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Dr. Shay David is a scholar and serial entrepreneur who specializes in collaborative and open-source information and communication systems. David is the co-founder of Kaltura, the NYC based company that allows publishers and content owners to publish, manage, monetize and analyze their video and other rich-media content. David is going to speak at Portada’s upcoming Latin Online Video Forum in Miami on June 3, part of #Portadalat, on the topic of Over the Top TV Delivery. We talked to him about the state of the Latin Online Video Markets. Check out the video below!



Key Insights

  • “The biggest challenge right now is that there is not enough online video inventory. That is why content creators, content owners and aggregators are in the driver seat.”
  • “Latin America is one of the fastest growing markets around the world with very rapid adoption of ad-tech, particularly from a video perspective. Budgets are shifting from print and TV into Digital Video, LatAm is no exception. The conditions, in terms of avalailability of broadband, for mass-scale video have arrived, that is way adoption of tech and devices is so fast.”
  • “It is not only about monetizing through online video ads but also about creating TV Everywhere services that allow monetization thorough subscriptions and transactions.”
  • ” Another challenge is the lack of consolidation in Latin American markets. While there are some major Telcos and ISPS there are also many local players.”

Tickets to the Latin Online Video Forum only cost US $199 and are going fast! Register here!


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