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This Sunday, June 20th, CNN en Español will present special programming dedicated to portraying the remarkable lives and stories of Latinos whose names will remain in the hearts of many for generations to come.

Starting at 7 PM (ET) the HBO Original Documentary “Siempre, Luis” will air in the U.S. region only and tells the story of an unstoppable changemaker and proud American, Luis A. Miranda Jr., who is a Puerto-Rican community activist, prominent New York political consultant, and long-time Washington Heights resident.

The film tracks Luis’ journey in the United States, which began with his acceptance to a clinical psychology doctoral program at New York University. Following his move at the age of nineteen, Luis quickly finds success in the competitive and fast-paced world of New York City politics, becoming a key figure in communicating to political candidates the importance of engaging with the Latinx community.

When disaster strikes Puerto Rico in the form of Hurricane Irma and is quickly followed by the catastrophic devastation of Hurricane Maria, Luis uses his influence and resources to mobilize powerful figures and organizations to bring aid to his home island in a most dire time, working closely with his family along the way.

He bears witness to unprecedented national political apathy in the face of the deadliest natural disaster to strike Puerto Rico, becoming an advocate for a Puerto Rican diaspora reeling in its aftermath. He grapples with a growing national xenophobia that threatens his family’s vision of a more inclusive Union. Without missing a beat, he works to bring a much-needed fundraising, and morale-building, new touring production of Hamilton to the island alongside his son, Lin-Manuel, all while remaining a committed father who refuses to outsource the around-the-clock obligations that define fatherhood.

“Siempre, Luis” features interviews and appearances by notable figures in politics and entertainment, such as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, the late former New York City Mayor Ed Koch, Senator Chuck Schumer, former New York State Assemblyman Roberto Ramirez, former New York Secretary of State Lorraine Cortez-Vazquez, U.S. Congresswoman Rep. Nydia Velalquez, Hamilton producer Jeffrey Seller, and many more.

More special programming

Following “Siempre, Luis,” CNN en Español will present the 30-minute special “Arte con Corazón Latino,” hosted by CNN en Español Correspondent Maria Santana and filmed completely in New York City at the Hispanic Society Museum & Library’s around the museum’s latest exhibit, Latinx Diaspora: Stories from Upper Manhattan.

The idea for the exhibit originally began as a commission inspired by this HBO Original Documentary, “Siempre, Luis,” and all the works that make up the murals contain a written quote from the special itself. The installation encompasses a mural program painted by artists Carlos Jesús Martínez Domínguez (FEEGZ), Dister Rondon, Danny Peguero, and Carla Torres.

Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance (NoMAA) partnered with HBO to select four local artists from among nearly 20 submissions. The artists were commissioned to execute a continuous mural series consisting of 4 “Milestone” panels, separated by 3 “Transition” murals unveiled on La Plaza de las Americas, United Palace, New York City in October 2020 for two weeks.

In this special, María Santana speaks with Philippe de Montebello, chairman of the Hispanic Society’s Board of Trustees, the Museum Director, Exhibit Curator, and the artists themselves, in and around the museum grounds, as well as showing throughout a few key Washington Heights locations. Santana does a visual deep dive into each of the works and discusses the artists’ inspiration and thought process behind their creation.

CNN Special Sprogramming
Cynthia Hudson, senior vice president and managing director of CNN en Español and Hispanic strategy for CNN/U.S.

“It a great honor for me to present these films on Father’s Day whose main link is the story of a man who is considered an institution in the City of New York, especially in Washington Heights. Luis Miranda is his son’s, Lin Manuel, inspiration and these productions will inspire millions of Latinos in this country and around the world,” said Cynthia Hudson, senior vice president and managing director of CNN en Español and Hispanic strategy for CNN/U.S.

Don’t miss “Siempre, Luis” #siempreLuisCNN and “Arte con Corazón Latino” starting at 7 PM (ET) Sunday, June 20th on CNN en Español.



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