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» Tijuana Website partners with U.S. and International Outlets

For the last three years, a turf battle between drug cartels operating in Northern Baja has resulted in spiking murder rates in Tijuana and across the border region. Veteran Tijuana journalist Vicente Calderón, one of the founders of, has watched the escalation in violence with dismay, while attempting to catalog it for people sometimes a world away. By partnering with U.S. and international news outlets like KPBS in San Diego and television stations in Los Angeles and London, Calderón’s aim is to provide on-the-ground perspective from his city to media organizations that don’t have the resources to send their own reporters south of the border. In addition to breaking his own news stories, Calderón often works as a field producer for editors anywhere from Miami to Rome. When news outlets want to scope out a lead they have received, or research an interesting story they’ve seen printed or broadcast elsewhere, they turn to Calderón to provide local insight and set up interviews with local sources in Mexico. Read an interview with Calderon in Voice of San Diego. ever-present pressure to accept wads of cash in paper envelopes.

» Publicis acquires one more Digital Media Agencies

To Digitas, Razorfish (which has a Latam and Hispanic presence), VivaKi and Publicis Modem, add Rosetta. Publicis, one of the big four global advertising groups, is buying the Princeton, NJ-based interactive marketing consulting firm, paidContent reports. Publicis goal is to increase share of digital revenues as a percentage of total revenues. Rosetta jumps the digital proportion of Publicis’ income from 28 percent, as it was last year, to 30 percent. Publicis is targeting 35 percent within three years.

» Too much Hype around Hyperlocal?

Well, that is not necessarily true.  AOL announced ten days ago the launch of Patch Latino, the Spanish-language version of (, a network of hyperlocal news and information sites in Southern California. Aol just said that it will add 33 new sites in New Hampshire, Iowa, and South Carolina – the first three states to hold primaries in 2012. In addition, Patch has announced the launch of the first Patch Military site: Camp Pendleton Patch. Interestingly, newspaper company Gannett is making the sunny Tampa-St. Petersburg market as the online proving ground for its bold experiment in hyperlocal news sites. It will be interesting to see if those efforts include targeting the area’s sizable Hispanic population with “in-culture” and “in-language” news and content. According to research firm Borrell’s VP Larry Shaw. Tampa is an unusual market in several respects, including its low Internet penetration, “You’ve got a lot Hispanic influence in St. Petersburg and Tampa, just because of its proximity to Miami and Orlando,” Shaw said. Lesley Berenstein Rojas, from Southern California’s Public Radio asks whether Spanish-language hyper-local news sites fly? It will at least be amusing to hear the sites referred to as “El Parche.” (referring to AOL’s Patch Latino).


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