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In the first article of our new series about the latest trends and actors in panregional digital and print publishing,  we talk to Cosas, the publisher of COSAS magazine and several brand extensions.

Cosas“Entertainment and Lifestyle magazine COSAS currently is distributed in five countries: Mexico, Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia reaching an audience of a high social – economic level with more than 120 editions per year,”Carelia Alvarado, LatAm Ad Sales Director based in Miami tells Portada. “We distribute 168.000 magazines in all of these countries, reaching more than 2.1 millions monthly readers.”

According to Alvarado, there is a strong focus on local content. “We focus mostly on local content, because it is key for us, to talk to readers in their own language. Every country in Latin America has its own feature and customs.

The center of operations for Cosas is in Santiago de Chile. Alvarado says that “Chile is the main office who delivers the guidelines for the brand, but in each of the five countries where we have presence, we have a publishing house.” In fact these publishing houses are franchisees who publish the magazine in different national markets. They are:

Chile – Editorial Tiempo Presente (Cosas circ. 25,000,monthly)

Mexico – Grupo Mundo Ejecutivo (Cosas circ. 100,000,monthly)

Peru – Editorial Letras e Imágenes S.A.C. (Cosas circ. 12,000,monthly)

Ecuador – Editorial EMCOVISA S.A. (Cosas circ. 12,000,monthly)

Bolivia – Editora y Proyectos S.A. (Cosas circ. 8,,000, monthly)

Luxury, Fashion,Brides and Real Estate

In addition to the monthly editions of COSAS and depending on the market, different brand extensions are published.  These include COSAS Lujo,a showcase for luxury products and services, published four times a year in Chile and once a year in Peru.  COSAS Couture, where the runways and fashion trends comes to life in each of the pages, published twice a year in Chile (with a similar mag COSAS Moda published twice a year in Peru); COSAS Novias, a guide for today’s brides, published twice a year in Peru and once in Bolivia; and COSAS Hombre, a special edition dedicated to modern man.
“We also have a different title that is called CASAS, a magazine of housing and decor,” says Alvarado, with the latest trends in architecture, inside design, landscaping and real estate news.CASAS is published once a year in Peru, Chile and Ecuador.


Panregional Ad Categories…

CosasmagTo Alvarado, Miami is definitely a major advertising decision-making center. She notes that there are two very strong categories from a panregional perspective: Tourism (resorts, hotels and destinations) and Luxury products and services. “We see strong growth in demand for luxury goods and services in Latin America. The Latin American consumer is becoming more demanding in terms of better quality products as well as different services that represent exceptional, unique and personalized experiences. Nowadays there is a strong growth potential for this segment.”

…and Digital and Event Growth Opps

Each of the magazines has a digital platform on the web, as well as social networks. According to Alvarado,”Cosas is currently working on the development of a pan-regional digital platform, which will allow us to provide more opportunities to our clients.”
Regarding events, according to Alvarado, Cosas has incredible opportunities to reach exclusive segments in each of the countries where the magazines circulate. The include polo championships (Chile), movies in exclusive beaches in summer (Peru), parties, brunch and fashion runways (Mexico, Ecuador and Bolivia).

U.S. Hispanic Market in the Pipeline

A possible expansion targeting the Hispanic population in the U.S. “is a project that has always been on the pipeline. “The U.S. Hispanic market is very important to us.We hope to materialize this in the short-term,” Alvarado concludes.


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