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Major Multi Channel Networks (MCN’s), or Multiplatform Networks (MPN’s) like some want to be called, are expanding into Latin America. Latin America is a region which is almost a natural extension for those who are already present in the U.S. Hispanic market. MiTú Network is one of the main platforms entering the Latin American market. Portada talked to Adeline Cassin, Head of International Revenue at MiTú Network, about the platform’s expansion into Latin America.

cassinAdeline Cassin’s  (photo) professional growth reflects the evolution from linear TV to digital TV. Formerly an executive at Discovery Communications, where she was Head of Commercial Strategy & Sales for Digital Platforms & TV, Cassin now heads International Revenue for MiTú Network out of Miami.
Cassin notes that in her previous role at Discovery, just as importantly as her TV roles, she “was responsible for leading the strategy and revenue growth across Latin America and US Hispanic for all of the digital platforms.”
Cassin explains that “Mitú is the leading MPN (Multiplatform Network) of Latin Talent, Social Influence, & Content Creation. Latin America is a key region for us, and we have a strong team strategically focused on continuing to expand our footprint of talent, production, partnerships and client services.” Ultimately Mitú’s mission is to lead Latin social influence on a global scale.

From MCN to MPN…

Asked on whether MCNs now want to be called MPN (Multi platform networks), because they want to depend less on Youtube, Cassin answers that MiTú’s network of talent and original productions lives wherever the audience is. “MPN is a more accurate way of describing who we are, as our talent and our content live everywhere from YouTube to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Vine, platforms that are just emerging, and even TV. At the end of the day we are about great content and great talent. And when you have a great story, people will tune in, no matter what screen or platform they access from.”

Collaborative Integrations

MituberoOne of the main trends currently in the Online Video World is the emergence of branded entertainment as one of the main vehicles to monetize audiences. Asked on how important branded entertainment, compared to pre-roll video advertisin is in Mitú’s LatAm offering, Cassin states that branded entertainment, “or as we refer to as collaborative integration, is key to capturing the audience’s attention, engagement, and perspective of a product or brand. It allows the brand to tell their story beyond the scope of a 30 second commercial, and connect with the hearts and minds of their consumers in true collaboration with talent and content creation that already has high affinity, engagement, and loyalty with the audience.”

Collaborative Integration allows the brand to tell their story beyond the scope of a 30 second commercial, and connect with consumers in true collaboration with talent and content creation that already has high affinity, engagement, and loyalty with the audience.

Lack of Online Video Ad Inventory

Major industry observers have noted that Online Video Inventory Scarcity is one of the major challenges to the growth of the Latin American online video sector. Cassin notes that, “there is certainly some pressure on key segments for in stream ad inventory, but at Mitú, not only do we have a solid capacity of in stream inventory available, additionally, and perhaps more importantly, we have standardized content and influencer marketing which affords our partner brands the opportunity to maximize their reach across the LatAm social ecosystem.”

No Geographic Barriers…

The digital world has brought down geographic barriers, markets are now much more a function of common language and culture. “The beauty of digital is, social talent and leading content is present wherever the audience can access the internet, from the enormous cities of Mexico D.F. and São Paulo to the most remote town in Patagonia,” says Cassin.  As an example she notes that her network includes “leading talent from the U.S. Hispanic market, and we see audience tuning into them from Latin America”

…for the new Celebrities.

“Today’s social talent are from all over the world. Social influencers are no longer the alternative to celebrities, they are the new celebrities. When they have a story to tell, and are passionate about how they tell that story, they can gain worldwide renown regardless of their country of origin. In fact, some of the leading talent in the Mitú network are top ranked globally.”

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