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iCrossing, a global digital marketing agency, announced the acquisition of Red Aril, a data management and audience optimization platform (DMP) company.

The acquisition of Red Aril enables iCrossing to build connected brands at a more personal level with clients’ audiences in real time. Red Aril’s DMP functionality includes the ability to collect, protect, model and transform data into optimized audience profiles that easily integrate into the broader marketing and advertising ecosystem.

"iCrossing and Red Aril are going to deliver data-driven strategies to build connected brands," said Don Scales, president and CEO, iCrossing. "This acquisition puts us at the front of the shift away from optimizing channels towards optimizing audience relationships in real time."

“Customizing content for segmented audiences is something that offline marketers can do well with the help of tools such as customer data bases and list matching. But segmenting content for different audiences in the digital world isn’t always so easy. Combining Red Aril with iCrossing’s content marketing and analytics skills, a marketer can share content in more sophisticated ways, coordinated across the customer acquisition lifecycle based on how much information a customer is willing to share with the brand.”, said David Deal,  vice president of marketing, iCrossing.

About the US Hispanic market, David Deal said to Portada that Red Aril will help iCrossing provide our clients even more granular profiles of U.S. Hispanics in order to deliver more segmented content to them”, also, “In 2012, we also plan to do the same for consumers in the Latin America and Spain country markets served by iCrossing Latin America/Spain.”, he added.



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