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The Post Covid Consumer Journey and e-commerce growth keeps more than 50% of the brand marketers in the Portada network up at night, according to a real-time poll conducted during our recent Portada Live exclusive brand decision maker workshop. The need for Brand Marketing Solutions is shaping of our upcoming Portada Live, September 22 exclusive brand decision maker workshop.


More than 150 brand marketing decision makers in the Portada network shared which marketing challenge keeps them up at night at our March 24 Portada Live event.

Through a real-time poll, participants were asked which one of the below topics keeps them up at night:
– My Boss (CEO/C-Level Buy-In)
– Customer Personalization at Scale
– I need more First-Party Data!
– The post Covid-19 Customer Journey
– E-Commerce Growth
– Other

Need for Brand Marketing Solutions


More than a third of respondents (36.1%) noted that  “the post Covid-19 Customer Journey” is a key challenge for them, while 16.7% chose “E-Commerce Growth.” Therefore,  more than half of the responses are related to the increased digitization of the consumer purchase journey and experience brought on by COVID-19 and the imperative for all brands, including CPGs and other sectors that traditionally used brick and mortar sales channels, to increase e-commerce growth.

Need for Brand Marketing Solutions

The need for new brand marketing solutions related to the increased digitization of the customer experience was also a key insight in the recent Portada survey about Marketing Technology Investment Needs of Brand Marketers. Per the recently published survey,  the share of brands who will prioritize MarTech investments related to the Customer Experience  over the next 18 months grew by more than 150% compared to our 2020 survey. (DOWNLOAD the 20 page survey here.)

How the customer journey will evolve post Covid-19 and the related need for increased e-commerce revenues are key challenges for brand marketers in the Portada network. 

The need for first party data keeps 13.9% of brand marketers up at night. The demand for more first party data has two key drivers. First CPG’s are increasingly compelled to find direct relationship with customers as they set up D2C sites. Second, new privacy laws and Google’s phasing out of third party cookies, make it imperative for corporations to find new ways to establish direct connections with consumers.

CEO/C-level buy in, likely related to the need of multicultural brand marketers to get segment marketing buy- in a the C-level of Corporate America, keeps 11.1% of the marketers in the Portada network up at night. Finally, Customer Personalization at Scale, obtained a share of 8.3%.


Portada LiveThe need for Brand Marketing Solutions for the above cited challenges will be   shaping the content for our September 22, 2021  Portada Live exclusive Brand Decision Maker Workshop.  Marketing Service Suppliers will share and accelerate knowledge on key topics related to the above cited challenges. To find out about virtual networking solutions at PortadaLive involving a myriad of brand decision makers, please contact Sales Coordinator Enzo Araujo at



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