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Unilever recently released the #LoveYourCurls hashtag and campaign to promote its new Dove Hair Quench Absolute product. The campaign includes a wide array of marketing tools including Traditional media (TV, Print, Digital) as well as Unilever owned properties and a wide array of social media vehicles and influencers. Online Video has a particular strong place in the campaign. We interviewed Jennifer Healy, Brand Building Director at Unilever Hair Care in order to discuss the details of the Campaign.


How is the new Quench Absolute Collection being promoted? What media is being used in this program?
Jennifer Healy, Brand Building Director – Unilever – Hair: “At Unilever, consumer insights drive our world-class product innovations and the launch of QuenchAbsolute is no different. We know that 1 in 3 women in the U.S. have wavy to curly hair so we spoke with these real women and conducted additional research, which uncovered only 10% of women with curly hair feel proud of it. Even more alarming, only 4 out of 10 little girls with curly hair think their hair is beautiful. Dove Hair felt a responsibility to act and help positively shift how women and girls feel about their curls, while providing a functional solution with NEW Dove Hair Quench Absolute, which is our new range of nourishing products that satisfy the distinct needs of curly hair. We want women to embrace and love their curls, and pass that sentiment along to the next generation of curly girls, continuing our commitment to our Dove Self-Esteem Project and ongoing initiatives.

Dove Hair is passionate about driving a positive message for women with curly hair and with that, social platforms including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Youtube, where the Love Your Curls film lives, in addition to, were prioritized for this campaign. In addition to our owned platforms, TV, Print and Digital media, as well as Public Relations are engaged in this 360 program.”

We want women to embrace and lover their curls and pass that sentiment along to the next generation of curly girls.

What agencies is Dove/Unilever working with for this campaign (both for general market and Multicultural?
J.H.: “Edelman (Public Relations), Ogilvy & Mather, Paris (Creative/Advertising), MindShare (Media),  Vayner Media (Social Media) and Epsilon-Ryan (Digital and Consumer Promotion).”

Regarding Content Marketing: Does Unilever have owned media through which Quench Absolute is being promoted particularly as it relates to the Hispanic and multicultural audience?
 “Dove is a pioneer in video content, and our brand continuously sparks thought-provoking conversations about beauty and confidence gleaned from research. Video platforms like YouTube and other owned content platforms like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook provide us with the opportunity to have living, breathing connections and conversations with women everywhere. We are committed to making social media a place of curl confidence, inspiration, and sisterhood. We continue to share #LoveYourCurls messaging with the broader hair community and through one-to-one discussions with individual curly Love Your Curls content was also syndicated through Unilever’s owned platform, its  corresponding social channels and through strategic partnerships with curly haired digital advocates and bloggers like Dariela Cruz and Jeanntte Kaplun, to communicate the campaign to Latina audiences.”

Curly haired digital advocates and bloggers like Dariela Cruz and Jeanntte Kaplun were used, to communicate the campaign to Latina audiences.

Regarding the Social Media effort in particular. How is the hashtag #LoveYourCurls being promoted ?
J.H.: “#LoveYourCurls is being used across all social media platforms to create and sustain a dialogue with real women. Throughout the campaign Dove Hair is encouraging women to use the #LoveYourCurls hashtag and also visit where they can share their unique curl stories.  Dove Hair is collecting these stories from real women and girls and sharing across our social platforms, as well as in other channels, to help drive the movement and inspire others to get involved. We also have plans to draw inspiration from these stories and package them into a book later this year, which will help reach and inspire the next generation of curly girls.”

Dove is a pioneer in video content, and our brand continuously sparks thought-provoking conversations about beauty and confidence gleaned from research.

Is there a similar hashtag promoted in Spanish (e.g. Cabellos Rizados) and how is it being promoted?
J.H.:“We are using one hashtag — #LoveYourCurls – to keep the social conversation open to all women.”

Can you describe the blogger effort both in English and Spanish? E.g. how many bloggers/influencers do you work with?
J.H.: “
To launch #LoveYourCurls we engaged several curly-haired digital influencers to advocate for the campaign. We have a fantastic relationship with Hispanic parenting and lifestyle expert, Jeannette  Kaplun and have also engaged several bloggers and content creators who have excitedly joined in our campaign and social mission and are helping to push the message out to their communities of women who are passionate about the subject of curly hair. Including the below:
– Hispana Global —
–  Daily Curlz —
– MamyTalks —

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