Ana Lucía Soto


Ana Lucía Soto

Ana Lucía Soto

National Media Manager


Ana Lucía Soto is JCPenney’s National Media Manager. She develops 360-degree total market strategies. They touch every step of the marketing process, from planning to execution.


Ana Lucía Soto: 18+ Years of Experience

Ana Lucía has more than 18 years of international and multidisciplinary background in marketing and media. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Science (LCC ’98) from Tec de Monterrey (ITESM, Campus Monterrey). Born in Mexico City, she grew up in Monterrey where she was exposed to the bi-cultural US/Mexican border dynamics. She lives in Dallas, TX.




Sports Marketing Board 2019 Schedule


Meeting1Virtual Meeting, January (tbd)
Meeting214-15 March @ Portada LA, Loews Santa Monica
Meeting3Late July (tbd)
Meeting411-12 Sept.@ Portada New York

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