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Carlos Espíndola (3M), Denisse Guerra (Estée Lauder), Martín Jones (L’Oréal) and Borja Beneyto (Starcom MediaVest) give Portada an exclusive look at their Latin American marketing and media 2016 forecasts.

Carlos Espíndola, 3M: Efficiency and Effectiveness

“My expectations for 2016 are efficiency and effectiveness. The situation in Latin America in terms of politics and economics is very complicated, and companies need to make efficient

Carlos Espíndolainvestments in advertising to have a greater and better impact. Media outlets and agencies must develop greater empathy for advertisers and their realities, and advertisers must develop the ability to be more effective, productive and relevant. It’s no longer necessary to invest millions in different media outlets: the most important thing is to develop automated marketing plans that guarantee a return on investment for consumer outreach programs.”


Denisse Guerra, Estée Lauder Companies: Full-Fledged Development of E-Commerce

“Our expectations as a company and as specific brands will be the exhaustive development of our e-commerce business for our retailers (especially the fragrance brands that we license). For our prestigious brands, which Denisse Guerrahave traditionally done business in physical stores, it is a great opportunity to recruit new clients through online media and reward our loyal consumers. Of course, we will continue to develop strategies to keep providing a “high-touch” service to all of our clients in physical stores, but we must work on strategies so that this “high touch” can be transmitted through our e-commerce and social media as well. In the fragrance area, it will be very important to develop creative communication strategies for digital media that can substitute the consumer experience of going into the store to smell aromas, creating a digital environment that makes the consumer want to find out more and then receive samples or decide to make a trip to a physical location.”

We must work on strategies so that this “high touch” service can be transmitted through our e-commerce and social media as well.

Martin Jones, L’Oreal: Marketing Automation, Content Marketing and Mobile Marketing

“The majority of expectations for 2016 were trends in 2015; what we hope is that these trends consolidate this year. Expectations for 2016 are very clear for the digital world: automated marketing,  microtargeting and personalization are at the Martin Jonescenter of digital strategies. It is increasingly necessary to direct personalized communication and content to consumers; impacting audiences precisely according to their behaviors is the key to media ROI (here there are two key factors: email marketing and predictive analysis), and on the other hand, programmatic buying will become significant in 2016. Content marketing: the video ad forms part of any advertiser’s agenda as an extension of his or her TV, but more than anything through productions designed for the digital world (at a lower cost to generate a larger volume of content). Another important point on the agenda is data-driven marketing: finding important insight from all information obtained from audiences and programs is vital to decision-making. We must know our consumers. Mobile marketing: today, everything has to start on mobile. Geolocalization and transactional experiences are the motor for deepening the mobile experience. Electronic PR will form part of the content agenda of every brand, and the curation and distribution of content is increasingly relevant to win the battle of earned media. The wearables market and its outlook for the future will see growth into 2020. Inbound marketing or “attraction marketing” will be articulated through different resources: blogs, podcasts, vídeos, ebooks, boletines, whitepapers, optimization techniques for search engines (SEO) and social media.”

Borja Beneyto,Starcom MediaVest Group: Data Management

Borja Beneyto“I believe that 2016 will be the year in which the industry will become more sophisticated in its data processes, tools and products. This is something that will turn data management into not only a commodity in terms of services, but also in an audited base for businesses to generate sequential communications, total investment efficiency in multi-disciplinary media and above all, precision marketing. On the other hand, we will see more advanced search models appear through the results of e-commerce on demand, the evolution of content aggregators, the unstoppable advance of mobile thanks to messenging, the added value of social media to maximize the sales funnel and intelligence applied to photography archives.”

Data processes will not only turn into a commodity in terms of service, but also in an audited base for businesses to generate sequential communications.

So there you have it: the opinions of important brands and agencies in the region. Shortly, we’ll be releasing the 2016 marketing and advertising forecast from the Latin American media owners perspective.


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