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What: Two leading media buyers acknowledge the significant role of programmatic buying, particularly when it comes to efficiently targeting Hispanic audiences.
Why it matters: While many observers predict programmatic buying will amount to approximately half of overall U.S. digital advertising by 2017, programmatic buying has a bit more catch up to do in the U.S. Hispanic market.  Programmatic buying will expand into off-line advertising, including TV.

According to Marla Skiko, EVP, Director of Digital Innovation at SMG Multicultural, the use of programmatic audience buying technologies can be very efficient, particularly when it comes to target segments of the Hispanic demographic. Skiko and Lia Silkworth, Managing Director Tapestry, Starcom MediaVest Group participated in a panel moderated by Barry Frey, president & CEO of Digital Place-based Advertising Association, at today’s Eleventh Annual Hispanic Television Summit in New York City.

We want to buy Hispanic audiences in an efficient way. Programmatic trading helps as to do that.

Skiko noted that the use of programmatic trading technologies can also be a very valid argument to convince clients (marketers/advertisers) to spend against the Hispanic demographic. She added that going forward programmatic buying may also be applied to broadcast media. “It’s understood that the market is moving in that direction. That does not mean, however, that all buying will be done through programmatic trading,” Skiko concluded.

Video Agnostic Buying and Planning

Tapestry’s Silkworth spoke about substantial changes taking place in the broadcast advertising area. “Many agencies are looking at  video agnostic planning and buying. Upfronts are  no longer a TV team only affair.” Skiko agreed: “The discussion changed. It starts from a totally different place. It used to be we are buying a 30 second TV spot. Now it’s much more about content and measurability.” The game changer has been the emergence of online video and mobile as well as the increased measurability of digital advertising.



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