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Licensing can be a lucrative business for media companies; It provides extra revenues at practically no additional cost since the content exists already. How are major international publishers licensing in the Spanish and Portuguese-Speaking world? How has the licensing business changed since the advent of digital and 360 media? These are some of the questions we discussed in a recent interview with David Ryan,  
Head of Licensing Development (photo), at London, UK, based Haymarket Media.

Portada: How has licensing evolved over the last 15 years with the emergence of the digital medium?
David Ryan: “The change has been slow and in many territories our partners stay with print only. Others have gone straight to digital with no print product. Last year we revised our licensing contracts so that they are for the whole brand: print, web, mobile, events or any other channel. We no longer treat them any differently.”

How does digital licensing (including mobile) work and how is it tracked as opposed to print licensing)?
David Ryan: “ Our partners report their results to us in just the same way as they do for print.”

What opportunities do you see (in what content categories) in licensing to the Latin American and US. Hispanic market?
David Ryan: “We think that the Latin American and US. Hispanic markets will like what we have to offer especially within men's interest brands like Stuff, FourFourTwo, Champions Matchday, Autosport and F1 Racing. PR Week and some of our other B2B brands also have good potential.” (Check out Haymarket’s media brands here.)

What opportunities do you see regarding geographic markets (e.g. Brazil, Argentina etc)?
David Ryan: “We already have Autosport (content) and Gramophone (magazine) in Brazil and Stuff (magazine), Autosport, Autocar and F1 Racing (content) in Mexico. I think we will continue to expand our presence in to Colombia and Argentina.”

Can you please tell us what publisher holds licenses for some Haymarket magazines/websites in the Latin world? 
David Ryan: “Spain: WHF is published by Everset; Stuff is MC Ediciones; F1 Racing is just changing publishers so I can confirm that in two or three weeks. In Brazil: we don't have editions of those three at the moment but that too will change; F1 Racing in Mexico is part of a content deal with Contenido; FourFourTwo is also pending.”


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