who are residents of the United States, ages 18 and older, to participate in the JarriTODOS Artist Grant Contest. The contest will set out to discover the best up-and-coming talent across five industries including visual art, dance, fashion, food and music, awarding five (5) grand prize winners each with a US$10,000 grant. A judging panel consisting of five notable arts and entertainment professionals (Courtney Plummer, Contemporary Art Dealer, Karla Martinez de Salas, editor of Vogue Mexico/Latin America, JoJo Gomez, professional dancer/choreographer, Pati Jinich, celebrity chef and host of La Frontera, and Javier Farfan, music, entertainment, and cultural marketing consultant, will judge talent based on talent and creativity  (50%), self-expression (30%), and presentation (20%). From July 11, 2022, through August 6, 2022, interested applicants may submit for the JarriTODOS Artist Grant Contest at https://app.wyng.com/JarritodosContest


Portada LiveAt this exclusive event on September 29, 2022, Brand Decision Makers and Marketing Service Suppliers will share and accelerate knowledge on key topics including multicultural marketing, e-commerce marketing and leveraging marketing technologies. To find out about networking solutions at Portada Live involving a myriad of brand decision makers, please contact Sales Coordinator Michelle Lopez at michelle@portada-online.com.

  • Cheetos®

Cheetos and Bad Bunny kicked off year three of their partnership in May with Cheetos’ new television commercial, Magic Touch. The commercial, which debuted during the 2022 Billboard Music Awards and featured new music off Bad Bunny’s latest album, Un Verano Sin Ti, spotlights the “magic touch” the Hispanic community possesses to transform the world around them. Now, with the launch of the Deja tu Huella Fund, Cheetos® and Bad Bunny will award US$25,000 each to 20 individuals using their “magic touch” to impact Hispanic communities.Between July 18 and August 19, fans are invited to share through TikTok how they would use US$25,000 to make a positive impact on Hispanic communities in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. To enter for a chance to win $25,000, fans can use the #DejatuHuellaFund and #Entry hashtags when sharing their TikTok video that showcases how they’d use the fund to effect positive change.The Deja tu Huella Fund is the next iteration of the Cheetos Estudiante Fund that launched during the 2021 campaign. For more information about the campaign, details on how to enter and for official rules, visit Cheetos.com/DejatuHuella.

  • Honda Civic

The Honda Civic Tour returns this summer with an exciting new format. The Honda Civic Tour Presents The Future X will feature a seven-city U.S. tour complemented by entertaining TikTok content, headlined by the buzzworthy and extraordinary new pop group, The Future X. The Tour kicks off later this month in Los Angeles before culminating in a spectacular finale on the Honda Stage at the Austin City Limits music festival in October.To expand the tour’s reach, The Honda Civic Tour will be heavily featured on TikTok, which will follow The Future X’s journey across America along with appearances by TikTok stars and other special guests.. Tickets to attend the 2022 Honda Civic Tour Presents The Future X – their first U.S. tour since performing to huge audiences in South America and Europe earlier this year – will be made available at: www.thefuturex.com/hondacivictour. Fans who visit the site can register their interest for an invitation to attend the Honda Civic Tour. The 2022 Civic Tour is free to attend.The Future X members – singers Angie Green, Luke Brown, and Maci Wood, along with dancers Jayna Hughes, Sasha Marie, Tray Taylor and Drew Venegas – will chronicle their road to their Honda Civic Tour performances in addition to filming each 2022 Civic Tour stop, exclusively on TikTok: tiktok.com/@thefuturexofficial.The group will continue the popular Honda Civic Tour tradition of custom-designing a Honda vehicle, with The Future X customized 2023 Civic Type R revealed at the Los Angeles Civic Tour stop. Along with the 2023 Honda Civic Tour custom Type R, fans also can check out the all-new 2023 HR-V throughout the Honda Civic Tour.

