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What:   Multichannel global network Machinima has inked a content development and distribution deal with Vimeo, making this the second such agreement Vimeo has with a major YouTube multi-channel network.
Why it matters: The deal brings its network of over 30,000 creators into Vimeo’s open self-distribution platform, Vimeo On Demand.

dEttamZW_reasonably_smallE2Q-WITb_400x400Machinima, a multichannel global network focused on fandom and gamer culture, has closed a deal with web video distributor Vimeo on the same week it raised a US $24 million funding round and laid off 13 of its employees, 14% of its full-time staff.

The deal brings its network of over 30,000 creators onto Vimeo’s open self-distribution platform, Vimeo On Demand.

Following the deal, Vimeo will fund original programming from Machinima and Machinima Talent Network creators in exchange for exclusive distribution on Vimeo On Demand, which allows users to set fixed prices for their work. Machinima also plans to integrate Vimeo into its Console, the talent management service it operates for its creative partners, over the next 12 months.Machinima’s Console serves as a toolkit for creators that provides analytics, social tools, support, earnings reports and more.

This deal is similar to that Vimeo made with multi-channel network Maker Studios, which allows Maker affiliates to be eligible to work with the VOD provider to maximize their video creations. Only this time, with Machinima, Vimeo is mostly interested in working with gamers and pop culture aficionados thanks to the success of titles like Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie, which arrived on Vimeo On Demand last September and generated 8,000 transactions in its first 24 hours on the market. Many of the creators in Machinima’s network occupy similar territory to the Nerd.

“Vimeo On Demand offers video creators complete control over their content and better economics by distributing directly to fans with a paid model,” said Kerry Trainor, CEO, Vimeo. “We are very excited to put the Vimeo platform to work for Machinima’s global talent community.”

“Our partnership with Vimeo for content development and distribution on its innovative transactional platform delivers new monetization opportunities and funding sources for premium, long-form content developed and produced both by Machinima and the creators in our talent network,” said Chad Gutstein, CEO, Machinima. “Vimeo’s technology and user base is perfectly suited with our focus on reaching Millennials with content anchored in fandom and gamer culture.”

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