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Some stories the Hispanic Advertising and Media World is talking about this week.

»CBeebies now in Spanish!

The CBeebies preschool service has extended its website to serve the U.S. Hispanic market, reported The new site is in Spanish and has interactive games, information about the TV programs and online videos, among other contents. The launching of a new Hispanic- targeted site is not surprising… According to a Northwestern University report, minority youth are especially avid adopters of new media, spending about an hour and a half more each day than white youth using their cell phones, iPods and other mobile devices to watch TV and videos, play games, and listen to music (a total of 3 hours and 7 minutes, or 3:07 in mobile media use among Asians, 2:53 among Hispanics, 2:52 among blacks, and 1:20 among whites).

» Amazon launches Spain operation

Meanwhile, in Spain, Amazon is expanding . The new Spanish Kindle Store is the new platform in which people can buy e books in Spanish, with near 22,000 e books to download. 

» From Brazil with love…

Natura, Brazil’s biggest cosmetics group by sales, is planning to expand into the international market, in countries such as UK, Russia and US. Natura is already present in Latin America in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico. Alessandro Carlucci, Natura’s chief executive said to the Financial Times that “the company was more likely to target smaller businesses in these new regions, rather than forge links with other cosmetics giants such as L’Oréal of France."

» Latin America, a land of opportunities

Nicole Formosa of industry journal Bicycleretailer said “Ask a few industry executives for their take on the Latin American market and the same words come up: challenging, complicated, changing, opportunity”. An interesting analysis of the economies and invest opportunities in Latin America from the point of view of the bicycle market executives.

» Ecuador: New media legislation and new problems with the press

Olga Imbaquingo from COHA for EurasiaReview analyses the scenario in Ecuador after the new media regulations and the relation between President Rafael Correa and the so-called “Defenders Of Free Speech”.


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