  • Cancion Explorer

Song Exploder is launching a new Spanish-language spin-off called Cancion Exploder, a podcast targeting Spanish-language speakers worldwide.  Martina Castro, host and co-executive producer, tells Portada that Adonde Media, the company that produces and promotes Cancion Exploder,  “will be launching a TikTok channel, as well as Instagram and Twitter accounts. Extra content will be provided on these channels.” There are two weeks between each podcast episode giving Cancion Exploder time to build up the universe in different countries. Castro adds that marketing will be 100% digital and a mixture of organic and paid programs: “We want to capture digital consumers, people who live on these platforms and are fans of these artists.”



Trailblazers, decision-makers, and innovative thinkers, for those who aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo, this event is for you.

T-Mobile for Business is holding the first-ever Unconventional Awards to put innovative work in the spotlight. It’s your chance to put your business on the map while celebrating and uplifting the bold and brave thinking that propels industries forward.

There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-place awards in each category with tech innovation donations valued at $25k, $10k, and $5k, respectively, to a charity of the winner’s choice. First-place winners will also be featured in Wall Street Journal Custom Content as well as T-Mobile for Business’s PR and social media channels.

Do you have work you’d like to share with the world? Show off your work by entering in any or all of the following categories:

Unconventional Awards: Innovation in Customer Experience:
Recognizes innovators who better serve customers, enhance business performance, and deliver a truly human brand experience.

Innovation in Employee Enablement:
Recognizes trailblazers who find new and unconventional ways to bring out the best in their teams.

Innovation in Industry:
Recognizes pioneers who bring new innovations to industries by challenging the status quo.

T-Mobile for Business customers are at the forefront of today’s business innovations with the support of the largest 5G network. After a year of working hard, it’s time to be recognized and rewarded for it.

Experience an evening of celebrating and networking with the minds behind today’s industry-shaping ideas at this cocktail awards ceremony. This one-of-a-kind event is being held in Las Vegas at the fabulous Rooftop Resorts World during Day 2 of the Mobile World Congress Americas.

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity. Submit your most innovative work by August 19. ENTER NOW.

5G: Capable device req’d; coverage not available in some areas. Some uses may require certain plan or feature; see T-Mobile.com.​

No purchase necessary. Open to T-Mobile For Business and T-Mobile for Government customers in good standing with 500+ employees. 03/07/22-08/19/22. Void where prohibited. Sponsor: T-Mobile USA, Inc. See full rules here.







Worldcom OOH presents Worldcom Media Services -WORLDMS-, a powerful platform that aims to efficiently manage out of home, digital and programmatic campaigns.

Worldcom OOH, a global media trading company specialized in OOH, DOOH and Programmatic, presents Worldcom Media Services -WORLDMS-, a powerful platform that aims to efficiently manage out of home, digital and programmatic campaigns, but above all, all traditional media, which even today represent more than 80% of the media offer; concentrating all in a single tool, both the campaign management and analysis process. Everybody says that they control the digital media park: we have everyone’s reach. We have been doing this for almost 15 years in the world for the most important brands.

This marketplace has been developed in partnership with TDT -Technology Development Tools-, specialist in digitalization and automation of commercial and operational processes, from end to end. The brand new tool has the ability to optimize all processes and provide an efficient purchasing management, along with the implementation, control and reporting of advertising campaigns in any format. It brings together nine billion pieces of data to segment audiences by gender, age, devices, brands they consume, activities they make, place of residence, visited cities and build the real routes they perform in 100 million points of interest in the world -200 countries and 2,500 cities.

We have formed the largest media network in the world and we celebrate the launch of this tool that honors our new motto ‘everything we do on one platform’.

WORLDMS today covers all media -Outdoor, Indoor, Digital, Transportation, Mobile and Cinemas- and is organized according to the four stages of any advertising campaign. Planning, execution, control and report are managed in one place, guaranteeing agility in time and minimizing possible errors. Furthermore, the platform allows real-time supervision of the different campaign instances and delivers a proposal of media selected in a personalized way for each client.

Worldcom Media Services
Valentin Bueno, CEO Worldcom OOH.

Valentín Bueno, CEO of the company, comments on this launch: “Worldcom Media Services arises from the desire to offer the industry all our know how of more than 15 years and concentrates it in one place, making it available to advertisers and agencies. In this time, we have formed the largest media network in the world and we celebrate the launch of this tool that honors our new motto ‘everything we do on one platform’, with the most sophisticated technology available to the world in only one click”.



