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Thousands of agencies, brand marketers and media executives are gathering this week in New York City for Adweek. Below are four key topics that are an important part of the conversation on the stage of the auditoriums but also in hallways in chit-chat between attendees.

1. E-Commerce Ad Buttons

ecommerce-buttons-powerpoint-ctaThe integration of E-commerce and Advertising is reaching a new stage with the E-Commerce Ad-button. “You’re going to have to pay a lot of money to convert someone,” Mr. Armstrong said. These ads are designed to integrate the power of unique and familiar features of a particular retailer (e.g. Amazon, Walmart etc), like customer reviews, Add-to-Cart, Buy) into display advertising.
Tim Armstrong, Chairman and CEO of AOL told Ad Age that “Advertising is going to get exponentially more expensive.” According to Armstrong this is the case because “every time e-commerce makes another purchase routine, it gets that much harder for marketers to tempt consumers into a switch. That’s especially true with the rise of subscription services and Amazon’s physical buy buttons.”

2. Social Media’s Rise to the Throne

social-media-apps-creative-commons“Social Media instead of complementary marketing is now at the forefront,” said Keri LaRa, Starwood Hotel’s Director of Global Online Sales and Distribution at Starwood Hotels during an Adweek panel. Millennial’s pervasive use of Social Media has maid earned and paid social media a must for marketers. One symptom of that is Nestle’s recent decision to house its Nescafe site on Tumblr and abandon stand-alone websites all-together.

3. The Pressure to Unify Ad Units and Experiences Across Screens

Mobile Video is becoming huge as now a majority of videos are consumed via mobile devices. As Manny Gonzalez, the renowned brand marketer from Moet Hennessy said at our recent #Portada15 conference. “Mobile leads in the conception of many campaigns.”This trend toward mobile also is increasing the pressure to unify the experiences and, in some cases ad sizes and formats for campaigns. The rise of programmatic media buys is also a driver for standardization of ad units (not so experiences.)

4. Demand for Online Video Content (targeting Hispanics)

Hispanic Online VideoOnline Video CPMs, as well as other price metrics for video, are still much higher than display and other formats. This is a reflection of the scarcity of online video content. That is why new ventures addressing the demand for quality online video are emerging all the time. One such venture is Más Mejor: Fred Armisen and his Saturday Night Live pal Horatio Sanz are combining their powers to spotlight new comedic talent with their Latino-focused digital comedy studio Más Mejor. Working with the duo to launch a digital comedy platform for the Hispanic audience is Broadway Video, SNL creator Lorne Michaels’ production company that also helps bring Portlandia and Documentary Now! to life. The move is coming at the right time since, as Sanz told AdWeek, “There is no real hub for high-quality Latino comedy.”

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