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starMedia today announced that it has partnered with Dailymotion to incorporate its video sharing platform and content into starMedia’s newly redesigned portal.

According to the announcement, Dailymotion’s video sharing platform comprises 21 million videos in its catalogue and reaches 114 million unique visitors each month worldwide, with 520,000 videos uploaded monthly.

All starMedia users will be able to access Dailymotion content directly from any of starMedia’s media channels.

Luc Dumont, VP International Development, Dailymotion, also said, “The partnership with starMedia further validates our global approach, the quality of the content we distribute as well as our ability to scale on highly trafficked portals. Pushing the Dailymotion player in front of StarMedia’s 26 million monthly unique visitors will help us move from our current number of 180 million users watching the Dailymotion player per month to yet another very exciting milestone.”

In July this year starMedia redesigned its site, revamping its media web channels with a new and simplified look. In addition to Dailymotion content, starMedia is extending this area with the addition of new channels dedicated to technology and automotive. Additionally, starMedia services like LatinChat, LatinGames, LatinCards or LatinMail have been updated along with popular student channel Rincon del Vago. Future plans also include developing the portal for mobile and tablet platforms or increasing the English content available.

This partnership between starMedia and Dailymotion also provides a categorisation of content that can be used by advertisers to target the video sharing market locally by differentiating between premium and user-generated content.

Giuliano Stiglitz, CEO, Orange Advertising Network Americas, commented, "starMedia’s partnership with Dailymotion will enable advertisers to target their consumers more effectively and more directly than traditional broadcast channels. With Dailymotion’s content making starMedia an even more attractive destination for our Hispanic communities, we can provide advertisers with sites where they can deliver ground-breaking, innovative and interactive campaigns."


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