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Our monthly unique user rankings of the top properties visited by U.S. Hispanics and the  overall U.S. population provide interesting insights (besides the almost obvious fact that Google continues to lead, ha!) . 6 Things you need to know about how top destinations fared in October 2015.

1. Despite all the Talk, Yahoo is a Major Force

Yahoo’s board is currently assessing its future (options include to sell its core Internet business ), due to the company’s slow progress in increasing its profitability. Yet, as the below rankings show Yahoo is still a force to be reckoned with (ranked second overall and fourth in the U.S. Hispanic market), with more than 148 million uniques in the overall U.S. market (above Facebook, although time per visit and frequency are much higher on Facebook).

2. Mode Media’s High Ranking Reflects Popularity of Lifestyle and Fashion Vertical

Perhaps relatively surprising is the fact that fashion and lifestyle online media company Mode Media is among the top 10 properties both in the U.S. Hispanic and general market. The other 9 properties are mostly usual suspects (e.g Facebook, AOL, Wikipedia, Yahoo, Microsoft etc…). Mode Media, which used to be known as Glam Media, is a privately held digital lifestyle media company with more than 10,000 lifestyle creators. Mode’s success also highlights the popularity of the fashion and lifestyle verticals.

3. NBC/Telemundo Doesn’t Make the Top 10 Sites For U.S. Hispanics

While Comcast/NBC Universal sites (which include Telemundo) is the 10th largest destination in the overall market, they don’t make the top- ten list among the most visited properties by U.S. Hispanics.

4. Univision is not Among Top 10 Properties visited by U.S. Hispanics (Either)

Another interesting insight is that while Univision (and Telemundo, see above) are the leading media when it comes to Hispanic broadcast viewers, both companies are not among the 10 most popular for Hispanic online audiences.

5. Apple, Strong with U.S. Hispanics

Apple’s digital destinations are ranked number eight among the U.S. Hispanic users and can not be found among the top-ten of the overall market. This may be related to the fact that Hispanics over-index in music consumption services such as Apple’s iTunes.

6. Similarly to Yahoo, Microsoft Should Not Be Forgotten Either as a Major Online Destination

Microsoft recently outsourced most of its Advertising Sales business to AOL/Verizon. This is a part of their new CEO’s strategy to concentrate on the content (and not the ad-sales business.) Ranked number fourth with 144 million uniques in the overall U.S. market and second (!) among U.S. Hispanic users.

U.S. Ranking

Source: comScore, United States, and Work, PC/Laptop Only                               Total Unique Visitors (000)
October 2015, Home Total Unique Visitors (000)
Total Internet: Persons: 6+232.179
1Google Sites203.570
2Yahoo Sites148.215
4Microsoft Sites144.151
5Amazon Sites106.766
6AOL, Inc.100.461
7Mode Media71.813
8CBS Interactive64.362
9Wikimedia Foundation Sites58.731
10Comcast NBCUniversal55.140


U.S. Hispanic Ranking

Source: comScore, United States, and Work, PC/Laptop OnlyTotal Unique Visitors (000)

October 2015, Home Total Unique Visitors (000)

  Hispanic All:  Persons: 6+30.245
1    Google Sites26.604
2    Microsoft Sites18.479
4    Yahoo Sites17.769
5Amazon Sites11.632
6    AOL, Inc.10.922
7Mode Media8.050
8Apple Inc.6.948
9Wikimedia Foundation Sites6.431
10CBS Interactive6.251

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