  • Gender
  • Age
  • User devices
  • Brands that consume
  • Activities they perform
  • Place of residence
  • Visited cities
  1. AND BUILD REAL CUSTOMER JOURNEYS: the real journeys done by the audience

  • 100 million points of interest in the world
  • 200 COUNTRIES – 2,500 CITIES that include the main metropolis of the world
  • 29,467,121,399 digital consumption data

American Express, Kellogg’s, Hasbro, Alka-Seltzer®… and other brands targeting the U.S. consumer right now. Check our prior Sales Leads columns.

  • American Express

    American ExpressAmerican Express is rolling out geo-specific QR codes to encourage local business discovery, Mediapost reports. The “Let’s Go Shop Small” campaign, is launching today July 11 and  encourages consumers across the country to support their local businesses this summer, continuing the brand’s legacy of championing #ShopSmall.

    Separately, in the UK American Express is launching an AR game in partnership with Yahoo called American Express Summer Drop. The game provides a  taste of what it means to be an AmEx card holder. The AR game takes card holders on a citywide treasure hunt in search of virtual “drops” that unlock real-world rewards. Members can win things such as tickets to BST (British Summer Time) Hyde Park Music Festival, WimbledonWilderness Festival, and other major American Express events. You can also pick up smaller prizes such as vouchers for Harvey Nichols and Bloom & Wild and free coffee at any Caffè Nero location.

  • Kellogg’s

Kellogg Company‘s Director of Cultural and Inclusive Marketing, Chelsea Jenkins, shared why and how Kellogg is launching a campaign, “On Mom’s tables Aquí y Allá on Kellogg Company’s Social K blog. A core facet of Kellogg’s™ Better Days global environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategy is its commitment to appreciate all individuals for their diverse backgrounds, experiences, styles, approaches and ideas. How the company  market its foods is essential to how it expresses this commitment. According to Jenkins, the company has a massive responsibility to understand its consumers – to make sure they feel seen, heard and included when advertising its food. One insight they uncovered recently was that Kellogg’s cereal has been on the breakfast tables of Latina moms for generations in Mexico and the United States. Connecting that insight to the understanding that being bicultural today means a person can unapologetically embrace both of their cultures. The result was Kellogg’s campaign, called “On Moms’ tables Aquí y Allá” (“On Moms’ tables here and there”). The goal was to authentically capture the emotional relationship that bicultural Latina moms have had with the brand throughout their lives. The campaign includes in-store advertising and a variety of digital content. Consumers can see through ads that aren’t authentic or that just check a box. Simply having actors of a particular demographic doesn’t cut it. The people making the ads needed to be representative of the consumers the brand was trying to reach. That’s why Kellogg’s team  went to Mexico City to film the content. The crew was entirely Hispanic. Everyone on the set was speaking Spanish; the actors were giving real-time feedback, tapping into their owned lived experiences at the breakfast table to further drive the authenticity.

  • Hasbro, Inc.

Hasbro, Inc., has announced a partnership with the National Basketball Association (NBA) and National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) for the highly anticipated re-launch of Starting Lineup, an iconic sports collectibles brand. The Starting Lineup collectible will also include an exclusive, officially licensed Panini NBA trading card. Launching this fall in partnership with Fanatics, a global digital sports platform, the Starting Lineup brand will feature legendary NBA superstars as part of its first wave of figures and will be available for pre-order starting September 22 exclusively on Hasbro Pulse and across the Fanatics network of online sites, including Fanatics.com and official league stores. The return of the Starting Lineup brand will continue its legacy of bringing fans and collectors their favorite athletes in action figure form, but with design like never before in a highly articulated 6” scale. The Starting Lineup brand developed a massive following by bringing sports enthusiasts figures of their favorite superstar players accompanied by a trading card for more than a decade, and the introduction of notable NBA players will be the first of an all-new era of major athletes joining its classic heritage. Hasbro is also working with OneTeam Partners, a Washington, D.C.-based firm, on the athlete and creative marketing campaign.

