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What: We looked at ComScore’s data on the most-visited news websites in Latin America and particularly Mexico in March 2018.
Why it matters: 62.7% of Latin American users looked for news online, while 86.5% of Mexicans with an internet connection browsed news websites.

It is an important year for Latin Americans in terms of elections, and keeping informed is a priority when spending time online. We have seen that internet users in Latin American countries look for many types of content, from travel information to sports and entertainment, but the news is the kind of content they consume more. More than half of all Latin Americans with internet access (62.7%) looked at the news online in March, while 86.5% of Mexicans got informed online. These were the top 10 sites in Latin America and Mexico.

Top 10 Latin American News Sites, March 2018

Total Audience, Home and Work, PC/Laptop.
Total Unique Visitors (000)

Total Internet: Total Audience


1Globo noticias21,736
2MSN News13,979
3UOL Noticias12,275
4Grupo Clarin9,399
520Minutos Sites7,786
6El Pais Sites7,759
7Infobae – TKM7,403
8Yahoo-HuffPost News Network6,426
9Grupo La Nacion6,088
10Folha de S.Paulo6,074
    [Source: comScore]
  • 62.7% of Latin Americans with internet access looked for news information online in March 2018.
  • From those users, 18.7% found information at Globo noticias. 
  • MSN News was visited by 12% of users.
  • 10.5% of Latin Americans looking for news online went to UOL Noticias. 
  • Grupo Clarin received 8.1% of visits.
  • 20Minutos and El Pais were visited by very similar numbers of users, with 6.7% and 6.6% respectively.
  • 6.3% of users looked for information at Infobae – TKM. 
  • 5.5% of Latin American users that looked for information online visited the Yahoo-Huffpost News Network.
  • Grupo La Nacion and Folha de S.Paulo were seen by almost identical numbers of users, with 5.2% each.

Top 10 Mexican News Sites, March 2018

Total Audience, Home and Work, PC/Laptop, All smartphones, All tablets.
Total Unique Visitors (000)

Total Internet: Total Audience


1El Universal de México16,839
3Grupo SDP10,253
4Grupo Publicidad y Contenido Editorial9,591
520Minutos Sites8,270
6Grupo Proceso7,727
7Grupo Milenio7,136
8Organización Editorial Mexicana6,932
9Noticieros Televisa6,842
10El Pais Sites6,338
    [Source: comScore]
  • From the total number of Mexicans who used the internet in March, 86.5% looked for news information online.
  • 28.3% of those users went to El Universal de México to get informed of the latest news.
  • received 19.6% of visitors.
  • 17.2% of Mexicans looking for news online visited Grupo SDP sites.
  • Sites by Grupo Publicidad y Contenido Editorial were visited by 16.1% of users.
  • Grupo Proceso received 13% of visitors.
  • Grupo Milenio was visited by 12% of users.
  • 11.6% of users visited sites by Organización Editorial Mexicana; very similarly, 11.5% went to Noticieros Televisa.
  • El Pais Sites received 10.6% of visits.

Janet has worked as editor and translator since 2013. After graduating with honors when receiving her Bachelor's Degree in English literature, she began working as a book reviewer for Expansión, the leading business magazine in Mexico. She has also worked as editor of young adult literature for publishing houses like Planeta and Penguin, and she's the author of a book of short stories. She's in the process of getting her MA in English at McGill University. Her interests include arts, good food, and her 8 pets.

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