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Gen Z Marketing, particularly when it comes to Hispanics, is not anymore about the Univisions and Telemundos of the world. Belen Pamukoff, Brand Director Tecate and Tecate Light at Heineken USA, uses mostly CTV advertising. The executive shares her views about the “Bring your All” advertising campaign started earlier this month as Tecate Alta is entering two new markets.

Gen Z Marketing

“We are laser-focused on the 21-34 years old demographic, with emphasis on the 21-29; the Gen Z market. This generation is glued to their phones,” Belen Pamukoff, Brand Director Tecate and Tecate Light at Heineken USAk, tells Portada.
Gen Z is the key demographic Tecate Alta’s recently launched  “Bring your All” campaign is aimed at. The campaign seeks to attract a new generation that is as unique and unconventional as the Tecate Alta brand itself, Pamukoff notes. It also wants to refresh the high-growth ultra-light beer category led by competitor Michelob Ultra (Anheuser Busch).
Heinekens new Tecate Alta beer campaign also intends to lift the overall Tecate franchise, which includes the Tecate Light and Tecate Original beers. “Tecate Alta is our main brand when it comes to lift brand perceptions and recruit younger consumers for Tecate,” says Pamukoff.  So far the results are positive. In the markets Tecate Alta was launched last year (California, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona and the southern Texas Rio Grande Valley) retailers like Kroger, Walmart and independent Hispanics are requesting between 3 to 5 cases (12 cans per case) per month on average, a much higher amount than the average 1.5 cases new beer brands fetch on average. Tecate Alta is also expanding into the Houston and Dallas markets. According to Pamukoff, both Texan cities are markets where 60-70 percent of the population is composed of multicultural consumers who over-index in light beer consumption.
Tecate Alta is our main brand when it comes to lift brand perceptions and recruit younger consumers for Tecate. 

Gen Z Marketing: Inspiring a Generation to Embrace Complex Perspectives

Tecate Alta Marketing
Belen Pamukoff, Brand Director, Tecate Tecate Light at Heineken USA

Compared to the launch campaign last fall, the current “Bring Your All” campaign (see video below) is “more emotional”,  Pamukoff mantains. To successfully do gen Z marketing you “need an emotional message to create more impact,” she adds. “Particularly in order to compete with Michelob Ultra, who has 3 or 4 times our budget. Tecate Alta’s target consumers are a mix of Mexican and Americans, but it goes beyond that. They don’t want to be labeled or be put in a box. They don’t want to be told how to look. We want to break all these stereotypes. That is what resonates with GenZ. Let’s inspire a new generation to embrace complex perspectives, yet see things more clearly,” Pamukoff asserts. Heineken’s Tecate Alta obtained consumer insights through research by strategic creative and brand design agency Pearlfisher.

Let’s inspire a new generation to embrace complex perspectives, yet see things more clearly.”


Going in a New Way: Connected TV

Traditionally beer marketing has used mass media like TV and in the Hispanic market broadcast companies like Univision and Telemundo. When it comes to Gen Z Marketing, this may not be the most efficient media buy anymore. “We are going in a new way. Not through traditional TV anymore. We do CTV, which is were young people are,” says Pamukoff.  Pamukoff notes that both connected TV and social media have had favorable results in media effectiveness studies commissioned by Tecate.

We do CTV, which is were young people are.

In the media activation for Tecate Alta’s “Bring your All” advertising campaign, which started on June 1 and will last until December, CTV is playing a crucial role with advertising running in streaming platforms including Hulu and ESPN as well as social media, Spotify, radio and OOH activations. Distribution is also being supported with sampling programs. “We are not using traditional TV with the exception of a Tecate Alta spot in the Campeon de Campeones match, which was played last night Sunday June 26 in Los Angeles. (Tecate brands are also the sponsor of LigaMX in the U.S). Additionally, influencer marketing, plays an important role in Pamukoff’s Gen Z marketing for Tecate Alta. “This generation is glued to their phones. They are following people. We are identifying influencers that best align with our target audience. We are in the process of partnering with them to embrace the Tecate Alta brand. We will have 3-4 influencers going to Primavera Sound, a concert in Los Angeles on Sept. 16-18 which Tecate Alta is sponsoring,  and they will be posting stories about what will happen on the event weekend.” During the event, these influencers will be bringing the experience to followers that are not going to the event. This way, the  event sponsorship investment can be scaled beyond people going to the event over that particular  weekend. “For that reason we amplify with influencers as well as with sweepstakes to attend the event,” Pamukoff concludes.


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