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digital.latino1-285x188According to ComScore, as revealed by its traffic statistics for the month of May, among the most 20 visited sites by users from different countries in Latin America, there’s a clear leadership of Google. When analyzing the same month YoY, Google sites rank first in all cases as the most preferred by users. Even in 2015, there’s an increase in traffic, except in countries like Brazil and Mexico, where traffic has decreased (albeit slightly.) In most countries included in this article (Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Argentina) the giants Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Yahoo are in the top four positions. In some cases, local players are among  the top 5 ranked properties. (See the comments at the bottom of each chart.)

Overall Rating

Facebook ranked second immediately after Google in almost all the countries analyzed in this article (except from Chile).

For most observers, it will be no news that Google and Facebook are by far the main destinations for Latin American Internet users. However, in the comments below we are providing market share data for Google and the top 4 destinations in each of the countries. There are substantial differences between the 8 countries we analyzed.

Access to content that provides news, information and educational material is important for users of Latin American countries: Wikimedia, Terra and print and TV traditional media online sites are indicators of these habits. In addition, among users living in Latin American countries we can observe a strong interest in producing and sharing content. WordPress, Twitter and Taringa are examples of this.


Total Unique Visitors (000)

Source: comScore Media Metrix, MEXICO, Home and Work, Top 20 properties

   Google Sites27,09626,483-2
   Microsoft Sites21,49220,445-5
   Yahoo Sites22,35919,543-13
   Wikimedia Foundation Sites8,9919,0190
   Gobierno De La República De México5,4967,05528
   Ask Network8,6836,153-29
   Grupo Televisa5,8765,426-8
   Terra – Telefonica6,4264,897-24
   Batanga Sites2,8234,58863 Sites5,7014,578-20
   Linio Sites6,474,571606
   Grupo Expansion (w/ history)3,2694,52738
   Schibsted Media Group3,9584,1244
   Grupo Carso3,9214,0814
   InventMX/Grupo Imagen3,4923,85310
   El Universal De Mexico4,3943,716-15

COMMENT: Google leads with over 15.6% of unique users of the total number of unique user in the top 20 properties in Mexico during May 2015. The first four properties, that is Google,Facebook, Microsoft and Yahoo, had a 51.3% share of market during May 2015. Among the most relevant local players are Gobierno de la República de México – with high growth level-; Grupo Televisa; Batanga Sites (regional and with a high growth); Mercado Libre (regional); Grupo Expansion and Schibsted Media Group that had just bought, a classifieds site, to complement its other site The e-tailer Linio, regional player, stands out for its increase in audience.


Total Unique Visitors (000)

Source: comScore Media Metrix, BRAZIL, Home and Work, Top 20 properties

   Google Sites77,77075,109-3
   Microsoft Sites56,21353,440-5
   R7 Portal50,55546,921-7
   Yahoo Sites48,88638,545-21
   Terra – Telefonica40,79336,275-11
   Grupo NZN30,43634,16612
   IG Portal32,89327,635-16
   Wikimedia Foundation Sites29,22423,785-19
   Grupo Abril25,93220,881-19
   B2W Digital21,50820,206-6
   OLX Inc.12,80718,58545
   GOL Linhas Aereas Inteligentes6,60417,438164 Inc.4,23416,472289
   BitTorrent Network13,23915,55718
   Nova Pontocom14,31314,8274
   Buscape Company14,62513,571-7

COMMENT: In Brazil, UOL ranks as the fourth most-visited digital property and Yahoo ranks seventh.The first four properties have a share of about 40% and Google, the leader, of 11%. In Brazil, the most relevant local players are R7 Portal, focused mainly at sports; Globo, Grupo NZN, IG Portal and regional player Mercado Libre. It is interesting to notice the decline in the number of visitors compared to May 2014. Only MercadoLibre, OLX, GOL, Baidu, BitTorrent Network and Nova Pontocom are the exception to this trend.


Total Unique Visitors (000)

Source: comScore Media Metrix, CHILE, Home and Work, Top 20 properties

   Google Sites5,9896,2745
   Microsoft Sites5,1415,1200
   Yahoo Sites4,7904,521-6
   Grupo Copesa3,1442,894-8
   Terra – Telefonica3,4102,438-29
   Wikimedia Foundation Sites2,1672,2906
   Empresa El Mercurio S.A.P.1,9951,904-5
   Banco del Estado de Chile1,5991,89118
   Schibsted Media Group1,5461,70410
   Television Nacional De Chile1,4631,67815
   Ask Network2,5811,526-41
   Canal 131,0801,51740 Sites1,8431,517-18
   Gobierno De Chile1,6381,486-9
   Batanga Sites7,061,448105
   Bio-Bio Comunicaciones1,6661,417-15
   Red Televisiva Megavision6,951,38098

COMMENT: The four giants (Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Yahoo) take the first four places, with a user share of at least 44% on May 15. Copesa, editor of several publications like La Tercera and El Mercurio, is outstandingly high as well as that of Banco del Estado de Chile, one of the few properties of the top 10 audience that has increased its audience significantly compared to May 2014. Google, which also leads in this country, accounts for at least 13 % of users with respect to May 15.


