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A launch in the Hispanic magazine market.  Vida y Salud is launching a quarterly magazine with a circulation of 500,000. You are reading it in Portada first. The magazine will be available in doctors offices all over the U.S. “The magazine is a bilingual flip-book.  Spanish in one  direction and, when you turn it over, English in the other direction, ” Vida y Salud publisher Carl Kravetz tells Portada.

The page count of the new magazine is 68: 18 content pages and 16 ad pages in each language. “We are planning on launching the first issue in June, but could go as early as March if ad pages fill up quickly,” says Kravetz. He adds that it will also be available digitally on Zinio and on

Vida y Salud is partnering with  Meredith for sales and distribution. 

Vida y Salud and are published by Vida y Salud Media Group.

Health advertising has been a somewhat difficult category to crack in the Hispanic magazine market. While, legal disclaimers of health and drug ads often have to be printed, many drug companies have not yet fully ventured into the Hispanic market.

Important online presence… also has a significant  online presence.  According to Google, it has 66,500 visits a month and 170,000 page views in the U.S. Hispanic market. “The Comscore panel shows us as the top Spanish-language health website in the U.S.”,
Kravetz notes. Adding a print property to a digital presence may proof to be a compelling  proposition for advertisers.

…Latin America

“The website targets all Spanish-speakers worldwide. So, as  you would expect, usage is proportionate to the Spanish-speaking population  represented by each country”, Kravetz notes.  Per Quantcast, has 868,500 monthly visits in Latin America  (1,830,000 page views) and 65,000 monthly visits and 100,000 page views in Spain.


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