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» Google, a big Global Advertiser

Google  last year doubled its global ad and promotion spending to $1.5 billion. Factor in 2011 ad spending for just-acquired Motorola Mobility Holdings, and Google is now a $2.1 billion global advertiser, AdAge reports.  Estimated U.S. ad spending for Google and Motorola topped $1 billion in 2011, placing the combined company No. 34 on Ad Age's ranking of the 100 Leading National Advertisers. This marks Google's debut on the list. Google is one of four internet-based companies to make this year's 100 LNA ranking. The other three are Amazon ($1,4 billion), EBay ($977 million) and Expedia ($796 million).

» Zinio is up for Sale

The 12-year-old digital magazine newsstand Zinio is putting itself up for sale, according to a report. The San Francisco-based company has hired investment bank Montgomery & Co. to manage the process, with one source saying that the company is seeking between $50 million and $100 million. No idea yet if there is buy-side interest at that price. The digital newsstand providers or more broadly the content digitizer sector seems to be going through a consolidation phase. See the recent acquisition of Texterity by Godengo.

» Publicitas introduces Sales Side Digital Platform

Publicitas and sister company Adnative announced the launch of an initiative to create an international Sales Side Platform (SSP) aimed at premium publishers. The platform will help premium media owners to better monetise and manage their digital advertising inventory. The SSP will offer a platform to media owners where, with complete control, they can make their inventory available to the automated ad trading market. In addition to making inventory widely accessible to real-time bidding buyers, media owners will be able to create private marketplaces for full control over how and who they trade their valuable inventory assets with. It is not clear whether Publicitas is also going to offer the new platform in the U.S. Hispanic and Latin American markets. Several supply side digital media platforms have entered the Latin Markets or are planning to enter it.


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