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The Huffington Post will partner with national Spanish daily El Pais to produce a local edition, “El Huffington Post”.

The deal points to how Huffington Post is looking to local brand power in its international strategy. But it also points to how newspapers in Europe are looking to established internet brands to further their reach online.

"It's going to be very, very rooted in Spanish culture and politics, but with The Huffington Post template of curation, original reporting and blogging," Huffington said in an interview with Capital New York.

The Huffington Post has alredady launched a UK version, the first outside of North America. Here, HuffPo has gone it alone; currently has an editorial team of 18 plus an army of freelancers; and trumpets its “independent” editorial voice.


The deal was closed last Thursday and the Spanish edition will be based out of El Pais’ own offices; and there is a team of translators being hired to translate across the three languages to help syndicate the content. That points either to more North American content coming to those local sites, or more international coverage in the U.S. edition—or perhaps both.


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