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Teads, The Global Media Platform, unveiled the latest news that it reaches nearly 2 billion people worldwide in the most premium digital environments, through global partnerships. It also unveiled a newly signed partnership with NewsGuard as part of its ongoing drive to support quality journalism and ensure brand safety from misinformation and false news. The announcements were made during the inaugural ‘Teads Partner Day for Publishers’, a global virtual event that brought together more than 1,000 leaders in digital publishing and trade journalists.

Among the main innovations the company announced were its updates for publishers around the cookieless future, promising no drop in audience targeting accuracy and effectiveness whilst adapting to the browser and regulatory changes. Teads’ market-leading approach helps publishers to fully leverage their advantage when it comes to targeting in a cookieless world; making the most of their 1st party data and user reading habits as well as a nuanced approach to contextual targeting, only available within text environments.

In addition, it was announced that publishers would now be able to tap into Teads’ Predictive AI for the first time, via the Teads For Publishers Suite. The AI leverages hundreds of data points on each advertising opportunity to deliver the most promising outcome for advertisers. This means that publishers can sell viewable impressions, completed views, or even clicks to maximize revenue and limit inventory waste, delivering up to 60% inventory savings.

Teads also announces today a new partnership with NewsGuard, an organization that, deploys trained journalists to rate and review the worlds’ news sites for trustworthiness and transparency. The integration means that NewsGuard is now part of Teads’ publisher vetting and auditing process, both at the onboarding stage and as an ongoing benchmark for quality. This aligns with the company’s policy to Advertise Responsibly, enabling brands to deliver business results whilst doing so in environments that are free from disinformation, fraud, and hate speech.

“As the commercial arm of the BBC, we work with partners that understand and respect our values. But who are also compliant, market-leading, and work with us to build trust and a long-term relationship that’s mutually beneficial. There are four parts of our relationship with Teads that outline why we chose to build a strategic, exclusive global partnership. We identified Teads as a market leader in terms of an advertising format that we want to offer our audiences and customers. We seek partners that pass and uphold, our incredibly stringent checks and balances, ensuring brand safety. And through Teads Studio, offer a compelling creative product that helps brings video alive for many advertisers and brands.

Additionally, Teads works hard to remain ahead of the curve in terms of product and partner needs and by doing so remain relevant in an ever-changing digital landscape

Finally, as we enter the fifth year of our partnership, Teads continues to represent an important part of our offer to market”

Teads Global ReachErrol Baran, SVP, Business Development & Innovation – Global Advertising & StoryWorks, BBC Global News 

As video demand outstripped supply in 2020, we were able to prove to media buyers that, not only is in-article video more efficient than pre-roll, it actually performs quite well. So for BuzzFeed, having Teads as a partner allowed us to expand our video offering, make it more efficient, biddable, and scalable. We’ve tested other SSP partners with outstream in the past, but consistently, Teads has been able to drive the highest ad performance across partners to date.

Michelle Devine, VP, Programmatic & Commerce Partnerships, BuzzFeed

We are now able to provide a one-stop solution for our brand advertisers to create beautiful, interactive video ads from scratch and distribute them through our premium inventory. Teads has empowered our digital business with its technical solutions and we are looking forward to working even closer to strengthen our media strategies.

Teads Global ReachAkane Takahashi, General Manager, Digital Business, Hearst Fujingaho Japan

As part of the exclusive and long-term partnership established between Le Point and Teads, we have been able to extend our monetization capabilities to the in-app environment over the last months, with great results across both video and viewable display formats.

Teads is providing excellent performances on all key metrics such as brand safety, viewability or completion, while ensuring GDPR compliance and best-in-class user experience for all our audiences, thus matching the highest level of expectation we require for Le Point.

Our readers trust and show loyalty to our brand thanks to the quality of our content. Being natively positioned within editorial content, in-article formats have to meet the same quality standards. Thanks to its strong and historical commitment to premium and responsible advertising, Teads has naturally become a key business partner for Le Point over the years.

Nicolas Pegoraro, Director Yield Management, and Digital Ad Operations, Le Point

In 2020, we saw the real-world impact of misinformation on topics ranging from public health to election integrity. But brands that want to avoid sending ad dollars to sources of harmful misinformation shouldn’t have to avoid news altogether. This partnership ensures advertisers, through Teads, can have a better alternative: access to credible trusted news inventory while avoiding ad placements on harmful misinformation websites.   We applaud Teads’ leadership on this issue.

Teads Global ReachCarter Stone, VP Business Development, NewsGuard

Today’s virtual event showcases the breadth of tools we have brought together for publishers over the past few years. With our latest developments around data, Teads for Publishers Suite is now the best technology for publishers to be ready for the cookieless era. Giving them future proof, and market-leading, targeting, and contextual solutions at their fingertips. All whilst maintaining our role as a truly cutting-edge monetization platform.

When this is layered on top of the placement and design of our ad formats, the result is the highest possible quality ad experience online, at scale. This means our publishers can deliver business results to brands as well as the greatest user experience for their readers, all of which create a more sustainable media ecosystem for the future. We are excited about continuing to grow with our partners throughout 2021 and beyond.


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