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Which video platforms do US Hispanic users prefer? What types of content do they provide? Does gender play a role in audiovisual content preference? Read on for the answers to these questions, drawn from comScore’s February 2016 ranking.

100% of US Hispanic users consumed audiovisual content through Google sites in the reporting period.

Source: comScore Video Metrix, US Hispanics-Spanish Primary Language, Work & Home, PC/Laptop Only, Type of Video: Total, February 2016, 2+

Total Unique Viewers (000)
    Total Internet:4,999
    Top 10 Video Properties
1    Google Sites4,976
2    Facebook1,662
3    VEVO1,502
4    BroadbandTV1,259
5    Warner Music1,010
6    Yahoo Sites933
7    Comcast NBCUniversal721
8    Microsoft Sites714
9    ZEFR601
10    Vimeo595

Although Facebook ranked second on the list, in percentage terms it attracted 33% of users (three times less than Google sites).

Fifty percent of users chose to watch music videos through VEVO and Warner Music (reflecting users’ interest in this type of content).

Audio-visual content produced by YouTube personalities also appears to be one of the most prevalent interests among US Hispanics, which is reflected in the fact that 25% of unique visitors consumed BroadbandTV content.

Yahoo, ranked sixth, attracted 19% of users interested in video, while Comcast NBCUniversal (owned by the NBC network) attracted 14% of users.

Microsoft sites, ranked eighth, came in slightly below Comcast in terms of percentage of visitors.

ZEFR, the video advertising platform, drew 12% of all Hispanic users in the reporting period.

And finally, Vimeo, the video social network, came in last in the ranking, with 12% of users.

Viewing habits among Hispanic women

In general terms, viewing habits among US Hispanic women were similar to those of the overall population, except for the last two spots in the ranking. Specifically, it appears that women in this market segment are particularly interested in viewing content generated by YouTube personalities, with 21% of these users visiting the Maker Studios and Fullscreen platforms during the period reported.

Source: comScore Video Metrix, US Hispanics-Women-Spanish Primary Language, Work & Home, PC/Laptop Only, Type of Video: Total, February 2016, 2+

Total Unique Viewers (000)
    Total Internet : Custom Target2,027
    Top 10 Video Properties
1    Google Sites1,905
2    Facebook629
3    VEVO564
4    BroadbandTV428
5    Warner Music374
6    Yahoo Sites330
7    Comcast NBCUniversal270
8    Microsoft Sites258
9    Maker Studios Inc.221
10    Fullscreen Media Network209

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