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The beauty of interactive media in the Spanish-speaking world is that no matter where digital content is produced it can be targeted to anyone in a 450 million market of Spanish-speakers (Latam, U.S. and Spain).. Last week we saw that several Latin America and Spain based properties are major players in the U.S. Hispanic online advertising market.

Let’s look at online audiences in Latin America. Do online audiences in national markets go to websites produced outside these countries? The answer is yes.
The tables below show ComScore rankings in the News/Information Category for the countries of Argentina and Mexico for the month of October 2011. News and Information tends to be a very “local” category, since local news are very sought after and local players tend to have a natural advantage.  Well, even so, among the top 15 players in Mexico, there are three Spain based players and on Argentina based company. Global, but also Mexico based, news portals like Yahoo!, MSN and Terra (the latter mostly oriented towards Latam and Spain) also have high rankings. The Argentina ranking below shows similar results.

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