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September 21, 2011 – New York City, Scholastic Auditorium

The Objective
The main objective of Portada’s Emerging Hispanic Markets Forum is to make a case for marketing to Hispanics in regions that are not part of the top 5 Hispanic markets. Particularly in the light of the recent 2010 Census results, which show very high growth rates in population and purchasing power of Hispanics living in these often overlooked markets. These markets include states such as:

Arizona | Colorado | Georgia | Maryland/Virginia/Washington DC | New Jersey | Massachusetts | Oregon | Pennsylvania | South – North Carolina | Utah

and also DMA’s that often are eclipsed by major neighboring metropolis including:
Orange County, CA | Riverside, CA | Hoboken, NJ

The Forum will bring together major NYC and North East based clients and agencies with media executives and agencies that have a strong presence in emerging Hispanic markets.

The Date
The Emerging Hispanic Markets Forum will take place on September 21, one day before Portada’s Fifth Annual Hispanic Digital and Print Media Conference, Sept. 22, 2011, NYC. Attendees can opt to register to the Forum independently or register to both events.

Download the 16 page Conference Program!

Themes that will be explored by Major Players include

  • The Opportunity: The Hispanic population in states which traditionally had a relatively small number of Hispanics is growing exponentially. An in-depth analysis by a major demographic expert.
  •  How to detect an Emerging Hispanic Market? The example of North Carolina
  • ROI Case Studies of marketers that obtained a high ROI in marketing to Latinos in emerging Hispanic markets.
  • Are there media properties that efficiently reach local audiences in emerging Hispanic markets? If so, which ones are they and how do they work?
  • Agencies: How do regional agencies work? And what can they offer to national clients and major agencies?

Confirmed Speakers

  • David Flynn, Marketing Director, Novamex
  • Violet Marrero. Manager of Special Projects at State of NJ.
  • Martee Saldaña Pierson, Director of Diversity Programs, Liberty Tax Service
  • Eduardo Perez , President, PMP Publicidad, (Atlanta, GA)
  • Laura Sonderup, Managing Director and Senior Strategist, Heinrich Hispanidad
  • Cesar Sroka, Connections Director – WalMart account, MV42
  • Lisa Urias, President, Urias Communications (Phoenix, AZ)
  • José Vélez-Silva. Partner, Director of Client Services, at Global Works
  • Norberto Sanchez. CEO, Norsan Multimedia
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