  • Alka-Seltzer®

Alka-Seltzer®, the Bayer brand known for its effervescent antacid and pain relief products, announced a partnership with musician and producer T-Pain to launch its newest innovation, NEW Alka-Seltzer Hangover Relief.  To introduce the brand to a new set of younger consumers, Alka-Seltzer released a remixed version of its iconic “Plop Plop, Fizz Fizz” jingle – mixed, produced and recorded by rapper, musician and cocktail enthusiast, T-Pain.The original Alka-Seltzer jingle was released in 1951 with its catchy tune and memorable tagline of “plop, plop, fizz, fizz – oh, what a relief it is” that soon became synonymous with the brand for years to come. T-Pain’s new version of the jingle plays homage to the classic with a spin that, while making it more relevant to the times, still lets consumers know it’s distinctly an Alka-Seltzer product. The jingle is available to stream on AlkaSeltzer.com, and to celebrate, fans are invited to take part in a TikTok dance challenge, showing off their best moves to the remix alongside T-Pain.NEW Alka-Seltzer Hangover Relief is available now at retailers nationwide including Target, CVS, Rite Aid, and more.To listen to the jingle remix, duet with T-Pain and see behind-the-scenes footage of the jingle remix, visit AlkaSeltzer.com and follow along on the brand’s Instagram and TikTok.

Portada LiveAt this exclusive event on September 29, 2022, Brand Decision Makers and Marketing Service Suppliers will share and accelerate knowledge on key topics including multicultural marketing, e-commerce marketing and leveraging marketing technologies. To find out about networking solutions at Portada Live involving a myriad of brand decision makers, please contact Sales Coordinator Michelle Lopez at michelle@portada-online.com.

  • Prudential 

Prudential Financial has appointed  Interpublic’s McCann as its new creative advertising agency, following  a review. StrawberryFrog was the incumbent and didn’t defend. Prudential has an in-house creative unit which will collaborate with McCann on marketing efforts including strategy, campaign execution and the development of creative assets. The appointment comes as Prudential is expanding its footprint to more markets.

The 2022 Cannes Advertising Festival is over. The last hangover of the approximately 10,000 delegates has been cured, the latest deals have been cut, and the most impressive award winners have been celebrated.  Portada asked a few Cannes insiders about how the 2022 Cannes Festival went. Here is a somewhat irreverent assessment. 

Despite very high travel costs (e.g. US $5,000 economy class trips from New York City to Nice) and many observers forecasting low attendance due to COVID, between 8,000 and 10,000 delegates attended Cannes this year. In 2019, pre-Covid, more than 12,500 industry delegates gathered in Cannes. “I saw less clients than three years ago, but still a good amount,” Eric Tourtel, CEO Latin America at Teads tells Portada. Tourtel adds that more executives from the creative side of the business as usual attended the festival this year. Among Latin Americans there were surprisingly large amounts of Central Americans, Colombians and Mexicans attending, and of course many Brazilians.

For the client side (brands) of the business and the sell side media platforms and tech platforms, the festival is, first and foremost, about developing and closing business. This is not so much the case for the creative side of the advertising industry, insiders tell Portada. Creatives want to win awards; it’s not so much about business but about having fun (remember Publicis pulling out of Cannes in 2018 because it thought it could make a better use of its money?).

To be “in” Cannes You Need More than a Ticket Purchase 

Even when you are on the festival grounds because you purchased a ticket you are not really “in”. A ticket to the Cannes Advertising Festival does not guarantee you that much access to interesting networking and meetings. Companies need to invest much more to gain access to buyers. (In the media world ‘buyers’ mean brand marketers.)
Below is the access and power pecking order media and tech companies invest in (from high to low cost):

1. Beach Takeover (e.g. Meta, Google). Companies take over beaches, with massive beachfronts installations to showcase their concepts and products (e.g. Meta’s Metaverse) and provide impressive presentations and fun meeting space. In 2022, and signaling the enormous rise of retail media, Amazon took over a portion of the beach front with the “Amazon Port,” its biggest showing at the Cannes Advertising Festival yet and a sign of the growing significance of industry relationships to its business.

2. Yacht: At a cost of approximately US$ 250,000 for the four days Cannes Advertising Festival rental, major ad-tech and other players rent a yacht. They then pack the yacht with senior brand marketing executives for client meetings and entertaining. (e.g. Teads, Taboola).

