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Insurance companies often become stuck in the way they approach their marketing plan. Ethnicity is not always what people think about when they are defining their target market. It is common for business owners to ignore other markets that are currently living within the entire country. Several insurance agents are using marketing plans that have been in place for several years and are currently not effective. Changing advertising campaigns is one way to attract more business with the same amount of effort.

Tapping into the fastest growing population in the United States

Insurance agents may not be familiar with the areas of town where most ethnic peoples live. These city centers often have their own bodegas, newspapers, and cultural centers. Many suburban areas are extremely diverse and have unlimited opportunities to make valuable connections. Money is often left on the table when conversations are not opened about insurance through advertising. Advertising is one way to inform customers of what is being offered and then ask them to respond by taking action.

The largest growing population in the United States is the Latino race. Latinos are not solely defined by their skin color, but their ethnicity. Latinos have moved into all areas within the United States have established themselves as valuable members of the American society. Many have become employees, business owners, and hold important jobs within the government, local community, and religious organizations.

Supplementing your bi-lingual sales force with the highest converting leads in the industry

Many neighborhoods have a high population of Latino customers. There may be customers that simply need to know more about a particular product or service before they can make a buying decision. Several companies have people in their place of business each week, and cannot convert them into sales because they do not know the language. Consider hiring insurance agents that are fluently bilingual in their speaking abilities. If hiring someone that is bilingual and a licensed agent is extremely challenging, consider hiring part time help. There may be several local people that can perform basic office tasks and assist with translations as needed. There are dedicated phone centers with bilingual operators. Having a company on standby that can take the calls from inside of the office is one way to make sure the lead is not lost. These companies usually have a dedicated phone number that can be given to people that are calling over the telephone. Bilingual agents can make return phone calls to help close sales.

Identifying the lead program that is right for you and your market growth

Take a few minutes to think about how much money can be dedicated into actively finding new leads. Consider purchasing leads from established companies online. Hire a service that can help create and post ads in both English and Spanish online. Use pay per click ads, You Tube videos, Face Book marketing, and ads on free or low cost classified ads. The links that are advertised should lead to squeeze pages that capture the clients contact information.

Andrew P. Laine is Founder and CEO of Espanol Seguros. Espanol Seguros is an insurance lead generation company targeting the Hispanic population in the United States. With a portfolio of strategic Spanish language insurance domains we drive and deliver the Hispanic consumer to bi-lingual insurance professionals.


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