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Some stories the Latin Advertising, Media and Content world is talking about this week.

» Presidential elections: Latino´s influence is growing …

Kut News analyzes the new campaign of the Democrats targeting Hispanics in Texas. “The promesa project”. The campaign is aimed at young people because, the thinking goes, young Latinos are increasingly the trusted source of political information in their families and social circles. But the Democrats are not the only ones looking for the Hispanic vote. CNN Reported that the Hispanic Leadership Network announced it will join CNN, CNN en Español and The Republican Party of Florida as a co-sponsor for the Republican Presidential Debate set for Jan. 26 in Jacksonville, Florida. The debate is just 5 days before the Florida primary. "Hispanics and Republicans naturally share many of the same core values," said Governor Jeb Bush about the relation between the Party and the Hispanic community. On the other hand, according to Javier Ortiz at The Hill, the Republicans have not developed a serious political plan targeting Hispanics.

» Carlos Slim’s Prisa shares buy. Forbes reports that Mexican investor Carlos Slim could buy up to 30% of Spanish media firm Prisa but is unlikely to fully aquire it. Spanish regulations allow investors to buy up to 30% of a public company before being forced to launch a full takeover bid.  The article argues that Slim’s Grupo Carso would be a good fit to merge with Grupo Prisa. We can’t see how. Grupo Carso is a conglomérate with assets in the industrial, retail, and building/infrastructure sectors. 

»  On Line Advertising’s Increasing significance in Mexican budgets.

Online advertising investment in Latin America is growing quickly. According to the Mexican newspaper El Informador  online advertising in the region reached US$ 5 billion in 2010. Although the figures are not impressive compared to U.S. levels (with an online advertising investment of US$ 23 billion), they reflect a clear growth path.  For example in Mexico, digital media accounted for 7% of total marketing budget of the country in 2010 and it are expected to close at 10% this year.

» New regulations for Ecuadorean Media

El Ciudadano, and  Ecuadorian newspaper and TV channel owned by the goverment, promoted a debate about the new media regulations in the country. In the article, El Ciudadano shows different positions and interpretations about the laws consequences for the Ecuadorean media and advertising landscape.

» Book Publishing: How to persuade Latin Americans to read more?

This is a crucial question for many publishers in Latin America. According to The Economist the small size of the market means that books have traditionally been sold like luxury goods in Latin America. But nowadays with poverty declining in the region, publishers are more enthusiastic  about the publishing market.


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