3. Rooftop rental in a Cannes Apartment Building:
Apartment building and hotel rooftops are close to the area of the festival and are a less expensive option compared to a beach takeover or a yacht rental.

4. The Villa rental. Villas surrounding Cannes are a bit further away from the epicenter of the festival and parties and meetings there are a bit less prone to be attended by delegates.

5. Tickets: Entry fees to conferences and award functions lie between 600 and 2,500 euros (US $600 to US $ 2,500 euros) depending on type of event to be attended.

(Another option is to fly in major music and show biz talent for exclusive performances. This is an alternative often used by Spotify who easily will spend more than US$ 3 million in this initiative.)

Cannes Advertising Festival: A Day on the Teads Yacht

The Teads Yacht at Cannes Advertising FestivalTead’s Eric Tourtel tells Portada that his company held 220 meetings in 4 days during the 2022 Cannes edition. Three years ago, pre COVID, the figure reached more than 300. The figures provided by Tourtel reflect how yachts turn into meeting and deal-making machines during the Cannes Advertising Festival. “Throughout the four days, we had 2,000 people in our yacht. Never more than 100 at a time,” says Tourtel. Yacht meetings are substantially better than other types of meetings (e.g. office meetings or virtual meetings). Teads executives can make presentations to brand marketers in a relaxed environment with a rosé wine in hand. After the meeting held in the largest room of the yacht, they will be able to have more informal conversations on the deck.
Sales executives of companies who don’t have the means to rent a yacht are often seen waiting on the dock close to the yacht entrance where they can approach the brand marketers entering or exiting the yacht.

Throughout the four days, we had 2,000 people in our yacht.

Cannes Advertising Festival: What is Keeping Delegates Up at Night

  • The Macro Situation:  Brand marketers representing CPG, automotive and other sectors, are reporting supply chain issues (e.g. chips for cars or computers) that imperil their production processes, which, in turn, make their ability to market and promote their products more unpredictable. Supply chain issues, coupled with the current inflationary scenario and high geopolitical risks arising out of the war in Ukraine, do not bode well for growth in marketing and advertising during the second half of 2022. Overall, insiders maintain, advertising initiatives will become more outcome and performance based.
  • Valuation Implosion at Ad-Tech Companies. Publicly quoted advertising technology firms like Roku, The Trade Desk or Integral Ad Sciences have lost more than 50% of their stock market capitalization over the last 6 months. No wonder this development had a negative influence on the mood of ad-tech executives in Cannes, industry observers asked by Portada assert. The huge valuation decline also has an impact on the price and funding prospects of smaller non-publicly quoted ad-tech companies.
  • DE&I: Lots of Talk but no Walk (?)
    At Cannes, there were some presentations about the importance of Diversity Equity and Inclusion, yet while DE&I has become a major buzzword, insiders tell Portada that all the talk does not seem to be backed by real spending to communicate and promote DE&I objectives. Daneyni Sanguinetti, Director, Culture & Inclusive Marketing at Pernod Ricard, notes that she would have liked to have seen a more diverse speaker base, certainly on the main stages of the festival. She adds, however, that Cannes Lions Titanium awards did have a diverse winner base  (e.g. India).
    I would like to have seen more diversity, certainly on the main stages. 
  • Attention as the new Currency
     “Attention is the new viewability”, Teads’ Tourtel notes.  Attention measures the difference between an ad being visible and an ad actually be seen by the consumer. According to Tourtel, this turns the advertising conversation from an efficiency focus (cheapest option) to a focus on effectiveness (what works). Teads claims to be the first platform that has attention metrics integrated into its analytics.
  • Carbon Responsible Advertising, Online media is responsible for 4% of total carbon dioxide emissions. It is clear that soon there will be regulations to limit carbon emissions. Some advertisers including Chanel are starting to measure emissions.
  • Identity Solutions. The cookieless world – 60% of U.S. Internet traffic is already cookieless compared to between 15%-20% in Latin America – continues to be a crucial topic. In this context, CTV (Connected TV) and its contextual targeting solutions were highlighted as a viable option by several Cannes Advertising Festival participants.