Total Unique Visitors (000)

Source: comScore Media Metrix, COLOMBIA, Home and Work, Top 20 properties

   Google Sites12,79514,14511
   Microsoft Sites10,4648,442-19
   Wikimedia Foundation Sites5,6787,26328
   Yahoo Sites7,8316,552-16
   El Tiempo Casa Editorial5,1634,683-9
   Linio Sites6,933,570415
   ICCK Net S.A.4,4633,430-23
   Ask Network4,2272,752-35
   Grupo Pera Digital3,4252,461-28
   Orange Sites2,6862,373-12
   Dropbox Sites2,0512,36215
   Batanga Sites1,0472,327122
   MONOGRAFIAS.COM1,4062,22358 Sites2,7472,223-19

COMMENT: In Colombia, Wikimedia, which is in the top 10 in most Latin American countries, takes the fourth position ahead of Yahoo, with a market share of 8% of unique users over May 15. Among the local players are the four giants (Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and in this case, Wikimedia) take the first four places, accounting for 45% of the Top 20 and Google continues to lead with almost 16%. El Tiempo Casa Editorial and Linio outstand among local and regional sites.


Total Unique Visitors (000)

Source: comScore Media Metrix, PERU, Home and Work, Top 20 properties

   Google Sites5,7186,49214
   Microsoft Sites5,4825,079-7
   Yahoo Sites4,4334,217-5
   Grupo El Comercio3,8774,0234
   Grupo RPP1,9712,71438
   Wikimedia Foundation Sites2,3252,4375
   Grupo La Republica2,1281,972-7
   Linio Sites2,651,864602
   Grupo Epensa1,2201,74343
   Batanga Sites6,721,719156 Sites1,8931,657-12
   Terra – Telefonica2,1651,646-24
   Ask Network2,3261,510-35
   Red Peru.com1,4331,171-18
   Orange Sites1,3751,114-19

COMMENT: In Peru, just like in other countries, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Yahoo prevail in the top 4 with a 42% share of users and Google alone in the first position with 12.5%. Also, like in other countries, two major publishers such as Grupo El Comercio, followed by Grupo RPP (Radio and TV) and Grupo la Republica also take relevant positions.


Total Unique Visitors (000)

Source: comScore Media Metrix, URUGUAY, Home and Work, Top 20 properties

   Google Sites1,6181,7589
   Microsoft Sites1,2831,213-5
   EL PAIS S.A.7,458,129
   Wikimedia Foundation Sites7,787,861
   Yahoo Sites8,017,00-13
   Grupo Clarin4,414,08-8
   El Observador3,703,844
   Montevideo COM3,563,827
   Grupo Fontaina – De Feo2,633,5535
   Batanga Sites1,793,5096 Sites4,043,37-17
   OLX Inc.6,02,92385
   Terra – Telefonica3,272,86-12

COMMENT: In Uruguay, the regional player Mercado Libre “sneaks” into the fourth position, followed by El País. The relevance of Argentinian Clarin Group is significant,taking position number nine of the ranking. Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Mercado Libre lead with nearly 16% and Google alone in the first place with 2.16% on May 15.


Total Unique Visitors (000)

Source: comScore Media Metrix, VENEZUELA, Home and Work, Top 20 properties
% Cambio
   Google Sites9,43410,73614
   Microsoft Sites6,1775,551-10
   Yahoo Sites4,1394,69713
   Wikimedia Foundation Sites4,3004,4634
   Banesco Banco Universal2,4852,353-5
   Ask Network2,6592,154-19
   Grupo Santander1,7862,14120
   Amazon Sites2,4431,904-22
   Grupo BBVA1,7451,7822
   OLX Inc.1,3111,77636
   MONOGRAFIAS.COM1,5831,7199 Sites1,7361,585-9

COMMENT: Is particularly interesting to note how in Venezuela is the only country in this article that shows a clear trend towards finance or banking information consumption. In this case, out of 20 sites in the ranking, five are banks (Banco de Venezuela, Banco Mercantil, Banesco, BBVA Group and Grupo Santander) .With the 45.38%, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Yahoo continue to lead; Google ranks first with 16.51%.


Total Unique Visitors (000)

Source: comScore Media Metrix, ARGENTINA, Home and Work, Top 20 properties

   Google Sites17,61117,5540
   Grupo Clarin14,52814,174-2
   Microsoft Sites14,11713,418-5
   Yahoo Sites14,27013,094-8
   Grupo La Nacion8,2727,987-3
   Wikimedia Foundation Sites6,6766,321-5
   CMI Digital2,9814,26243
   Batanga Sites1,8774,078117
   Ask Network6,4083,747-42
   Terra – Telefonica5,0933,626-29
   Grupo Uno Medios3,4293,4691 Sites4,1993,428-18
   Spil Games2,5442,530-1

COMMENT: Grupo Clarin ranks third with almost 10%, breaking the hegemony of Microsoft and Yahoo sites. CMI Digital, which also belongs to Grupo Clarin, takes position number eleven. Local and regional players like MercadoLibre, Grupo La Nacion, Clarin, and  stand out. Grupo Clarin joins Google, Facebook and Microsoft, as the Top 4 market leaders, accounting for 41.6%, while Google ranks first with 12%.


Portada Staff

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