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What: Meredith Corporation  unveiled its new Quarterly English-language magazine “Parents Latina,” created specifically for Hispanic Millennial Moms.The quarterly debuts with  a guaranteed rate base of 700,000 and incorporates top-notch parenting content of Parents and Ser Padres magazines with the cultural values and heritage specific to bilingual Latina mothers.
Why it matters:  Almost all recent magazine launches in the Hispanic market have been English-language magazines, vs. Spanish-languages, in general, and Hispanic magazines in particular were hard hit last year due to the decrease in print advertising Procter & Gamble, the largest advertiser in the category.

unnamedMeredith Corporationhas unveiled Parents Latina, a new English-language magazine targeting U.S. Hispanic millennial moms, one of the fastest growing consumer segments in the marketplace.

Parents Latina is the latest enhancement to the Meredith Parents Network, which already includes Parents, FamilyFun, American Baby, and Ser Padres, as well as the digital brand extensions of Fit Pregnancy and ParentingParents Latina, which will be published initially on a quarterly basis, debuts with a guaranteed rate base of 700,000. It joins Meredith’s portfolio of brands serving U.S. Hispanic women including Siempre Mujer, Ser Padres, Ser Padres Espera, and Ser Padres Bebé.

Backed by the trusted Parents brand, Parents Latina incorporates parenting content of Parents and Ser Padres magazines with the cultural values and heritage specific to bilingual Latina mothers. A wide range of relevant topics will be featured in each issue, including kid’s health and nutrition, women’s health and beauty, home and lifestyle, cooking and family recipes, and finance and budget planning.

By 2030 one out of three children born in the U.S. will be of Hispanic heritage.

Meredith’s Hispanic Media Group currently reaches over 5 million Hispanic women including more than 2 million Hispanic millennial moms. According to the most recent census, by 2030 one out of three children born in the U.S. will be of Hispanic heritage. Advertisers in the launch issue feature well-known brands and marketers as L’Oreal, Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, SheaMoisture and Toyota among others.

“Millennials expect customization, and Parents Latina allows us to deliver culturally relevant content in English to an important segment of highly engaged Hispanic millennials,” says Dana Points, Content Director, Meredith Parents Network. “Research shows that U.S. Hispanics are consuming more media content in English, reflecting growing acculturation. Yet in our pre-launch research, 80 percent of potential readers felt there wasn’t a magazine that currently spoke to the English-dominant Latina mom, and 90 percent found the concept of Parents Latina very appealing.”

Parents Latina speaks directly to Latina moms who are raising children in a modern-day multicultural family setting,” says Grace Bastidas, editor of Parents Latina. “I’m thrilled to introduce a new magazine that has been created to help parents like me balance our American and Hispanic cultures, so that our families can enjoy the best of both world.

Major launches in English

Most of the new Hispanic magazine launches have been in the English-language category. Carlos Pelay, Research Director/Founder at Media Economics Group, tells Portada that the momentum seems to be in favor of English-language titles. “With the exception of Playboy Latino, which launched at the end of 2014), all of the major launches in the past few years have been English-language (e.g. Cosmo for Latinas/Hearst, and Glam Belleza Latina/Conde Nast),” notes Pelay.

Pelay adds that a whole, regardless of language, the magazine segment was hit hard last year. One significant factor was Procter & Gamble’s shift in ad spending from “traditional” to digital and social media. Overall, P&G is estimated to have reduced spending across all media (general market) by 14.4% and by 40% in Hispanic magazines. This was a significant blow because P&G has traditionally been the top advertiser in this segment. Unfortunately, the Hispanic magazine segment has for too long been too dependent on the personal care category which accounted for almost half (48% ) of ALL ad dollars last year. Just two advertisers – P&G and L’Oreal – accounted for almost one-third (31%) of Hispanic magazine segment revenues.

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