The Future of advertising –FOA– reunited the main referents of marketing and advertising in Europa, and Worldcom OOH was one of the main sponsors. Under the concept “Circus”, the Spanish event led to a program full of activities, whose central axis was “The future of advertising”.

Valentín Bueno, CEO of Worldcom OOH, participated in the round table “The conversation of the future”, together with Julio Simal from Snapchat, Daniel Bernal Ruiz from Urban Roosters, Carlos Fernández from Iberdrola, Marc Pérez from Play Off Nations, Víctor Álvarez from Marketing Science and Diego San Román from La Gran Familia Mediterránea.

In this context, relevant topics came up including new advertising technologies,  information and data relevant to the customer journey, sustainability and the challenge of adapting to changes in order to respond to the demands of new consumers.

Valentín Bueno, CEO of Worldcom OOH.

When asked about this, Valentín Bueno, CEO of Worldcom OOH said: “Anticipating this need, together with our technology partner TDT, we developed Worldcom Media Services, a platform to optimize OOH advertising campaign management processes. Worldcom Media Services allows you to have full control of all phases of a campaign. It is simple, fast and intuitive, works in real time and allows advertisers and agencies to interact with several teams working  anywhere in the world. It optimizes the budget, providing the best media mix and enables the monitoring of all stages of the campaign, streamlining the work of the different areas involved in the processes. It also guarantees free access to information and history of OOH results, regardless of the size of the client.”

Regarding the concern of consumers to mitigate the environmental impact, the Worldcom OOH executive expressed: “In our company we have the objective to reuse 100 percent of the surplus of campaigns such as vinyl, polypropylene, cardboard, etc. For this reason, Worldcom Media Services incorporated the amount of recycled material in each campaign as one of its KPI’s in the control stage. This provides great value for brands that seek to reduce their environmental impact with policies that are in favor of caring for the planet”.

Worldcom Media Services incorporated the amount of recycled material in each campaign as one of its KPI’s. This provides great value for brands that seek to reduce their environmental impact with policies that are in favor of caring for the planet-

During the Open Mic, each speaker had a minute to summarize what will be the key 2022 advertising trend. “Fifteen years ago we built and founded this company to transform the cities of the world into great message distribution channels, into great supermarkets for brands, making them a marketplace so that advertisers can reach their audiences through all the media available in OOH, because we understood their media ecosystem and we do it through the most evolved technology existing on the planet,” explained Bueno as the event drew to a close.

It was a day full of presentations and panels, with communication leaders and decision makers; a meeting that will define the global communication agenda in 2022.

Tecate ALTA, Presidente Supermarkets, Cardenas Markets… and other brands targeting the U.S. consumer right now. Check our prior Sales Leads columns.

  • Instacart

Omnicom Media Group (OMG),  the media services division of Omnicom Group Inc., announced a comprehensive strategic partnership with Instacart that will deliver a wide range of benefits to Omnicom clients, most significantly in providing new measurement capabilities. Making the announcement during the second day of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Omnicom outlined details of the partnership, including account management, product first-looks, and product roadmap consultation. Most notably, Instacart is building a roadmap to work within the clean room infrastructure of Omni –  Omnicom’s  open operating system which orchestrates better outcomes for clients across the entire consumer purchasing journey – building on previously announced partnerships with NBC & Disney for planning and measurement in the Omni clean rooms.With one of the largest grocery catalogs in the world, Instacart has insight into the complete customer journey – from search through checkout – across different touchpoints. Instacart provides CPG brands with aggregated, anonymized and retailer-agnostic data insights across the entire Instacart app that allows advertisers to better understand their customers’ online buying habits.The Instacart collaboration is the second in a series of commerce partnerships that Omnicom announced during the Cannes Lions Festival. 

  • Tecate ALTA

The media activation for Tecate Alta’s “Bring your All” advertising campaign, which started on June 1 and will last until December, CTV is playing a crucial role with advertising running in streaming platforms including Hulu and ESPN as well as social media, Spotify, radio and OOH activations. Distribution is also being supported with sampling programs. Portada talked to Belen Pamukoff, Brand Director, Tecate on how she approaches Gen Z Marketing.




