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“Does Copa América matter to U.S. Hispanics?” is one of the topic of one of the discussions at Portada’s Linked In Forum. Well, the answer is a clear yes. Sport, and in particular soccer is one of the main passion points for Hispanics.

Copa América is the main tournament for national teams in South America (although Mexico and Costa Rica will also play). The 43rd edition will be held in Argentina between July 1 and July 24.

After the Soccer World Cup, Copa America is the main tournament for Hispanic audiences, for the advertisers targeting them and, of course, media properties. 

What are major media properties doing in terms of coverage of the event? Portada asked several leading media executives.

“Copa America is a huge priority for Yahoo! and something that our users are deeply passionate about across the Latin American and US Hispanic audiences,” says Armando Rodriguez, Director, Head of Sales & Business Development, Yahoo! Hispanic Americas. Rodriguez adds that Yahoo!  “will have writers / editors on the ground covering games, providing complete stats, photos, recaps, original articles, video interviews and expert opinions. Yahoo! will be ‘the source’ for Copa America coverage.”

Advertiser Interest

”We’ve seen strong advertiser interest in our Copa America coverage across US Hispanic and Latin America.” Rodriguez says.  “From the marketing side, we’re creating a unique marketing experience around the tournament, increasing engagement and tying back into all of the amazing Copa America coverage that users will find on Yahoo!. We’ll launch a user generated content promotional experience for Copa America across the Latin American region. Every week we will provide a new theme – Futbol Passion, Team Celebrations, etc. Consumers from across the region have the opportunity to win prizes by uploading the best photos around the theme. Users rate and vote on the pictures, and the three most popular pictures for each week will receive prizes.”

Digital streaming is becoming ever more important. YouTube just announced that it will stream to more than 50 countries around the world, the 2011 Copa America. –

Of course, YouTube will have to compete with Univision’s web broadcast, but what’s good for television channels fighting each other for ratings is also good for the Internet.

ESPN Deportes also places a huge bet on sports coverage/Copa America.Jeffrey Zahn, digital sales manager at ESPN Deportes, tells Portada that “our advertisers benefit from a multiscreen sports presence, having their message seen across various digital and TV platforms, in contextual synergy, drives brand awareness, and visually speaking it just looks complete". ESPN also has a print media property: ESPN Deportes La Revista.

Newspapers and Digital

Mary Zerafa, VP Integrated Marketing at ImpreMedia, a publisher off major Hispanic newspapers and websites says that “ImpreMedia has created a 2011 Copa America program. The program builds on our successful 2010 World Cup program and promotion called Marcador. This program will again engage readers once again in a blogging contest. The overall audience (bloggers and non bloggers) will get to vote on their favorite blogger or Matador. We will build our advertising solution around this contest. The solution provides media across several key vehicles: Print, Online, Events and Mobile.” 

Maya Publishing Group’s Alexandra Zanic says that Récord Semanario de Fútbol is planning a special print and digital section as well as mobile coverage. 

Panregional Radio and Digital Content

Luigi Bellizzi, Marketing and Communications Director at Prisa Radio (in the U.S. GLR), says that “Prisa Radio will bring its listeners in Latin America, Spain and the US an extensive top quality coverage of the event. On top of benefiting from the resources of our own network on location (Radio Continental), we will send a team of specialists, analysts, and correspondents from around the world. The idea is to build a News center at location with the best journalists who will bring live daily coverage to the region, Exclusive breaking news and hours of original production with ample digital content offerings.”

Bellizzi adds that the coverage will be available on Caracol in Colombia, W in Colombia and Mexico, Continental in Argentina, ADN in Chile, W in Los Angeles, Caracol in Miami, Radio Panama in Panama and SER in Spain.

Prisa’s web users will have access to information about: game schedules, teams, players, scores, video coverage, best pictures, countdown and much more! In addition, all the latest sporting event news and details of the local teams by country on our talk/news/sports websites. 

According to Bellizzi Prisa’s special radio programs dedicated to Copa America are:

Goles y Maestros:

Soccer experts, commentators, former players and technical managers come together in this one of a kind one hour show to voice their point of views on the Cup. Starting one month before the event (weekends) and during the Championship (daily).

Carrusel de la Copa

An intimate and spontaneous one hour program that brings an "x-ray view" of the America Cup from all possible points of view. Our commentators act as fans of their national team. Starting one month before the event (weekends) and during the Championship (daily). 

Postcards (Radio and Online)

Our "Postcards" will bring our audience sounds, voices and even images from the location of Copa America 2011: Argentina. "Postcards from Argentina" will start airing in June and will give listeners a sense of everything that surrounds the country that is hosting the Cup, such as Argentina's culture, music, food and more! 1 Month Prior to Cup (June): Daily 2-3 minute segments.


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