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What: Conviva’s 2019 State of the Streaming TV Industry report shows 47% of all streamed ads fail to engage viewers.
Why it matters: Viewers disengage and lose their patience when facing errors such as slow buffering and long waiting times, and sometimes end up abandoning OTT platforms altogether.

Conviva’s 2019 State of the Streaming TV Industry report shows almost half (47%) of all streamed ads fail to live up to their content, making viewers disengage and lose their patience facing errors such as slow buffering and waiting times. According to the report, “after just a five-second delay in ad playback, 13.6% of the audience stops watching”, running the risk of turning consumers off from the service altogether.

The main issue is seamlessly matching the advertising experience with the actual content so that viewers won’t lose interest after a tech hiccup on a part of the process which, for some users, already feels mandatory. Ad selection, delivery, and playback do not reach consumers as intended, and Conviva’s report reveals that “the first order of business is to ensure ads are delivered at the broadcast-level quality users expect”, a step much more basic than worrying about ad effectiveness and inventory monetization.

On the bright side, tackling some of streaming’s most pressing issues, the report also shows a 34% improvement on the global quality of buffering rates, a 17% picture quality betterment, 35% fewer video start failures, and 8% faster start times. All major streaming device developers know consumer retention depends on providing an immediate, uncomplicated, fail-proof viewing experience, so advertisers must think of a way of making ads less of a formality and more of a prelude for the show.



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