  • Presidente Supermarkets 

Miami-based Presidente Supermarkets, one of the biggest Hispanic-owned grocers in the U.S. and led by Omar Rodriguez for 30 years, recently inaugurated its newest store in West Palm Beach, as part of its continuing expansion plan.  The store is the largest Presidente Supermarket at 60,000 square feet, and the fifth store in West Palm Beach, located at 4348 Okeechobee Boulevard. The grand opening took place on June 8, 2022, and the store is offering daily specials during the first few weeks after opening. This investment in the community will add much-needed jobs and spur economic development in the area.This new store employs 80 workers and includes a large and comfortable cafeteria, serving homestyle hot food for the whole family. Presidente Supermarkets currently has 39 stores in Florida, from Orlando to Miami, and plans to open four more in West Palm Beach, Broward and Orlando during the next year.  

  • Cardenas Markets

Hispanic grocery chains Cardenas Markets, one of the biggest in the U.S. with 59 stores in three Southwestern states, has partnered with Coin Cloud, a U.S. provider of DCM and crypto ATMs.Through the partnership, Cardenas Markets customers will be able to buy and sell cryptocurrencies for cash at all stores in the network through Crypto ATMs and DCMs from Coin Cloud. In all, they will have access to more than 40 different crypto assets, including the most popular ones such as DOGE, SHIB, BTC and ETH. It should be noted that the largest product network targeting the Hispanic community operates in such large states as California, Arizona and Nevada. The first test of the innovation will take place in Las Vegas.The idea of introducing crypto ATMs directly into the Hispanic grocery network fits perfectly into the overall picture of the relationship between the Spanish-speaking population and crypto. A survey cited in the press release shows that American Hispanics use cryptocurrency far more than any other adult population in the country. Moreover, the data shows that Latinos use cryptocurrency more as a means of payment than as a means of savings.


Portada LiveAt this exclusive event on September 29, 2022, Brand Decision Makers and Marketing Service Suppliers will share and accelerate knowledge on key topics including multicultural marketing, e-commerce marketing and leveraging marketing technologies. To find out about networking solutions at Portada Live involving a myriad of brand decision makers, please contact Sales Coordinator Michelle Lopez at michelle@portada-online.com.

  • Calbee’s Harvest Snaps 

Harvest Snaps, the original better-for-you (BFY) snack and flagship brand of Calbee America, Inc., has appointed creative and media agency Cutwater, with offices in San Francisco and New York City, as their digital creative agency of record after a comprehensive review.Under this relationship, Cutwater will spearhead communications efforts, including creative, digital, brand, and social strategy. The agency will work across Harvest Snaps’ Baked Snacks and Crunchy Loops products. Both Baked Snacks and Crunchy Loops are powered by plant-based protein and tap into veggies (such as baked peas, lentils, and beans) as the #1 ingredient.The collaboration comes on the heels of Harvest Snaps’ recent rebrand. It also follows Cutwater’s latest win as the creative and media agency of record for petcare brand Hartz.Harvest Snaps products are available at supermarket chains and natural grocers across the U.S. as well as online at Amazon.

  • Ford Motor Company 

SOCi Inc. Ford Motor Company and their joint venture partner, FordDirect, announced that they have appointed SOCi as its platform of record for localized marketing, available to all of its Ford and Lincoln Dealerships in the U.S.Since the Ford family of brands began using the SOCi platform in February 2022 to manage business listings and social profiles for its Dealerships, the automaker has experienced triple digit month-over-month increases in Facebook impressions (240%), post volume (288%), and engagements (414%).Ford and FordDirect approached SOCi to help secure buy-in from local dealers with a seamless, white glove process for localized social media management, which would increase social engagements for its dealerships. According to SOCi platform data, localized content that takes local community sentiment into account receives on average a 67% lift in engagement over more generalized posts. Further, according to SOCi’s 2022 Localized Marketing Benchmark Report (LMBR), automotive dealers outperformed all other verticals in terms of localized marketing, indicating intense competition for Ford and a heightened need to rise above other automakers in its digital marketing efforts.

  • Instacart

Omnicom Media Group (OMG),  the media services division of Omnicom Group Inc., announced a comprehensive strategic partnership with Instacart that will deliver a wide range of benefits to Omnicom clients, most significantly in providing new measurement capabilities.Making the announcement during the second day of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Omnicom outlined details of the partnership, including account management, product first-looks, and product roadmap consultation. Most notably, Instacart is building a roadmap to work within the clean room infrastructure of Omni –  Omnicom’s  open operating system which orchestrates better outcomes for clients across the entire consumer purchasing journey – building on previously announced partnerships with NBC & Disney for planning and measurement in the Omni clean rooms.With one of the largest grocery catalogs in the world, Instacart has insight into the complete customer journey – from search through checkout – across different touchpoints. Instacart provides CPG brands with aggregated, anonymized and retailer-agnostic data insights across the entire Instacart app that allows advertisers to better understand their customers’ online buying habits.The Instacart collaboration is the second in a series of commerce partnerships that Omnicom announced during the Cannes Lions Festival. 

  • Get A Lot More 

To help Americans lower their grocery bills, Save A Lot reveals the eight summer barbecue staples that can save shoppers up to 45 percent2 when they switch to store-owned brands. With 4th of July barbecues right around the corner, there’s no better time for shoppers to check out the savings on these must-have summer staples. To stand out from other grocers that have one or two private label brands on the shelf, Save A Lot has curated around 1,850 items across 55 individual brands that give shoppers a taste that matches the competition along with a unique brand experience. The discount grocer showcased these Save A Lot exclusive brands in a new ad spots, launched on June 26, 2022, that pit Save A Lot brands – such as J. Higg’s, Sunny’s and Grissom’s — against their well-known national counterparts to show just how “A Lot Alike” they are (and of course, how much people can save). “A Lot Alike” builds on Save A Lot’s 2021 brand refresh and uses the same bouncy music from the accompanying “Like, A Lot A Lot” campaign. Private label brands account for nearly 70 percent of Save A Lot’s total sales and are the key to how the hometown grocer keeps costs low as food and gas prices soar. Starting on June 22nd, savvy shoppers can enter to win Save A Lot’s “Spree For All,” a shopping spree that sends the winner home with everything they can fit in their cart in 5 minutes. Enter to win at https://savealot.com/sweepstakes/spree/ between June 22, 2022, and July 10, 2022.Founded in 1977, Save A Lot is one of the largest discount grocery store chains in the U.S., with more than 850 stores in 32 states.

  • HOKA®

HOKA®, a division of Deckers Brands, launches a new global brand platform, FLY HUMAN FLY. As the brand’s most extensive globally integrated marketing campaign to date, HOKA will extend an invitation to runners of all abilities to experience a place of joy, optimism, and limitless possibilities. FLY HUMAN FLY will act as a catalyst to encourage consumers to meet HOKA at the starting line and take flight to new heights – together. The campaign will be amplified globally across owned media, digital platforms, and out-of-home. The FLY HUMAN FLY campaign introduces – Pursuit – HOKA’s anthem film. The 60-second spot establishes HOKA’s belief in the transcendent power of movement, in this case, a run. Fueled by HOKA, Pursuit features heroes entering a magical world filled with joy, optimism, and superhuman possibility. With brand, product, and human stories, HOKA’s strategic approach and marketing investments will meet consumers at every step in their journey. The FLY HUMAN FLY campaign will introduce a strong visual language, utilizing the bold colors HOKA is known for in its product offerings and elevate the iconic HOKA bird logo – creating synergies across campaign elements and driving brand recognition. Big, bold ideas will come to life through distinct new creative, a HOKA website refresh, new product innovations, experiential events at HOKA retail stores, and ongoing integrated marketing stories. HOKA is promoting the ad campaign with an extensive global rollout plan, including out of home assets in key global cities, digital, and national video spots on connected TV platforms. The launch further solidifies the brand’s position as a pioneer in the performance category and will be complemented by an ancillary marketing campaign. Amplifying HOKA’s message of FLY HUMAN FLY, HOKA is partnering with Achilles International, a nonprofit which transforms the lives of people with disabilities through athletic programs and social connection.

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